Our Ag Museum is located approximately 1/4 Mile east of the Pulsifer House at 501 Old Hwy 26.  It is the home of antique farm equipment, a permanent exhibit on the history of corn in the United States, a permanent exhibit on the Illinois River and area wildlife and many other exhibits too numerous to mention.

While no regular hours have been established, the museum is available by appointment and at least once a year in August for our annual open house.

8/2009 – This year’s new addition this year is dedicated to the history of coal mining in the area.   Miners.JPGThe map of the Mark Mine along with some of the miners is featured.

Map of Mark Mine.JPG










8/2008 – We have added our Illinois River display featuring several items from the Hopkins Museum.

Hopkins Museum 2.JPG
Hopkins Museum.JPG











2005 – Our annual open house at the Ag Museum features our new schoolroom and kitchen.