Pictures of Early Ogle Co., IL Settlers and Sites of Interest

Pictures of Early Ogle Co. Settlers and Sites of Interest

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Family Pictures


Garrett ACKERSON (1809-1886)


Samuel H. BAKER (1841-1892)

Josiah (1838-1915) and Nancy (Poffenberger) (1841-1913) BARBER Family - c.1905

Richard H. (1829-1911) and Dolly (Rathbun King) (1829-1910) BEERS

Home of Richard and Dolly (Rathbun) BEERS

Charles Daniel BERTOLET (1871-1956)

Joel B. (1839-1923) and Matilda (Reber) (1842-1926) BERTOLET c. 1920

Daniel BLECKER (1843-1937) Family

BOLEN and HUFF families

George (1828-1902) and Lenora (Sanborn) (1831-1909) BRAND family - c. 1883

Sons of George and Lenora (Sanborn) BRAND - c. 1905

Arthur (1847-1922) and Harriet (Grigsby) (1854-1945) BRAYTON family c. 1892

George Atwood BROWN (1841-1932)

Meene Warner (1858-1946) and Antje "Anna" (Schier) (1863-1948) BRUNS family

BURD - REILLY Family Photographs c1888-1934


Roland (1882-1936) and Lela Mae (Lookabaugh) (1889-1967) CHAPMAN

Alanson DuBouise (1822-1898) and Melinda (Biggers) (1826-1891) CLARK

Samuel (1863-1916) and Irena K. "Rena" (Schelling) (1873-1947) CLEVIDENCE

Marriage License for Frederick Daniel CORNELL (1855-1934) and Emma BLY (1856-1939) - February 15, 1883

Lillie May (Smice) (1873-1947) COY


Milford Alvin Cross (1869-1951) and Myrtle (Jones) CROSS (1870-1954)

Solon Simeon CROWELL (1812-1896) and wife Sarah, (1826-1905)


George W. DICUS (1862-1924)

William (1862-1953) and Ella (Alberts) (1870-1947) DUITSMAN


Emery Store, Byron, IL - 1905

Emery Family, Byron, IL - 1905

John J. EMMERT (1833-1893)


John FEARER Family

Isaac FOSSLER (1854-1930) and wife Emily (1863-?)

Jane (Reynolds) FOXLEY (1832-1896)

John FOXLEY (1826-1896)

John Edward (1855-1934) and Annie Lee (Barber) (1862-1918) FUNK family - c. 1900


Frederick H. GARKEY (1845-1910)

James Cleggit GIBBS (1864-1928) and Family




BOLEN and HUFF families

David S. HUFF (1836-1915) with son Sherman E. (1865-1952) and grandson Lloyd (1888-?)



Foneticus (1855-1933) and Mina Letitia (Avery) (1858-1937) JACOBS

Foneticus and Mina Letitia (Avery) JACOBS Family, c. 1920

John (1837-1906) and Antje Anna Smidt (1843-1927) JACOBS

Cyrus Henry JONES (1833-1911)


KEEDY family photo (c. 1916)

Edward (1828-1897) and Elizabeth (Blecker) (1832-1891) KEEDY family

Alva Frost KING (1854-1907)

Josiah (1840-1928) and Martha (Schelling) (1851-1934) KNODLE

Josiah KNODLE (1840-1928) and family

Eldridge U. (1871-1955 and Lottie Mae (Knodle) (1872-1954) KRETSINGER

Lewis KRETSINGER (1822-1889)

Lewis (1822-1889) and Caroline (Ziegler) KRETSINGER (1823-1910) wedding photo

Samuel (1847-1929) and Phoebe Ann (Alden) (1850-1924) KRETSINGER with great-grandchildren

Mary Ann (Greer) (Taylor) KYKER 1861-1925)


LAWVER Family Photos

Clarence Edwin "Jack" (1888-1976) and Lydia Ellen (Kendel) (1891-1986) LIGHT

Clyde (1882-1962) and Edna Bess (Myers) (1889-1961) LONG

David Ramsburg (1842-1935) and Sarah Ann (Mace) (1844-1929) LINTON

James Garfield LONG Family Photos

James Garfield LONG (1879-1947) and sister Lettie Viola (Long) GREEN (1885-?)

James Garfield LONG (1879-1947) on Binder Machine (c. 1930's)

Mabel (Smice) LONG (1885-1964)

LONG - SMICE Family Picnic (c.1925)

Julia Elizabeth (Zimmerman) LOOKABAUGH-KESSELRING (1866-1966)


Daniel L. MILLER (1841-1921)

Thomas (1841-1926) and Lydia Ann (Cobel) (1849-1918) MORRISON

Aaron (1862-1956) and Martha Ann (Pipher) (1859-1930) MOTTER and Family

Riley (1854-1918) and Mary A. (Light) (1860-1941) MOTTER - c. 1880's

Riley (1854-1918) and Mary A. (Light) (1860-1941) MOTTER - Family Photo - 1905

David MUCK (1830-1880)

Daniel (1858-1935) and Sarah (Cearfoss) 1860-1925) MYERS

Fannie (Poffenberger) MYERS (1865-1934) and children

Samuel (1863-1947) and wife Fannie (Poffenberger) (1865-1934) MYERS

William and Susan (Gibbs) MYERS family


John Huyler NYE (1831-1896) and Catherine COFFMAN (1820)-1910)



Henry Andrew (1824-1888) and Lydia Ann (Beeler) (1828-1910) PALMER

William (1832-1905) and Delana (Hammond) (1838-1918) PALMER Family

PAUL Family Reunion (August 14, 1932)

William Upton (1846-1919) and Lydia Alice (Stuff) (1852-1919) POWELL

George PYFER Family Photographs


Daniel R. PRICE (1851-1905)

REA family pictures

Abijah Thomas (1843-1908) and Maria (Arnold) (1844-1930) REED

Gilbert Curtis (1842-1934) and Rhoda (Clark) (1850-1941) REED

James (1817-1903) and Mary Elizabeth (Thomas) (1822-1896) REED

Olive Belle (Smice) (1891-1975) REED

John Henry (1887-1958) and Anna C. (Motter) (1882-1970) REEMTSMA

Benjamin (1839-1918) and Susanna (Houser) 1834-1921) RIDENOUR and Family

Amos W. ROTHERMEL farm near Egan, IL - 1912

Galen B. ROYER (1862-1951


Charles Theodore SCHELLING (1866-1963) Photo and Rememberances of Early Leaf River, IL

Henry (1837-1926) and Susan Amanda (Henan) (1842-1940) SCHELLING

William Alfred (1864-1940) and Addie Mae (Motter) (1880-1969) SCHELLING Wedding Photo -1909

Adam (1816-1886 and Susan (Putnam) (1820-1895) SHAW

SHEPHERD family pictures

SHOEMAKER family pictures

Elizabeth (Myers) SMICE (1843-1924)

Frederick SMICE (1877-1925)

Nathan SMICE (1846-1917)

Melvin Peter (1842-1929) and Mary Elizabeth (Newcomer) (1845-1920) SPIELMAN Family

Daniel SPRECHER family (1917)

John (1832-1911) and Lydia Ann (Palmer) SPRECHER (1838-1919) Photo and 50th Wedding Anniversary Announcement

Samuel (1860-1935) and Alice (Keedy) (1872-1942) SPRECHER

Anna V. (Powell) (1874-1963) STAUFFER

Arthur Edward STAUFFER (1886-1969) Family

Samuel STONE (1838-1915) and Children

Michael Stonebraker (1819-1859)

Catherine (Miller) WOLFE (1817-1903) and Sara (Wolfe) STOVER (1843-1920) Photograph

Hiram STOUFFER (1856-1936) Family

4 generation picture - Annie Elizabeth (Newcomer) STUFF (1820-1904) and family

Anna Stauffer POWELL, William Floyd STAUFFER, Emanuel NEWCOMER, Lydia Alice (Powell) STUFF, and Gladys Marie Wolf STAUFFER c. 1917

Henry (1841-1928) and Katherine (Rambaugh) STUKENBERG (1848-1912) and family


Ausmer Curtis (1855-1916) and Olive Malinda (Burright) (1857-1914) TILTON

Minnie TRAINER and sister Nellie TRAINER DRUMMOND


Wadsworth Family Photographs

Edmund Jefferson WADE Children Photographs

WAGNER Family Reunion - June 15, 1896 - Catherine "Kitty" (Funk) RICE, John TIMMERMAN, George FOUKE, and Grandmother MUMMA


William Reynolds WATERBURY (1834-1864) Civil War Photo

Chester K. WILLIAMS (1818-1891)

Christ (1901-1961) and Fannie (DeWall) (1902-1961) WIRTJES

John (1841-1920 and Mary Catherine (Kerns) (1844-1917) WOLF family


Jacob Joseph (1870-1945) and Mary Alice (Critchlow) 1871-1970) YETTER


ZELLERS family photo c.1896

Martin Henry ZELLERS Family Photo - c. 1911

Christian (1820-1884) and Dorothea Amalia Louise (Schmittmeier) (1821-1894) ZUMDAHL Photo

Miscellaneous Pictures

Early Photos of Byron Area

Early Photos of Oregon Area

Green Prairie School class picture- c. 1890's - Maryland Twp.

Old Slagle School near Paynes Point - Class Photo

Forreston High School Freshmen Class Picture - 1948

Squirrel Cage - Forreston - 1909

White Eagle Mill - Adeline - c. 1910

Leaf River Twp. School Picture - 1899

Leaf River Grade School Picture - 7th and 8th grade 1924-1925

School Class Pictures - Leaf River

Early Pictures from Leaf River

More Pictures from Leaf River

Egan (Leaf River Twp.) School Class Picture - c1912

Leaf River High School Graduation Class Picture - 1928

Lightsville School Class Picture - c. 1908

Mt. Morris - Wesley Avenue - early 1900's

Mt. Morris College Women's Dormitory - 1906

Probably students at Mt. Morris College - 1908

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham L. Hench and Mr. & Mrs. George D. Bridgeland Photo-1922

Barn of dairy farm owned and ran by Ole Emanuel Stouffer (1882-1967)

Hiram Stouffer (1856-1936) family home, Brayton St., Mt. Morris - c. 1919

Stronghold Castle near Oregon, IL

Pictures of many early Ogle Co. people from "Brethren in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin" by John Heckman and J. E. Miller, Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, IL, 1941

Michael BOVEY, Michael BRANTNER, Benjamin SWINGLEY, Henry SHARER, and Frederick DREXLER Photograph - c. 1904

Holcomb or Davis Junction School Class Photo - March 29, 1935

Historic Gathering of Old People, August 24, 1897, at the home of Peter FUNK

Ruby NASH (Oregon Grade School) 8th Grade Graduating Class - c1906 or 1907

Ruby NASH (Oregon Grade School) Graduating Class - c1909, Oregon, IL

Ruby NASH (Oregon Grade School) Second Grade Class Picture - 1914

Mills School Class, Byron, IL 1910

St. Patrick's Church, Rochelle, IL - early 1900's

St. Patrick's Church, Rochelle, IL - 1939

Former Oak Ridge School near Grand Detour, IL

Red Brick Store, Grand Detour, IL

Center School children of Trot Town, Mt. Morris Twp. - 1912-1913

Center School - Pine Creek Twp., c. 1920

Blackhawk Statue near Oregon, IL - c1930

Piano Factories and Water Power, Oregon, IL - c.1910

Mouth of Mosquito Creek near Byron, IL - c1910

Cherry St. in Rochelle, IL - early 1900's

Oregon, IL - 1909

Pictures of Kings, White Rock Twp.

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