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"Newspapers in the Illinois State Historical Library", 1998, is a listing of newspapers which the Illinois State Historical Library has on microfilm. This publication lists the microfilmed holdings by town/city/village and thereunder by newspaper title.

The Illinois State Historical Library's collection now contains more than 5,000 titles, contained on 77, 000 rolls of microfilm. Over 375 current titles are received by the Library. The Illinois Newspaper Project has completed cataloging of the Historical Library's collection on the OCLC database.

For each newspaper title, the publication lists the dates for which the Historical Library has extant copies of newspapers; which newspapers merged and when they merged.

Also included in the publication is a listing, by county, of the towns/cities/villages represented. In addition, there is a listing of "Missing Issues" for each title which is very helpful.

Many local historical societies and libraries throughout Illinois have microfilm copies of the newspapers for their area of the state. Further, all titles in this publication have been microfilmed, and are available on interlibrary loan to libraries in the United States which have microfilm viewing facilities. Libraries wishing to borrow film should contact:

Illinois State Historical Library

Interlibrary Loan Policy


1. Most of the microfilm held by the Historical Library is available on interlibrary loan to any library in the United States with microfilm reading facilities.

2. Each request must be made by the borrowing library on OCLC or on an ALA-approved interlibrary loan request form. The Library will not accept letters or telephone calls as authorization for interlibrary loan. Requests for newspapers on microfilm should give city, title, and dates. Reels numbers are not used.

3. The Library will lend a maximum of five microfilm reels per patron.

4. If the requested microfilm is in use, the request will be held and the reels will be sent when available.

5. The loan period is one month from the date sent, but may be renewed for two weeks if no other request has been made for the film.

6. Microfilm borrowed through Illinois library systems will be sent by the Illinois State Delivery System. There is no charge. All other microfilm is mailed library rate and is insured. If film is lost at the borrowing library, that institution is responsible for repacing the film. The reels should be insured for the same amount when returned. If not, the borrowing library is responsible for replacing any reels that are lost or damaged in the mail.

7. The borrowing library must reimburse the ILLINOIS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY for all fees incurred in sending the microfilm, including postage and insurance. These fees are indicated on the form sent with the microfilm. Postage may be paid in any form- cash, check, or stamps.

8. Microfilm must be returned in the original identified (title and dates) microfilm box, and mailed in a shipping box. MICROFILM MUST NOT BE RETURNED IN JIFFY BAGS. A copy of the interlibrary loan request form should be included in the package when returned.

9. The borrowing library must agree to restrict usage to library facilities. PATRONS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE FILM HOME, OR TO ANOTHER OFFICE.

10. The Illinois State Historical Library and the Illinois State Library are entirely separate libraries in different buildings. When ordering and returning microfilm, please be sure that you have the correct library.

11. Libraries that fail to comply with these conditions will not be permitted to borrow material from the Historical Library.

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