Chaney Cemetery, White Rock Twp., Ogle Co., IL

Chaney Cemetery

White Rock Township

Chaney Cemetery is a family burial ground located one mile southeast of the intersection of Meridian and Holcomb Roads. It is enclosed by a fence in a field in section 6. The last burial was prior to 1890, the first was in 1846. See gravestone inscriptions and notes below.

ANNA, wife of SAM'L CHANEY died Jan. 15, 1852 In the 66th Year

SAMUEL CHANEY died July 9, 1849 32 yrs 10 mo (son of Anna (Davis) & Samuel Chaney)

Double Tombstone:
Feb. 20, 1849 Sep 23, 1843
Aged 4 days Aged 8 days
Children of

JOHN, son of Phineas & Jane CHANEY died Sep 18, 1846 Aged 19 Months & 15 Days

SARAH C., daughter of Samuel & Abigail CHANEY died Feb. 28, 1848 aged 4 ys and 10 months

MARY, daughter of Samuel & Abigail CHANEY died Feb. 12, 1844 Aged 6 y. 10 m.

HARRIETTE M., daughter of Samuel & Abigail CHANEY died Feb. 21, 1844 Aged 2 yr 9 months

JOHN P., son of Phineas & Jane CHANEY died Apr. 22, 1848 Aged 11 Months & 8 Days

SAMUEL CHESHIRE died Apr. 11, 1847 Aged 36 ys 9 ms
(partial inscription): …Yet again to hope to see thee When the day of life is fled Then in heaven with joy to greet thee Where no farewell is ahed [sic]


ELISHA ELLIS born Oct. 18, 1832 died Oct. 18, 1851

ELIZABETH, wife of JAMES SHANNON died Jany. 6, 1850 E. 40 Ys. 4 Ms. 16 Ds

ELIZABETH, wife of WM. BERRY died June 15, 1861 Aged About 75 yrs
Mother's Grave

??? ROBERTS died Feb. 26, 1859 (parts of the stone are missing)

Notes on the Chaney Cemetery

Anna wife of Samuel Chaney - d. 15 Jan 1852 - Anna Davis married Samuel Chaney 12 Nov 1807 in Harrison Co., VA (now WV). Twelve children were born to them in Harrison Co., VA (now West Union, Doddridge, WV):

1. James S. b. 26 Dec 1808, d. 23 Sep 1846 Mad River, Clark Co., OH; m. Ruth Layton 4 Jun 1832 in Clark Co., OH. James S. and Ruth (Layton) Chaney are buried at Knob Prairie Cemetery, Mad River, Clark, OH.

2. Elizabeth Chaney b. 22 Aug 1809, d. 6 Jan 1850 in Ogle Co., IL; m. James E. Shannon. Elizabeth (Chaney) Shannon is buried at the Chaney Cemetery in Ogle Co., IL.

3. Sophia Chaney b. 13 Jun 1811, d. 13 Mar 1886 Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA; m. William S. Davis abt. 1826 in Harrison Co., VA (now WV), he died in a tornado 4 Jun 1837; she then m. Joseph Garlow 3 Jun 1840 in Marshall Co., WV.

4. Harriet Chaney b. 19 May 1812, d. 21 Feb 1844 Chillicothe, Ross, OH; m. Simeon P. Riggs.

5. Phineas Chaney b. 23 Jun 1814, d. 16 Mar 1887 Oregon, Ogle, IL; m. Mary Jane Berry 9 Mar 1837 in New Carlisle, Greene, OH. Phineas & Mary Jane (Berry) Chaney are buried at Riverview Cemetery in Oregon, Ogle Co., IL. Some of their children are buried at the Chaney Cemetery, along with Mary Jane Berry's mother, Elizabeth Berry.

6. Samuel Chaney, Jr. b. 25 Aug 1816, d. 9 Jul 1849 in Ogle Co., IL; m. Abigail Cozard 30 Jun 1838 in Fairfield, OH. Samuel Chaney, Jr. is buried at the Chaney Cemetery in Ogle Co., IL, along with some of their children.

7. Osborn Chaney b. 31 Mar 1818, d. 21 Apr 1883 Newell, Buena Vista, IA; m. Amanda Rice 16 Mar 1843 in Ogle Co., IL, daughter of Amos Rice and his wife, Anna (Norton) Rice of Ogle Co., IL. Osborn & Amanda (Rice) Chaney are buried at Newell Cemetery in Newell, Buena Vista, IA.

8. Richard Chaney b. 12 May 1820, d. 5 Aug 1884 Rockford, Winnebago, IL; m. Amanda Lockwood 17 Jun 1843 Oregon, Ogle Co., IL. Richard & Amanda (Lockwood) Chaney are buried at Cedar Bluff Cemetery in Rockford, Winnebago, IL.

9. Ralph Chaney b. 22 Feb 1822, d. 18 Jul 1900 Rockford, Winnebago, IL; m. Mary C. Currier 26 Mar 1846 in Ogle Co., IL. Ralph & Mary (Currier) Chaney are buried at Cedar Bluff Cemetery in Rockford, Winnebago, IL.

10. Margaret Chaney b. 19 Jul 1823, d. in infancy.

11. Eli M. Chaney b. 7 Oct 1824, d. 18 Jul 1897 in Ogle Co., IL; m. Ellen Barbara Eyster 12 Feb 1856 in Ogle Co., daughter of Benjamin & Catherine (Sechler) Eyster of Ogle Co., IL. Eli M. and Ellen B. (Eyster) Chaney are buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Payne's Point, Ogle Co., IL.

12. William Davis Chaney b. 18 Jul 1826, d. 6 Jan 1897 Caldwell, Sumner, KS; m. Caroline Rhoades 8 Dec 1851 in Ogle Co., IL. William Davis Chaney is buried in the cemetery near Drury, KS.

Anna Davis Chaney's husband, Samuel Chaney, d. about Aug 1828. Harrison Co., WV (then VA) recorded the settlement of his property on 18 Sep 1828. Anna (Davis) Chaney married, secondly, Timothy Searl on 2 Nov 1831 in Clark Co., OH, who d. 17 Sep 1837 at Searl's Ridge, Selby, Bureau (then Putnam), IL. She and her family migrated from Bureau Co., IL to Ogle Co., IL in 1838. She is buried at the Chaney Cemetery in Ogle Co., IL, along with her son, Samuel Chaney, Jr., her daughter, Elizabeth Chaney Shannon, and several of her grandchildren-children of Phineas Chaney & Samuel Chaney, Jr.

Children of Phineas & Mary Jane (Berry) Chaney buried at the Chaney Cemetery are:
An unnamed infant, John, Sarah, and John P. Chaney.

Children of Samuel & Abigail (Cozard) Chaney, Jr. buried at the Chaney cemetery are: Sarah C., Mary, and Harriette M. Chaney.

The mother-in-law of Phineas Chaney, Elizabeth Berry is buried at the Chaney Cemetery. She was the mother of Mary Jane (Berry) Chaney, wife of Phineas Chaney, Sr., and wife of William Berry.

I do not know yet if there is any connection to the Chaney family for others buried in the cemetery - Samuel Cheshire and his infant daughter (Samuel's wife was Phebe). Other burials at the cemetery include an unknown Roberts and an Elisha Ellis. At one time, this was listed as "Elisha Ellis Chaney," but there is no "Chaney" on his tombstone, so it is assumed that his last name was "Ellis," not "Chaney." I would appreciate any information others can give me about these burials in the Chaney Cemetery.

Juli Chaney Jarvis
Buffalo, WY
4 Oct 2007

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