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Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in MONROE COUNTY

The following widows applied for pension after 1836 in Monroe County, IL

Susan Barker, soldier, Zedekiah Barker
Martha Givens, soldier, Robert Givens

SHADRACH BOND, SR., was born near Baltimore, Maryland. He came west with George Rogers Clark, being sergeant of his company. In 1781 he returned to Illinois. Before leaving Virginia, in conversation with Hosea Briggs, he remarked that they might represent the Illinois country in the Legislature. Shadrach Bond was a member of the first General Assembly of the territory which convened west of the Ohio River after the Revolutionary War, and served four times; was also elected justice of St. Clair County. He is buried in the old graveyard on the bluff above his residence. He was the uncle of the Sharach Bond who was the first governor of the State of Illinois.

EBENEZER BOURN was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, in 1753. He was on an exploring and hunting expedition on the Ohio River when he enlisted under Colonel George Rogers Clark in 1778 for fourteen days, Captain William Harrod, Colonel George Rogers Clark. He again enlisted for fourteen months with Captain John Williams, Col. Montgomery, and Colonel William Lynn. He died August 29, 1839, in Harrisonville, Monroe County.

JAMES GARRETSON was one of Clark's soldiers. Returning to Virginia, he came back to Illinois in 1781, settling near Waterloo, and later in Moredock, where he died.

PIERE GIRADOT was one who greatly aided the American cause. He was made commander of St. Phillippe, and served as justice. He died before 1783 as his widow is given as the head of the family in 1783.

ANDREW HILTON was a native of Maryland, born in Charles County in 1757. He served three months with Captain Charles Mills, and Col. Hawkins; again enlisting for six months under Captain Henry Bowman, Col. Hawkins. He came to Illinois, settling in Monroe County, where he drew a pension. He died in Monroe County.

ROBERT KIDD took part in the capture of Fort Gage under Clark. He settled in Monroe County in 1781 n Renault Township and died there in 1849.

JAMES LEMAN was born in Berkeley County, Virginia, in 1760. He enlisted in 1777, was in the battle of White Plains, serving two years. He came to Illinois, settling in new Design, Monroe County, which place he founded. His house, built of brick, is still standing and near the home is the old cemetery where he is buried. He died January 9, 1823.

LIEUTENANT HENRY LEVENS, SR. was from Pennsylvania, but served in the Virginia line of troops. He was born March 26, 1740. He came to Illinois and resided in Morgan County, but removed to Monroe County and died in February, 1835.

GEORGE LUNSFORD was born in Virginia June 8, 1762. He was one of the soldiers with Colonel George Rogers Clark, who with his command captured Kaskaskia and Prairie du Rocher in 1778. George Lunsford enlisted again, January 20, 1780, and was discharge February 18, 1783. He lies buried in the Palmier graveyard, about two and one-half miles west from the town of Columbia, Monroe County.

JAMES McROBERTS was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1760. He came to America and enlisted in the Continental Army when only 18 years of age, serving to the close of the war. He came to Kaskaskia in 1786; in 1797 he resided in Mayesville; was a highly respected citizen. His son, Samuel McRoberts, was elected United States Senator from Illinois in 1841.

MICHAEL MILLER came from Pennsylvania in 1800, settling south of the Moore tract. He served in the Virginia line of troops and was pensioned.

CAPTAIN JAMES MOORE was born in Maryland in 1750. He came from Kentucky with George Rogers Clark, but returned to his old home. Later he was the leader of a colony; coming to Illinois in 1781 and settled at Belle Fontaine, near Waterloo in Monroe County. He received his commission as captain from Governor Patrick Henry. He died on the old Moore farm and lies buried in the Belle Fontaine cemetery, one mile south of Waterloo.

PETER ROGERS was born in New London, Connecticut, in 1758. He enlisted in 1775, serving until a short time before the close of the war. He was a musician, serving as "Fife Major." He was with Captain William Coit in a cruise on an armed schooner, when they captured a sloop and a schooner. He was in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth, serving under Capt. Gibbs, on Gen. Washington's Life Guards, with Colonel John Durkee. He came to Illinois and resided in Waterloo, Monroe County. He was a great patriot and in the campaign of 1840, though an aged man, took an active interest in the campaign, making speeches and in other ways showing his interest. He died very aged, and is buried in Waterloo.

JOSEPH WRIGHT was a native of Virginia, born in 1760, in Mecklenburg County. He enlisted March, 1780, for three months with Captain John Thompson, Col. Glenn; enlisted again in 1781 for three months under Captain Paul Waddleton, Col. Glenn. He came to Monroe County to reside and there applied for a pension. The date of his death is unknown.

ZEBEDIAH BARKER was born in Methuen, Essex County, Massachusetts. He served as a "Minute Man" and also from June, 1776, for over two years; during this time he was an orderly sergeant under Capt. Maloon, Capt. David Whittier and Col. Thomas Poor. He was in the battle of Stillwater. He came to Illinois in 1818, settling in New Design, Monroe county, where he died October 10, 1819, and was buried on his farm, which is located one and one-half miles from Burkville. He was pensioned.


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