St. Paul's Evangelical Burial Park
Conrad Kolmer Memorial
Waterloo, Illinois



Conrad Kolmer Memorial was created in 1931 as the first perpetual care cemetery in the area. Louise Kolmer, nee Weidemann, donated 9 acres of land in memory of her husband, Conrad Kolmer, to be used exclusively for that purpose. The gift stipulated that St. Paul Evangelical Church was to permanently oversee the cemetery and establish a Not-For-Profit Corporation to administer the cemetery, which would be a non-denominational burial park. The 9 acres were platted in six and four grave lots, along with single graves, and divided into sections. A memorial flag pole welcomes you as you enter the cemetery, paying tribute to our beloved dead.

In 2008 an additional 4.21 acres adjacent to the West of the original cemetery was purchased for future expansion and in 2010 two columbarium units were erected in the Eastern portion of the original cemetery to be used for cremains burial.

For further information please contact St. Paul Church at 618-939-7123 and ask for the name and phone number of the Cemetery Secretary. St. Paul's Evangelical Burial Park-Conrad Kolmer Memorial is utilized by many people in the community, regardless of their religious affiliation.

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