1860 Scott Mortality Schedule
Privately published by Eileen Gochanour and used with her written permission.
Abstracted by Shirley Aleguas

Enumerated by Nelson Morgan. Remarks: “Henry Goldsmith was a very intemperate person and of late drank hard. Susan M. Campbell was very sick and while being moved home the cars ran off the track and the fright is supposed to have killed her.” Sx=Sex; MS=marital status; ma=married at death; wi=widow/widower at death; C=Chronic; n.d.=no data on reading. All names and causes of death are printed as given on original record; including mis-spelled.
Name of Deceased Age Sx MS Nativity Death Occupation Cause Days Ill
Adams, Emily 29 F ma IL Jan-60 Unknown 10 days
Alderson, Warren 1 M IL Mar-60 Lung Fever 10 days
Athens, Cally L. 4 F IL Sep-59 Consumption 90 days
Anderson, Lora 1 F IL Sep-59 Consumption 60 days
Armstrong, Wm. A. 19 M Ohio Mar-60 Farm Laborer Consumption 4 mos.
Bartlett, Lydia 45 F wi Ohio Oct-59 Consumption 90 days
Bilderback, Columbus 6 M IL Oct-59 Drosy. Brain 3 mos.
Brown, Margaret 3 F IL Jun-59 Fits 3 days
Brown, Millard F. 7 M Ohio Sep-59 Congestive Fever 10 days
Brown, Sarah J. 20 F ma IL Jan-60 Fever 4 days
Campbell, Amelia 85 F wi NC Nov-59 Typhoid Fever 12 days
Campbell, Susan M. 17 F IL Feb-60 Fright 1 hour
Cary, Martha 2 F IL Jan-60 Unknown 2 days
Clarkson, Mary B. 2 F IL Apr-60 Scarlet Fever 4 days
Clemburgh, Emily J. 18 F IL Jun-59 Billious Fever 14 days
Colliston, Sarah E. 1 F IL Mar-60 Lung Fever 30 days
Colwell, Aurilla 1 F IL Jun-59 Fits 11 days
Cooksey, Lewis 2 M IL Jun-59 Croup 3 days
Coops, Mary 1 F IL Sep-59 Unknown 1 day
Coultas, George 63 M ma ENG Jun-59 Farmer Typhoid Fever 5 days
Coultas, Jacob 4 M IL Jul-59 Disease Heart 7 days
Coultas, Wm. 20 M IL Jun-59 Farm Laborer Consumption 1 year
Crosier, Willie B. 1 M IL Aug-59 Cholera Infantum 10 days
Cumby, Lucy A. 3mo F IL Mar-60 Scroffula 6 days
Davis, Mary A. 1 F IL Sep-59 Dysentery 60 days
Davis, Sarah E. 15 F IL Jan-60 Consumption 3 mos.
Dawdy, Howell 3 M IL Mar-60 Typhoid Fever 33 days
Dawson, Lucy E. 3 F IL Oct-59 Lung Fever 15 days
Dean, Wm. R. 30 M ENG Apr-60 Stone Mason Apoplexy 1 hour
Dinsmore, Eliza A. 1 F IL Jan-60 Quinsy 5 days
Dyer, Lee 26 M Tenn Jul-59 Farm Laborer Typhoid Fever 3 days
Dyer, Paulina T. 42 F ma Tenn Jun-59 Unknown 2 yrs.
Ellis, Thomas W. 61 M ma SC Aug-59 Dropsey 19 mos.
Emerick, Fanny E. 1 F IL Sep-59 Unknown 14 days
Evans, Hesekiah 59 M ma Ky Sep-59 Farmer Typhoid Fever 14 days
Evans, Margaret 2 F IL Nov-59 Whooping Cough 38 days
Farwell, Amanda 19 F IL May-60 Consumption 5 mos.
Farwell, John S. 9 M Ohio Sep-59 Inflam. Brain 35 days
Fintel, Jane E. 10 F IL Sep-59 Unknown 25 days
Fletcher, James B. 60 M ma ENG Aug-59 n.d. Unknown 4 mos.
Flood, John 62 M wi IL Feb-60 Farmer Consumption 5 mos.
Flyn, Mary 2 F IL Nov-59 Thrush 2 days
Fowler, Richard F. 32 M Penn Dec-59 Shoe Maker Typhoid Fever 9 days
Frame, Martha 42 F wi Tenn Nov-59 Lung Fever 4 days
Gillham, Carrie 1 F IL Nov-59 Cholera Infantum 20 days
Gillham, Elva M. 9 F IL Nov-59 Congestion 1 day
Gilson, Isaac H. 1(?) M IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 20 days
Goldsmith, Henry 53 M ma Penn Ju//59 Shoe Maker Typhoid Fever 4 days
Green, Theresa 34 F ma IL Apr-60 Colic 2 days
Green, Thomas 42 M wi Penn Oct-59 Laborer Consumption 63 days
Green, Catherine 68 F Ireland Aug-59 Liver Disease 4 days
Gunney, Wm. 5 M IL Oct-59 Scarlet Fever 2 days
Hagard, Anna 4 F IL Apr-60 Congestion Lungs 3 days
Hagard, Thomas C. 1 M IL Aug-59 Cholera Infantum 20 days
Hanback, Jemima 1 F IL May-60 Erysipelas 12 days
Handy, Ann 30 F ma Ireland Feb-60 Congestion 10 days
Handy, John 4 M IL Feb-60 Congestion 1 day
Hardy, Fanny S. 19 F ENG Dec-59 Consumption 30 days
Harrington, Timothy 39 M ma Ireland May-60 Laborer Consumption 6 mos.
Harris, John A. W. 58 M ma NY Mar-60 Retired Farmer Dropsey 2 yrs.
Harry, Charles A. 4 M IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 14 days
Hastie, Thos. 2 M MO Oct-59 Flux 9 wks.
Heyser, Nettie 87 F wi GER Sep-59 Fever 8 days
Hobert, Jennett O. 9 F IL Nov-59 Laringetus 3 days
Hobert, Margret 2 F IL Nov-59 Colic 7 days
Hobson, Alvin J. 1 M IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 4 days
Holler, John H. 35 M ma Penn Oct-59 Typhoid Fever 10 days
Holloway, Nancy 21 F ma IL Feb-60 Typhoid Fever 19 days
Hoots, Mary A. 49 F ma Ky Nov-59 Consumption 7 days
Hudson, Sarah 60 F wi Ky Aug-59 Inflamation Stomach 8 days
Husted, Hetty L. 2 F IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 7 days
Jackson, Alfred 49 M ma Tenn May-60 Laborer Typhoid Fever 21 days
Jackson, Sarah M. 9 F IL Oct-59 Scroffula 1 year
Kasley, Phillipena 6 F IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 6 days
Keller, Joseph 57 M ma Penn Dec-59 Farmer Consumption 3 yrs.
Kelly, David 1 1/2 M IL Dec-59 Unknown 7 days
Kelly, Wm. 1 M IL Nov-59 Sore Throat 7 days
Kesling, Henry 9 M IL Aug-59 Cholera Infantum 2 days
Kesling, Mary F. 9 F IL Aug-59 Cholera Infantum 2 days
Knowles, Sarah E. 1 F IL Oct-59 Brain Fever 14 days
Lewis, Eber F. 3 M IL Jun-59 Croup 7 days
McPherson, Mary 1 F IL Oct-59 Unknown 5 days
Marshall, Robert 67 M ma SCOT Aug-59 Farmer Liver Affection 90 days
Martin, Augustus 6 M IL Feb-60 Unknown 3 days
Martin, James M. 11 M IL Apr-60 Inflam. Rheumatism 14 days
Mash, R.(?) Aferd 61 M ma SC Jan-60 Farmer Dropsey 40 days
Miller, Angeline 2 F IL Jun-59 Whooping Cough 5 days
Moore, Nancy 22 F IL Jun-59 Unknown 14 days
Morrison, Emma A. 5 F IL Oct-59 Lung Difficulty 1 day
Mosier, Meta 1 F IL Apr-60 Unknown 2 days
Mundy, Burton 22 M ma IL Jan-60 Farmer Dropsey 14 days
Mundy, Lucien 8(?) M IL Oct-59 Typhoid Fever 7 days
Mundy, Wm. 65 M ma Va Nov-59 Farmer Consumption 4 yrs.
Murphy, Polly A. 19 F IL Mar-60 Consumption 2 yrs.
Neill, Margaret A. 36 F Ohio Jul-59 St. Anthony's Dance 3 mos.
Nelson, Jacob 2 M IL Nov-59 Scroffula 9 days
New, Asa H. 1 M IL Apr-60 Unknown 7 days
Owens, Ellen 9 F IL Mar-60 Scarlet Fever 40 days
Owens, Sarah S. H. 10 F IL Dec-59 Erysipelas 5 days
Patrick, Margaret 27 F ma IL Jun-59 Sore Mouth 14 days
Patrick, Margaret A. 5 F IL Nov-59 Consumption 30 days
Patterson, Mary 75 M wi Penn Jul-59 Dysentery 7 days
Patterson, Uriah A. 1 IL Jun-59 Brain Fever 1 day
Polite, Matilda M. 1 F IL Oct-59 Unknown 35 days
Reeder, Jessee M. 28 M ma IL Apr-60 Farmer Congestion 1 day
Ring, Daniel 3 M IL Jan-60 Croup 4 days
Robertson, Edward L. 7 M IL Nov-59 Croup 7 days
Rockwood, Mary A. 20 F Ohio Jun-59 Seamstress Typhoid Fever 24 days
Royal, Thomas 23 M NC Mar-60 Laborer Inflamed Throat 30 days
Ruark, Charles G. 7 M IL Sep-59 Scarlet Fever 20 days
Ruark, Mary F. 3 F IL Sep-59 Scarlet Fever 14 days
Saunders, James 2 M IL Jul-59 Cholera Infantum 30 days
Scripps, Anna J. 3 F IL Aug-59 Congest. Brain 3 days
Sencinick, Scharles H. 1 M IL Oct-59 Inflam. Brain 21 days
Shelton, Elizabeth J. 90 F Va Aug-59 Palsey 15 days
Shibe, Francis 23 M IL May-60 Fits 13 yrs.
Sibert, Ida J. 7 F IL Feb-60 Bronchitis 100 days
Sibert, George 2 M IL Apr-60 Bronchitis 7 days
Sibert, Joseph 29 M ma GER Sep-59 Cabinet Maker Murdered 6 hrs.
Sickler, Wm. 31 M ma NY Jul-59 Laborer Sunstroke Sudden
Silvey, Priscilla 40 F ma Tenn Jan-60 Lung Fever 21 days
Smith, Charles 3 M IL Nov-59 Inflamation Bowels 10 days
Smith, Jacob 83 M wi Va Apr-60 Farmer Old Age 21 days
Staples, Hannah A. 1 F IL Mar-60 Lung Fever 11 days
Sullens, Larkin 54 M ma Tenn Feb-60 Farmer Palsey 2 days
Taylor, Oben K. 5 M IL Nov-59 Inflam. Brain 14 days
Thompson, Sarah 2 F IL Apr-60 Unknown 2 days
Usher, Alice 2 F IL Jan-60 Croup 3 days
Welch, Elizabeth 19 F IL May-60 Poison 6 days
Welch, Wm. 43 M ma Tenn Jan-60 Farmer Dropsey 4 mos.
Wilson, Wm. H. 46 M ma Ky Oct-59 Physician Disease Heart 1 hour
Wilson, Zebiah 69 F wi Ky Jul-59 Consumption 10 mos.
Wisdon, Ellen 12 F IL Oct-59 Typhoid Fever 11 days
Young, Horace C. 1 M IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 3 days
Zaither/Saither, Theodore 1 M IL Oct-59 Cholera Infantum 5 days

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