1850 Scott Mortality Schedule
Privately published by Eileen Gochanour and used with her written permission.
Abstracted by Shirley Aleguas
In lieu of a standard system of death registration throughout the U.S., the Federal Government adopted 
the use of the Mortality Schedule to aid the compilation of certain death and health statistics.  This schedule 
listed only those people who died within the year prior to the beginning of the census enumeration.  For 1850 
deaths occurring between 1st of June, 1849 and 31st of May, 1850 were listed.  There are 11 columns headed as 
follows.  (Since there were no blacks or slaves in Scott County, columns 4 and 5 will be omitted in this reading.

1.	 		Name of Person who died before 1 June 1850, living with his Family
2.	 		Age
3.	 		Sex    (M = male; F=female)
4.	 		Color (White, black or mulatto)
5.	 		Free or Slave
6.	 		Married or Widowed   (M = married; w=widowed)
7.	 		Place of Birth, naming the state, territory, or country
8.	 		Month in which Person died
9.	 		Profession, Occupation, or Trade
10.	 		Disease, or cause of death
11.	 		Number of Days ill
These Scott deaths were enumerated by N. M. Knapp. Remarks: �The general health of this county has improved every year since 1844. The cultivation of the soil, ditching & c. causes water to run off much more rapidly which causes a frequent overflow of the creeks & of consequence the Illinois river into which they empty. This washed the drift out of the channels, fills up the sink holes with sand, gives activity to the waters which prevents Stagnation and relieves the country from the masma from which it has suffered so much heretofore. Illinois is destined in a few years to be a healthy state.�
Name of Deceased 2 3 6   7 8 9 10 11
Adair, Anderson 25 M Ind Aug Tailor Lung Fever 3 wk
Antrobus, Wesley 4 M IL May Scrofula 1 w.
Antrobus, William 18 M IL Jan Farmer Typhoid Fever 28 d.
Atkinson, Sarah 1 F IL Jan Hydrocephalus 1 w
Bolles, H. D./ Infant 3m M IL Dec Unknown 1 wk
Brown, Jehu 23 M IL Mar Merchant Consumption 1 yr
Brown, Samuel 73 M NC Feb Farmer Rheumatism Fev. 7 w.
Bunch, Elizabeth A. 9m F IL Aug Dierrhea 4 ds
Bunch, Geo. Leslie 10 M IL May H. Cough & Fev. 9 ds
Burgess, John W. 18 M Ind Jan Accident Sudden
Burkenmayer, Matthias 65 M w GER Jan Farmer Winter Fever 1 wk
Campbell, Wm. L. 47 M m Mo Apr Farmer Lung Fever 3 w
Cane/Cam, Jane 35 F m ENG Aug Consumption 6 m
Cluesman ?, Zarilda 26 F m Ky Mar Affec. Heart 6 w
Cobb, Sidney W. 3 M IL Sep H. Cough 2 wk
Coultos, Anna 13 F IL Apr Lung Fever 5 wk
Critzer, Alice L. C. 1m F IL Feb Measles 3 wk
Cumley, Warren 1 M IL Sep Chol. Inf. 2 ds
Devore, Uriah J. 56 M m Va Feb School Tch. Liver Cplt. 5 yrs
Friend, Jesse 1 M IL Nov Croup 3 ds
Friend, Nathan 14 M IL Jul Lung Fever 1 wk
Frost, Robert 2m M IL Aug Convulsions 1 m
Galloway, John J. 3 M IL Apr Drowned Sudden
Gillham, William 60 M m SC Sep Lung Disease 9 mos
Green, Josiah F. 18 M IL Jul Farmer Accident Sudden
Hamilton, LeVesta 3 F IL Aug Scarlet Fever 10 ds
Hamon, Andrew 34 M m GER Jan Laborer Cholera 1 d
Hawley, Emily J. A. 9m F IL Sep Inf. Brain 1 wk
Haynie, Asa N. 1m M IL Mar Unknown 3 ds
Haynie, Wm. H. 23 M IL May Farmer Consumption 12 m
Henry, John 3 M IL Mar Lung Fever 1 w
Horrell, Wm. 1 M IL Aug Brain Fever 3 w
Houly/Horsly, Jos. R. 33 M m ENG Jun Laborer Cholera 2 ds
Hunback, Wm. Sr. 83 M w Va Oct None Palsy 1 w
Ickles, Elizabeth 19 F m Pa Jul Cholera 1 day
Infant, Not Named 5w M IL Jun Unknown 1 w
Jackson, Calvin 21 M Tenn Aug Farmer Inf. Bowels 1 wk
Jackson, James 45 M m Tenn Jul Farmer Accident 5 ds
Janes, Sarah 16 F O Mar Farmer Winter Fever 11 ds
Jordan, Mary 8m F La? Nov Ague 1 m
Killey, Martha 9m F IL Feb Inflam. Bn. 3 w
Lankford, Hannah J. 9m F IL Sep Infn. Brain 3 w.
Lee, Louisa 24 F IL Jul Child bed. Sudden
Lee, Richard H. 1m M IL Jul Unknown 1 wk
Lehmen, Almira J. 1m F Pa Jun Diarrhea 8 ds
Lemmon, Marry D. 3 F IL Jul Measles 10 ds
Lewis, Mary C. 4 F IL Mar Unknown 7 w.
Lofton, Esther 78 F w IRE Nov Old Age Sudden
Lower, Jacob 4 M IL Mar H. Cough 10 ds
McClure, James W. 9m M IL Dec Scarlet Fever 3 ds
McConnel, John 22 M Tenn May Potter Diarrhea 6 m
McGinnis, R. Child 1/52 M IL Aug Infantile 6 ds
Moore, Mary 2 F. IL Mar Consumption 14
Morse, Sally A. 3 F IL Oct Croup 2 ds
Patterson, Mary A. 34 F m Tenn Jun Consumption 11 m
Pool, Mary O. 11m F IL Sep Diarrhea 3 m
Rockwood, Edward 3m M IL Mar Cholic 1 hr
Savage, Nancy 7m F IL Jan Brain Fever 7 mo
Sawyer, John 1 M IL Sep Inf. Brain 1 wk
Sawyer, Sampson 1m M IL Feb H. Cough 1 wk
Sears, Vesta C. 2 F IL Mar H. Cough 8 wk
Sharoon, William 64 M Ky Nov Farmer Accident Sudden
Simms, Louisa F. 1/24 F IL Nov Erysypelas 4 ds
Smith, Sarah 22 F IL Mar Lung Fever 4 wk
Smith, William 71 M m NC Feb Farmer Typhoid Fever 1 wk
Smithson, Martha 14 F IL Feb Fever 1
Southard, Jocelyn 55 M m Me Jan Farmer Consumption 3 ds
Strong, Laura 5 F IL Apr Measles
Strong, Wm. 8 M IL May Measles 1
Strother, Mary 3 F IL Mar Inf. Brn. 32 ds
Sumer, Robert 2 M IL Dec Croup 1 d
Thompson, Eunice 4 F IL Oct Fever 4 ds
Vertruse, Artimisia 50 F m Ky Jan Consumption 2 yr
Violet, Thornton 50 M m Va May Farmer Accident Sudden
Weddell, Martha 1/52 F IL Feb Fits 3 ds
Welch, Catharine M. 2? F IL Nov Croup 1 ds
Whitetwist, Julius C. 9 M IL Mar Typhoid Fever 21 ds
Whitetwist, Maria E. 2 F IL May Typhoid Fever 21 ds
Wilcoxen, Emily C. 1m F IL Mar Hives 1 wk
Wilcoxen, Overton 50 M m Md Mar Farmer Epilepsy 8 ds
Wilson, Hetty 52 F m Ky Apr Typhoid Fever 3 wk

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