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Methodist Episcopal Church Records

in the
18__? to December 1841

Jacksonville Station, Morgan County, Illinois

Transcribed by Florence Hutchison in July 1987.
“The first church's record book is not known to exist pertaining to the 1822 beginnings. James B. Corrington with his alphabetical listing of names starting on page 89, may have sponsored the recordings in this particular book to pick up names and date of past members. Or, he may have had an artistic inclination to properly identify this particular church record book in 1847.” She states “Please note that the original Methodist Church Record from which this transcription came does not include any birth, baptism or marriage data, except for an occasional death date of a favorite person, which has been noted in this index. It was the usual custom for the ministers to keep their records in “a little black book” which they carried with them, and since they moved from place to place the book was always with them. The fragile record book from which these records have been copied is not available for public use and it is doubtful whether I can carefully handle it and copy more records from 1842 on. A photocopy is in the Church's files, and a copy will be sent to the Bloomington Research Center. At least this part of the record has now become public knowledge.”

This record may help some of you researchers identify that one or more of your ancestors was in the area during the early 1800s
Abbott, Lurana R. Kellogg, Borden 1838
Ackerman, Elizabeth 1841 Kellogg, Homer 1838
Adams, Electa Kellogg, Nancy 1838
Akers, Elisabeth Kellogg, Seymore
Akins, Ann E. 1838 Kenner, Mary E. 1840
Akins, Ann E. 1841/42 Kerns, Charlotte 1841
Akins, William 1838 Kinney, El___? 1838
Akins, William 1840 Kinney, Elmira 1841/42
Alford, Joseph 1838 Koskoloski, Polly A. 1841/42
Alford, Joseph 1840 Lacon, Lucinda 1841
Alford, Susannah 1838 Lacon, William 1841
Alford, Susannah 1841/42 Ladd, Cynthia H. 1839
Allen, Norman Ladd, Cynthia H. 1841
Babington, Mary 1841/42 Landers, Patsey 1841/42
Barger, Sarah A. L. Landers, Patsy 1838
Barnes, Ingles W. 1838 Larimore, Precilla 1840
Bavington, Mary 1837 Larimore, Thomas J. 1840
Becraft, John H. Larrimore, Mary
Becraft, Jonathan  (d  13 May 1840) Larrimore, Priscilla
Becraft, Lourana  (d  1840) Larrimore, Thomas I.
Bell, Nancy Lawson, Emaline
Berryman, Margaret 1841 Lawson, Emeline 1840
Bingman, John Loar, Alexander 1840
Bingman, Matilda Loar, Eliza 1840
Boyce, Susan 1841 Loar, Isaac 1841/42
Brisco, Alexander 1839 Loar, Permelia A. 1841
Brisco, Joana 1839 Lohr, Alexander 1838
Briscoe, Alexander T. 1840 Lohr, Christian (d 11 Jan 1837)
Briscoe, Joana C. 1841 Lohr, Elisa
Broadhead, Elizabeth 1838 Lohr, Isaac 1839
Bromell ?, John 1839 Lohr, Polly
Brooks, Eliza Long, H. M.
Brooks, Samuel S. 1838 Mackelfresh, John
Brown, Aulay 1840 Maddox, Elizabeth
Brown, Auley 1841/42 Maddox, John
Brown, Emily 1840 Maginis, Mary 1841/42
Brown, Harriet March, Edward
Brown, Harriet C. 1840 March, Harriet 1837
Brown, Harriet C. 1841 Masten, Peter
Brown, Mary E. Stribling Masten, Rhoda
Brown, Preston M. Masten, Sarah
Brown, Sarah 1840 Masters, Elizabeth 1841
Brown, Sarah 1841 Mathers, Eliza
Brown, Susan 1837 Mathers, Eliza 1840
Brown, Susan 1841/42 Mathers, John
Brown, William Mathers, John 1840
Brown, William 1840 Mathers, Mary Ann
Buckingham, Elisa Mathers, Wesley Jr.
Buckingham, James Mathers, Wesley Jr. 1840
Buckingham, James 1840 Mathers, Wesley Sr.
Buckingham, Mary Ann Lander Mathers, Wesley Sr. 1840
Buckingham, Nathaniel Maxfield, George W.
Buckingham, Rebecca Maxfield, Margaret
Buckingham, William McAffrey, Mary E. 1841
Bullard, Margaret 1841 McCaffrey, Mary Ellen Gibbons 1837
Bullard, William McClure, Laura
Bullard, William 1837 McClure, Laura 1840
Bullard, William 1841 McConnell, Mary 1839
Bunting, William 1838 McCormick, Harriet 1841
Burton, Elisabeth McDonald, Mahala 1841
Burton, Elizabeth  (d  20 Aug 1843) 1840 McFarland, James
Bush, Jane 1838 McFarland, James 1840
Bush, P. C. 1838 McFarland, Mary 1840
Bush, P. C. 1840 McFarland, Mary E. 1841
Cala_____, Ann McGinnis, Mary 1837
Calamuse, Anne 1840 McGowan, Emily
Capps, John McGowan, William
Capps, Joseph 1839 McGowen, Emely 1840
Capps, Joseph 1841/42 McGowen, William 1840
Capps, Sarah 1839 McKee, Jane
Capps, Sarah 1841 McKee, Joseph
Carnes ?, Jesse 1839 McLean, Barsheba
Carrithers, Ellen Melbourn, William H. 1840
Carson, Elizabeth 1838 Merrill, Ami B. 1841/42
Carson, Elizabeth 1838 Merrill, Ann B. 1840
Carson, Elizabeth 1841/42 Merrill, Nancy 1840
Carson, Henry S. 1840 Merrill, Nancy 1841
Carson, Henry S. 1841 Metcalf, Martha
Carson, Thomas Milbourn, Ann 1838
Carson, Thomas 1840 Milbourn, Ann 1841/42
Cassel, Harriet Milbourn, William H. 1838
Cassel, Priscilla (d  12 May 1839) Miller,  William ___
Cassell, Harriet 1840 Miller, Martha E.
Cassell, Henry 1838 Miller, Martha E. 1840
Cassell, Henry 1840 Miller, Mary Ann
Chamberlain, Amanda 1841 Miller, Mary Ann
Chamberlain, Amanda T. 1839 Miller, William W.
Chandler, Elizabeth 1841/42 Milstedt, Mary Ann 1841
Chappel, Charles Milstedt, Mary C. 1841
Chappel, Charles 1840 Mitchell, R. B. 1840
Chappel, Eliza 1840 Mitchell, Russ B. 1839
Chappell, Elisa Moore, Alfred 1838
Cheesman, Jacob J. 1840 Morgan, Hanna 1839
Cheesman, Mary 1839 Morgan, Hannah 1841
Chenery?, William P. 1838 Munroe, Thomas
Chenowith, Polly Ann 1837 Munroe, Thomas 1840
Church, Samuel Norris, Mary A. 1841
Chuseman, Jacob F. 1841/42 Nowlin, Joshua T.
Chuseman, Mary 1841 Nowlin, Lewis
Clayton, James H. Nowlin, Lucinda
Clayton, Matilda Parr, Pauline 1838
Cole, Belinda Parr, Susan 1838
Cole, Belinda 1840 Parvin, Fythian S. 1841
Cole, O. C. Patterson, Catharine 1840
Cole, Orlando Patterson, Franklin H. 1838
Cole, Orlando C. 1840 Patterson, John
Collins, Thomas Patterson, Margaret
Coon, Peter 1838 Patterson, Margaret 1839
Corington, Elijah Patterson, Margaret 1841
Corring, Alby 1841 Patterson, Mary
Corrington, Ally Patterson, Mary 1840
Corrington, Ally 1840 Patterson, Mary Bain
Corrington, Sarah W. Patterson, Thomas
Corrington, Sarah W. 1840 Patterson, Thomas 1840
Corrington, Sarah W. 1841 Patterson, William
Dalton, Jane Patterson, William
Daulton, Ellen 1838 Patterson, William 1840
Daulton, Ellin 1841/42 Pearson, Benjamin 1838
Daulton, Jane 1840 Pearson, Sister E. 1838
Davenport, Manerva Ruark Phillips, Eliza G. 1838
Davis, Mary Jane (  d  Sept 1840) 1838 Pollock, Jane 1838
Davis, Willis Porter, James 1841
Dawson, Edward 1838 Price, Charles W.
Dawson, Olive Price, Plly D.
Dawson, Olive 1841/42 Price, Rebecca  (d 30 Nov 1937)
Devenport, Minerva 1840 Prior, John 1838
Devenport, Patsey  (d  11 Aug 1838) Prosser, Eliza 1841
Devore, Elizabeth H. Prosser, Louisa
Devore, Emily 1838 Prosser, Louisa 1840
Devore, John 1840 Prosser, Mary E. 1841
Devore, John 1841/42 Prosser, Susan E. 1838
Devore, Uriah J. Purviance, A.
Devort, Emily 1841/42 R___?, Horatio G. 1838
Dickson, Elizabeth 1837 Ranson, Elizabeth
Dixon, A. C. 1838 Ranson, Elizabeth 1840
Dixon, A. C. 1841 Ranson, Robert
Dixon, Elizabeth 1841/42 Ranson, Robert 1840
Dodsworth, Stephen Rapp, Eliza 1841/42
Dumass, William 1838 Rapp, Eliza Whitaker 1838
Eads, Charles W. 1838 Rapp, Michael 1838
Eads, Elisabeth R. Rapp, Michael 1840
Eads, James A. Rearick, Emma
Ealam, Mary Ann (  d 14 Aug 1836) Rearick, Emma 1840
Edwards, Henry 1838 Reese, Christiana 1840
Ellis, Nathaniel Reid, John
Ellis, Sarah Reid, Mary
Ennis, Elizabeth Reid, Mary 1840
Ennis, Elizabeth 1840 Reid, Sarah
Ennis, William Rew, Horatio G. 1840
Ennis, William 1838 Richmond, A___ 1838
Ennis, William 1840 Richmond, John P.
Evans, Isabella Riley, Judith   ***
Evans, John W. Riley, Levi W. (to Ark Feb. 1842) 1841
Evans, John W. 1840 Ritchhart, Elizabeth 1841
Evans, Margaret 1838 Robinson, Eli
Evans, Margaret 1841/42 Robinson, Lydia P.
Evans, Martha 1841 Rockett, Peter 1840
Filson, Elisabeth Rogers, Elijah
Filson, Leander Rogers, Lovey W.
Flagford, Louisa 1841/42 Rogers, Mary A. 1841
Flagford, Nathaniel 1840 Rogers, Mary Ann 1840
Flatford, Louisa 1838 Rogers, Mary M.
Flatford, Nathaniel 1838 Rogers, Mary M.
Ford, Benjamin F. Rogers, Samuel
Ford, Malinda Rogers, William
Ford, Susan H. Rose, Delphini 1838
Ford, Susan H. 1841 Ross, Caroline 1841
Ford, Thomas Ross, Minina 1841
Forsythe, Elisa Ross, William N. 1841
Forsythe, Eliza 1840 Rosson, Jesse 1840
Galtra, Martha 1840 Rosson, Jesse ? 1839
Galtra, Mary 1840 Rosson, Mary 1841/42
Gass, Benjamin F. 1838 Rosson, Mary C. 1839
Gass, Benjamin F. 1840 Rosson, Stanton 1839
Gass, Jane Ruard, Lucy Sr. 1841
Gass, Jane 1840 Ruark, Annis 1841
Geers, Mary Ruark, Gennette
Geirs, Mary 1840 Ruark, Jennetta 1841
Gest, Catharine Ruark, Jennette 1839
Gest, Ellen 1838 Ruark, Lucy Jr. 1841
Gest, Reuben 1840 Ruark, Thomas P.
Gest, Reuben 1841/42 Ruark, Thomas P. 1839
Gest, Sarah 1841 Ruark, Thomas P. 1841/42
Goltra, Mary Becraft Saxton, Elisa
Goodrick, Joel Saxton, William
Goodrick, Joel 1840 Scott, Elisabeth
Goodrick, Rachael A. 1840 Scott, Susan 1840
Goodrick, Rachel A. Scruggs, Allen F.
Gorham, Almira Shirley, Emily Brown 1841
Gorham, James H. Shirley, Evaline  (d  18 May 1839)
Gorham, John Shirley, George Y.
Gorham, John 1840 Shirley, George Y. 1840
Gorham, Josiah 1840 Short, Mary 1838
Gorham, Josiah 1841/42 Shrock, Nancy
Gorham, Lucretia Sloane, Elizabeth 1841
Gorham, Lucretia 1840 Smith, Elias 1838
Gorham, Stephen 1840 Smith, Frederick 1841
Gorham, Stpehen Smith, Hannah A.
Graves, Amelia A. 1837 Smith, John H. 1838
Graves, James A. Smith, Nancy
Graves, James A. 1838 Smith, Nancy 1841/42
Graves, James A. 1840 Smith, Sarah  (d  7 Nov 1841) 1841
Graves, Sarah A. 1838 Snider, Elisa
Graves, Sarah A. 1840 Snider, Gilbert
Graves, Sarah Ann Spalding, Elvira
Grubbs, Zerelda 1841 Spalding, Horace
Gunn, Rebecca Spaulding, Elvira 1841/42
Hall, Elizabeth 1841 Spaulding, Horace 1840
Hall, Robert G. 1840 Spratt, William R. (struck off 8/1843) 1841
Hall, Thomas Springer, Eliza 1838
Hamilton, Ann M. 1839 Springer, Hephzibah
Hamilton, Ann M. 1841 Springer, I. N. W. 1838
Hamilton, David 1841 Stacy, Matthew
Hamilton, Lorinda 1841 Stacy, Matthew 1840
Hamilton, William 1839 Stacy, Sarah W.
Hamilton, William 1840 Stacy, Sarah W. 1840
Hanley, Polly 1837 Starr, Rebecca
Harl, Lucinda Starr, Rebecca 1840
Harl, Martha Ann Starr, Thomas J.
Harrison, Mary 1841 Starr, Thomas J. (Rev.) 1841
Harrison, William Steward, Sarah
Hart, George Steward, William
Haynes, Sally Stribling, Mahala
Haynes, William Stribling, Mahala 1840
Hedenberg, Elizabeth Stribling, Mary E. 1841
Hedenberg, James V. Stribling, William C.
Hedenberg, Martha Stribling, William C. 1841
Hedenberg, Sarah Stricklin, Jane Ann 1839
Hedenburg, Elizabeth 1841 Swale, James 1840
Hedenburg, James V. 1841 Swale, James Sr. 1837
Hedenburg, Martha 1841 Tandy, Patsey
Hedenburg, Sarah (  d 11 July 1843) 1841 Tandy, Patsey 1840
Helm, Nancy  (d  14 Jan 1840) 1838 Taylor, Mary 1841
Henderson, Nancy Thomas Catharine 1838
Henderson, Nancy 1840 Thomas, Catharine 1841/42
Henry George 1837 Thomas, Harriet
Henry, George 1840 Thomas, Mary
Henry, Lucretia T. Thomas, Mary 1840
Hinchie, Mary 1841 Thomas, Mary E.
Hinds, Jonas 1838 Thomas, Mary E.
Hinds, Phebe 1838 Thomas, Samuel 1838
Hitt, Jacks S. 1840 Thomas, Samuel 1840
Hitt, Jacky S. (to Ky Apr 1842) 1841/42 Thomas, William 1838
Hitt, Matilda 1840 Thomas, William 1840
Hitt, Matilda (to Ky. April 1842) 1841 Thornton, Caroline
Hoak, Mary 1840 Thornton, William T.
Hogue, Amanda Trotter, Maria H. 1840
Hogue, Sarah Van Eaton, Catharine H.
Hogue, William Van Eaton, Joseph
Hoke, Mary Vedor, Nicholas 1841
Holmes, Purlina Walker, Elizabeth
Horton, Lewis 1838 Wallace, Hardin
Horton, Rachel Ann 1838 Warren, Ann
Howell, Evaline 1841 Waterson, Almira Alford 1838
Howerton, Andrew Waterson, Elmira 1841
Howerton, Andrew 1840 Watson, Adaline
Hunt, Samuel 1840 Watson, Adeline 1840
Hunter, Jane West, Ezekiel 1839
Hunter, M. A. J. West, Ezekiel 1840
Hunter, M. A. J. 1840 West, Lovey
Hunter, M. A. J. 1840 West, Lovey 1840
Hurst, Elisabeth West, Martha Cassel  (d  Oct 1840)
Hurst, Elizabeth 1840 West, Stephen H. 1840
Hurst, John West, Stpehen H.
Hurst, John 1840 Whitaker, Jonathan 1841
Hurst, Mary A. 1840 Whitehurst, Jesse
Hurst, Mary Ann Whitehurst, Jordan H.
Hurst, Precilla 1840 Whitehurst, Jourdan H. 1838
Hurst, Priscilla Whitehurst, Rebecca
Hurst, Sarah Whitehurst, Thomas
Hurst, Sarah 1840 Wilkinson, Ethalinda 1840
Husted, Sarah B. 1838 Wilkinson, Ethelinda
Israel, Hetty 1837 Wilkinson, Otway
Israel, Hetty 1841/42 Wilkinson, Otway 1840
Jackson, Andrew (col'd) Wilkinson, Robert
January, Derrick Wilson, Mary
Johnson, Elizabeth Wilson, William Z.? 1840
Johnson, William G. Withers, Elisabeth
Jordan, Elisa Withers, James 1838
Jordan, Jordan Wood, Elisabeth
Jordan, Laura  (d  31 Jan 1836) Wood, Elizabeth 1840
Jordan, Rebecca Calkins York, George W. 1841
Jordan, William J. Young, Adam  (col'd)
Jordon, John 1840 Zimmerman, James 1840
Jordon, Rebecca 1840 Zimmerman, Mary Ann 1840
Justice, Margaret 1838


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