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2nd Port. Presby. Membership


of Jacksonville, Morgan County, IL
3 Jan 1875 - 7 Oct 1900

Note: When a member “seceded”, and was known to have passed away, “died” was written on the line of her/her name. This is indicated in this transcription as “died”, because date of death is not given but may be found elsewhere in other records. Those with death dates remained in this church. I've left the names in the order used when Florence published these records (rather than sorting in alphabetical order) in case their proximity to other names indicated a familiar relationship.
Andrade, Manuel J. d  3 Apr 1881
Andrade, Carolina Seceded
Andrade, Antonia Seceded died
Baptist, Antonio G. Seceded
Baptist, Margarida
Baptist, Joseph Seceded
Baptist, Mary Seceded died
Baptist, Antonio C. 1 Mar 1898
Baptist, Louisa d 1890
Baptist, Mary dismissed 19 Jul 1890
Baptist, Joseph
Baptist, Leocada d  1892
Baptist, Samuel Seceded
Baptist, Domingos Seceded
Baptist, Vicencia Seceded
Baptist, Josepha died
Baptist, Frank dismissed 9 Mar 1886
Baptist, Jennie age 40 Y d  2 Aug 1898
Baptist, Carrie dismissed 5 Jun 1886
Baptist, Eliza
Baptist, Anna 11 Sep 1882
Baptist, Fernanda (e)?
Baptist, Elias dismissed 9 Mar 1886
Correia, Antonio (age 90y) 20 Feb 1885
Correia, Maria died
Correia, Manuel
Correia, Lionarda
Correia, Mary
Castro, Domingos 29 Jul 1886
Day, Domingos (age 77Y) 17 May 1888
Day, Maria   (age 90Y) 23 Sep 1900
Day, Manuel
Day, Joaquim  (age 78Y) 14 Apr 1890
Day, Maria   (age 90Y)
Day, John J. Seceded died
Day, Maria J. Seceded died
Day, John Jr.
Day, Jno. H. 14 Apr 1877
Day, Figenia H. 12 Aug 1880
Day, Henry
Day, Mary
Day, John
DeShara, Belle
Estaque, John Seceded died
Estaque, Antonia Seceded
Estaque, Carrie Received
Estaque, John died
Escorcio, Joaquim Seceded died
Escorcia, Clara Seceded
Freitas, Joaquina died  1892
Fernandes, Thomas
Fernandes, Maria
Fernandes, Mercianna d  4 Dec 1885
Freitas, Augustus F. d  5 Apr 1887
Freitas, Maria T.
Freitas, Manuel T.
Fernandes, Frank (age 80Y) d  30 Mar 1886
Fernandes, Maria Trebue d  27 Mar 1898
Freitas, Joaquim R. Seceded died
Freitas, Eliza R. died
Freitas, Joseph Seceded
Freitas, Bernarda d  8 Oct 1884
Freitas, Matilda D. Seceded
Ferreira, Frank d  4 Dec 1893
Ferreira, Girarda
Freitas, Eliza R. d  12 Jul 1895
Ferreira, Joaquina, Sr. (age 84Y) d  14 Oct 1881
Ferreira, Joaquina d  24 Nov 1886
Fernandes, Manuel G. dismissed 9 Jan 1885
Fernandes, Isabel
Franco, Antonio
Franco, Luiza
Fernandes, Fanstino
Fernandes, Genoveva Seceded
Freitas, Sebastian Suspended 15 Jan 1880
Franco, Manuel d  24 Nov 1895
Franco, Francisca
Franco, John died
Franco, Francisca died
Freitas, Joaquina C. d  Sep 1892
Freitas, Antonio M. Seceded
Freitas, Manuel T. Seceded
Freitas, Domingas Seceded died
Freitas, Raymond Seceded
Freitas, Antonia Seceded died
Fernandes, Sebastianna Seceded died
Freitas, John M. Seceded
Freitas, Mary M. Seceded
Fernandes, Manuel P. Seceded
Fernandes, Maria P. Seceded
Fernandes, Mary Seceded
Freitas, Manuel M. Seceded
Freitas, Justina (age 50Y) Seceded d  1 Nov 1884
Ferreira, Manuel Seceded died
Ferreira, Antonia Seceded died
Freitas, Joanna Seceded died
Ferreira, Joseph Seceded
Fernandes, Joseph Seceded died
Fernandes, Maria Seceded
Fernandes, Jezuina Seceded
Fernandes, Daniel Seceded
Ferriera, Antonia Seceded
Freitas, Gergory Received again 20 Oct 1889
Freitas, Maria Seceded
Ferreira, Joseph L. Sr. Seceded died
Ferreira, Josepha L. Seceded
Freitas, Patrick R. Seceded died
Freitas, Joanna Seceded
Fernandes, Maria Seceded
Fernandes, John Seceded
Fernandes, Maria Seceded
Fernandes, Manuel Seceded died
Fernandes, Rosa Seceded d 13 Feb 1898
Freitas, Augustus F. Seceded
Freitas, Luiza died
Fernandes, Mary Seceded
Fernandes, Carrie Seceded
Fortado, Frank Seceded died
Fortado, Maria Seceded died
Fortado, John Seceded
Freitas, Antonia Seceded
Freitas, Joanna Seceded
Ferreira, Jezuina Seceded
Ferreira, Joaquina Seceded died
Ferreira, Mary Morgada d  22 Feb 1893
Fernandes, Antonio B. died
Ferreira, John B. Seceded
Ferreira, Maria Seceded
Freitas, Elizabeth Seceded
Freitas, John B. Seceded
Freitas, Matilda D. Seceded
Ferreira, Joseph L. Jr. Seceded 1893
Fernandes, Joseph Seceded
Frank, Lax
Fernandes, Martha Seceded
Fernandes, Mary
Freitas, Mary G.
Ferreira, Mary L.
Gonsalves, Manuel
Gonsalves, Victoria
Gonsalves, Addie dismissed 29 Jul 1890
Goveia, Manuel
Goveia, Elizabeth
Goveia, Antonio (age 73Y) d  13 Feb 1894
Goveia, Marcellina d  Dec 1897
Gomes, Joseph J.
Gonsalves, Frank d  Jun 1893
Gonsalves, Maria (age 40Y) d  20 Aug 1885
Gomes, Refine d  21 Dec 1900
Gomes, Violante
Goveia, Raymond d  16 Sep 1891
Goveia, Domingas
Gomes, Esmilia S.  (age 92Y) d  5 Mar 1885
Goveia, Elias Seceded
Goveia, Joseph died
Henrique, Marie d  6 Feb 1888
Jardim, Gregoria (age 101Y) d  20 Jun 1898
Menezes, John J. d  5 Jan 1883
Menezes, Maria d  7 Dec 1883
Menezes, Joseph J.
Menezes, Maria J. d  Sep 1881
Melim, Manuel
Matta, Manuel dismissed 20 Oct 1887
Menezes, Eliza d  1 Jun 1888
Menezes, Antonio J. (age 77Y) d  27 Aug 1889
Menezes, Maria J. Seceded
Mendonsa, Christina
Mendonsa, Joseph d  1880
Mendonsa, Antonia
Martin, Frank
Martin, Maria Fish d  12 Jan 1892
Melim, Joseph Seceded d  21 Oct 1896
Melim, Maria Seceded died
Martin, Antonia
Martin, Mary
Malta, Louiza (age 66Y) d  2 Apr 1884
Melim, Daniel
Menezes, Noah J. d  11 Mar 1877
Nunes, Manuel d  15 Oct 1889
Nunes, Maria
Nunes, John d  10 Jan 1894
Nunes, Clara
Nunes, Frank (  age 71Y) d  23 Mar 1896
Nunes, Refina (age 66Y) d  2 Oct 1896
Nunes, Joseph d  21 Sep 1898
Nunes, Maria Rita
Nunes, Maria Julia
Nunes, Antonio F. Seceded
Nunes, Maria Seceded
Nunes, Manuel Seceded
Nunes, Violante Seceded
Nunes, Louisa Seceded
Nunes, Patrick Seceded
Nunes, Maria Seceded
Nunes, Jessie Lomelino Seceded d  1893
Nunes, John V. d  4 Oct 1888
Nunes, Maria V.
Ornellas, John d  1877
Ornellas, Justina
Oliver, Christoons? Seceded
Ornellas, Joseph Seceded died
Ornellas, Francisca Seceded
Ornellas, Anna Seceded died
Ornellas, Rosa Seceded died
Ornellas, John Seceded died
Ornellas, Maria Seceded
Pine, Lourenco J. d  6 Nov 1884
Pitta, Felecianno Seceded died
Pitta, Antonia Seceded died
Pitta, Rosa Seceded
Pitta, Manuel Seceded died
Pitta, Refina Seceded
Rodrigues, Manuel d  4 Oct 1881
Rodrigues, Antonio 14 Sep 1889
Rodrigues, Esmillia d  27 ___ 1891
Rodrigues, Manuel P.
Rodrigues, Joseph Seceded died
Rodrigues, Ritta Seceded died
Rosa, Anna Seceded died
Souza, Joaquim
Souza, Maria (age 44Y) d  17 Feb 1891
Souza, Maria
Souza, Joseph Seceded died
Souza, Antonia Seceded died
Silva, Frank Seceded born 18 Mar 1823
Silva, Marianna (age 68Y) d  8 Aug 1892
Sperry, Catharina Seceded
Sperry, William Seceded
Souza, Alfred Seceded
Souza, Albina Seceded
Souza, Josepha Seceded died
Silva, Julia
Vieira, Antonio R. Seceded
Vieira, Angelica Seceded
Vieira, John F.  (age 78Y) d  17 Dec 1891
Vieira, Joanna F.
Vieira, Manuel L. Seceded d  1899
Vieira, Joaquinna L. Seceded
Vieira, Sufrina d  30 Dec 1880
Vieira, John
Vieira, Patornilha Seceded died
Vieira, Maria Seceded died
Vasconcillos, Maria Seceded
Veiera, Antonio N.
Veiera, Maria N. Seceded
Veiera, Mary Seceded
Veiera, Manuel P.
Veiera, Maria Seceded
Vasconcellos, Joseph J. Seceded died
Vasconcellos, Joanna d  1 Sep 1898
Veiera, Joseph Sr. Seceded died
Veiera, Rosa Seceded died
Veiera, Joseph Jr. Seceded
Veiera, Mary Seceded died
Veiera, Joaquim Seceded
Veiera, Antonio J. Seceded
Veiera, Antonia Seceded
Veiera, Maria Grass
Vasconcellos, Emanuel M.
Veiera, Antonio Seceded
Vasconcellos, Antonio P.
Veiera, James d  24 Feb 1882
Veiera, Jackson J. Seceded
Veiera, Maria died


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