Abstracted by Shirley Aleguas from the publication by Gochanour.

1860 Morgan County Illinois Mortality Schedule

Columns: 1 = Name of Deceased; 2 = Age; 3 = Sex; 4 = Color; 5 = Marital Status; 6 = Place of birth; 7 = Month in which person died; 8 = Occupation; 9 = Disease or cause of death; 10 = Length of Illness; 11 = Enumeration Area
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Abner, William 22 m IL Mar Consumption 12 mo Morgan County
Adams, Georgia 2 f IL Feb Inflamation Brain 14 Morgan County
Adams, Margaret 7mo f IL Aug Cholera Infantum 21 City of Jacksonville
Adams, Margaret 3 f IL Aug Unknown 21 Jacksonville Precinct
Adams, Sararh 39 f m Pa Jun Influenza 14 Morgan County
Angelo, Thomas B. 18 m IL Apr Farmer Dropsy 7 Jacksonville Precinct
Armstrong, Martha 20 f m Ky Aug Consumption 7 mos. City of Jacksonville
Avery, John 22 m NY May Farmer Inflamation Brain 36 hr Morgan County
Bailey, Jim 1 m IL Feb Unknown 3 City of Jacksonville
Bailey, Lina 6 f IL Oct Scarlet Fever 1 City of Jacksonville
Bailey, Samuel S. 14 m Ia Printer Scrofula 9 mos City of Jacksonville
Baily, Ann 39 f m NJ Jan Scorofula 3 mos. City of Jacksonville
Baker, Martha 1mo f IL Apr 3 da Morgan County
Baker, Nancy 1mo f IL Apr 3 da Morgan County
Bateman, Charlotte 20 f m En May Confined 2 Jacksonville Precinct
Bates, John 2mo m IL Apr Unknown 2 Jacksonville Precinct
Benedict, Millard F. 3 m IL Mar Lung Fever 8 City of Jacksonville
Boothroyd, James 38 m m En Feb Carpenter Consumption 6 mos Wright's Precinct
Bowen, Hubbard 5mo m IL Mar Unknown Sudden Wright's Precinct
Bowland, Nancy 22 f m Oh Dec Consumption 4 mos Morgan County
Bradberry, Evaline 19 f IL Aug Consumption 5 mos City of Jacksonville
Brecken, Charlotte 1mo f IL Jan Inflamation 2 City of Jacksonville
Brecken, John W. 4 m IL Jan Scarlet Fever 5 City of Jacksonville
Brownfield, Elizabeth 1 f IL Jul Unknown 14 Wright's Precinct
Burns/Burnus, L. 26 m m IL Nov Farmer Typhoid Fever 14 da Morgan County
Burris, Martha 18 f m IL Aug Child Bed 10 day Morgan County
Burris, William 2mo m IL Oct General Debility 1 mo Morgan County
Caine, Pinkney 9 m IL Apr Inflamation Brain 10 Wright's Precinct
Callor, William 26 m m Ir Dec Laborer Accidental on RR Train City of Jacksonville
Campbell, Mary 5 f IL Dec Scarlet Fever 9 Bethel
Carter, Ebenezer 63 m m Ct May Farmer Consumption 5 mos City of Jacksonville
Carter, Julia 6 f IL Aug Accidental Shooting Jacksonville Precinct
Cassell, Eunice 8mo f IL Jul Consumption 8 mos City of Jacksonville
Castledine, Mary A. 25 f m IL May Spinal Affection 2 1/2 yrs Bethel
Cobbs, John L. 4 m IL Feb Scarlet Fever 3 City of Jacksonville
Cobbs, Richard 1 m IL Feb Scarlet Fever 17 City of Jacksonville
Coffman, Emily J. 18 f Va Oct Typhoid Fever Jacksonville Precinct
Collins, Abner 2mo m IL Apr Unknown 2 Morgan County
Cook, David 29 m m Ct Feb Farmer Consumption 2 mos Wright's Precinct
Cress, Charlotte A. 25 f m IL Sep Confined 1 Morgan County
Cunningham, Thomas J. 34 m m Ky Oct Typhoid Fever 21 Morgan County
Daniels, Margaret 11mo f IL Oct Inflamation Bowels 8 City of Jacksonville
Davenport, William 1 m IL Oct Croup 1 Jacksonville Precinct
Davis, Joseph 73 m m NH Dec Farmer Old Age 7 Bethel
Dean, Harriet W. 56 f w Unk Jan Fever 60 Illinois Hospital for Insane
Dean, Rachel 39 f m Ky Jan Fever 2 wk Morgan County
Dear, Twidle 45 m m En Feb Farmer Brain Fever 1 yr Morgan County
Degamis, John 3mo m IL Sep Nervous Inflamation 21 City of Jacksonville
Derderding, George 47 m m Ger Jan Farmer Consumption 18 mo Morgan County
DeSilva, Orson 1 m IL Feb Fitts 10 mos Morgan County
Downey, William T. 3mo m M IL Feb Croup 6 City of Jacksonville
Duncan, Henry C. 10mo m IL Aug Brain Fever 3 City of Jacksonville
Dyer, Charles 5 m IL May Unknown Sudden Morgan County
Edwards, James 2mo m IL Sep Unknown 2 mos Bethel
Edwards, Martha A. 5 f IL Dec Lung Fever 28 Morgan County
Entrikin, Elizabeth 22 f Pa Jul Typhoid Fever 9 Morgan County
Fanning, Abraham 63 m m Va Sep Farmer Fever 3 mos. Wright's Precinct
Fanning, Clara M. 3mo f IL Jan Unknown Sudden Wright's Precinct
Flack, Henry H. 7 m Pa Nov Typhoid Fever 14 City of Jacksonville
Furgison, Jemima 83 f SC Aug Consumption 2 yrs Lynnville Precinct
Geiger, Frederick E. 35 m m Ger May Mason Exhaustion 8 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Gest, Joseph H. 1 m Oh Sep Teething 4 City of Jacksonville
Givens, Hannah 24 f m IL Nov Disease of Heart 2 yrs Jacksonville Precinct
Glossop, James 3da m IL Sep Unknown 3 Jacksonville Precinct
Goltra, Oliver 3 m IL Sep Croup 5 City of Jacksonville
Gordon, Mary A. 56 f m En Sep Unknown 14 Lynnville Precinct
Graham, James 67 m m NC Jan Farmer Ostr. Of Urin 4 Morgan County
Graves, _______ m IL Mar Dead Born City of Jacksonville
Graves, Charles E. 2 m IL Apr Inflamation 18 City of Jacksonville
Green, Emma J. 3 f IL Jan Croup 6 Wright's Precinct
Green, Henrietta 9 f IL Jan Consumption 1 yr Morgan County
Grierson, Mary 32 f Pa Feb Lung Fever 7 City of Jacksonville
Guard, Martha E. 5 f IL Oct Croup 8 da Morgan County
Hamilton, Mary A. 27 f m Ky Feb Inflamation Brain 6 wks Morgan County
Harris, Charles N. 8 m IL Oct Typhoid Fever 15 Morgan County
Hayden, Frank 3mo m IL Mar Water on Brain 4 City of Jacksonville
Haynes, Elizabeth 35 f m NC Jul Consumption 2 yrs Wright's Precinct
Henson, Charles 6mo m IL Oct Scrofula 4 da Morgan County
Heysin/Heyen/Heyer, May 9mo f IL Feb Winter Fever 4 da Morgan County
Hillman, Francis J. 2 f IL Sep Typhoid Fever 4 da Morgan County
Hillman, May 6 f In Sep Typhoid Fever 8 da Morgan County
Hopper, Joshua 56 m m Ky Sep Farmer Suicide by hanging
Houston, E. J. 32 f m IL Sep Liver Complaint 3 yrs Morgan County
Hurst, John 80 m m Va May Farmer Old Age Morgan County
Irwin, Kitura 31 f m Tn Jul Consumption 1 yr Illinois Hospital for Insane
Jackson, Charles 9mo m IL Jul Typhoid Fever 15 da Morgan County
Jackson, Sarah 1 f IL Apr Whooping Cough 6 mos Wright's Precinct
James, Elenor 54 f m Oh Jan Lung Fever 5 da Morgan County
James, Susan 28 f m IL Mar Consumption 8 mos Morgan County
Joost, Henrietta 48 m m Ger Jan Exhaustion 4 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Judy, James P. 49 m m Oh Sep Farmer Ulcer 5 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
King, Fannie L. 22 f m IL May Brochitus 4 mos City of Jacksonville
Klear, George 63 m Hs Nov Farmer Old Age & dysentery 7 da Morgan County
Lacy, Enos K. 5mo m IL Oct Inflamation 4 City of Jacksonville
Lankins, Ira H. 10mo m IL Jan Inflamation 3 Morgan County
Lee, Sarah 39 f m En Jun Unknown 14 Bethel
Lee, William 2mo m IL Jul Scarlet Fever 30 Bethel
Leek, Martha 1 f IL Jan Unknown 8 Morgan County
Lewis, Nancy 5 f IL Dec Scarlet Fever 10 Bethel
Long, Shelby G. 4 m IL May Croup 9 Wright's Precinct
Lufkins, Kitty 1 f IL Jul Cholera Infantum 3 City of Jacksonville
Maham/Mahane, Edward 26 m m Ir Mar Saddler Consumption 2 yrs Morgan County
Manny, Patrick 22 m m Ir Oct Laborer Consumption 12 mo Morgan County
Maroney, Ellen 1 f IL Sep Brain Fever 21 City of Jacksonville
Marshal, Charles 45 m m Ky Dec Farmer Typhoid Fever 10 City of Jacksonville
McConnel, William 1 m IL Jan Scarlet Fever 6 City of Jacksonville
McCoy, Ida E. 1 f IL Sep Croup 1 Morgan County
McDonald, Emma 4 f Ma Apr Scarlet Fever 21 City of Jacksonville
McGill, John 16 m IL Feb Farmer Unknown 8 mos Jacksonville Precinct
McGinniss, Hopeful 46 m m Ky May Farmer Quinzey 2 da Morgan County
McGlasson, Martha 3da f IL May Burnt Jacksonville Precinct
McIntire, William 30 m m Ky Apr Farmer Consumption 2 yrs Morgan County
McKee, Frank 2 m IL Jul Unknown Sudden Morgan County
McKee, Susan 32 f m Ir Mar Exhaustion 3 mos. Illinois Hospital for Insane
McKenna, Frank 2 m IL Apr Dropsy of Brain 23 Wright's Precinct
Medgett, Charles B. 34 m m Ma Feb Merchant Exhaustion 60 Illinois Hospital for Insane
Michner, Elizabeth 37 f m Tn May Unknown 40 Lynnville Precinct
Miller, Harriet A. 1mo f IL Feb Unknown Jacksonville Precinct
Mitchem, Milo 16 m IL Nov Disease of Heart 3 yrs Morgan County
Moore, Eliga 1 m IL Feb Accidental Burning 21 Wright's Precinct
Moore, Lydia A. 17 f Ky Mar Consumption 14 da Jacksonville Precinct
Murphy, Charles 4 m IL Feb Scarlet Fever 4 City of Jacksonville
Nazworthy, Niles 32 m Tn Jan Farmer Consumption 9 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Newland, John 25 m IR Jan Laborer Accidental City of Jacksonville
Noble, Susan 10mo f IL Sep Dysentery 21 City of Jacksonville
Ogle, Sherman 3mo m IL Aug Summer Complaint 4 da Morgan County
Ornellis, Charles 3 m IL Jan Scarlet Fever 20 City of Jacksonville
Osborn, Edward 11 m IL Mar Scarlet Fever 5 da Morgan County
Owsley, Franklin 9mo m B IL Aug Typhoid Fever 21 City of Jacksonville
Paddock, Stephen E. 42 m NY Oct Teacher Fever 3 mos. Illinois Hospital for Insane
Peacock, Thomas 3mo m IL Jun 1 da Morgan County
Peak, John C. 4 m IL Feb Inflamation 2 yrs Jacksonville Precinct
Posey, Sarah 60 f w Ky Apr Typhoid Fever 5 wks Wright's Precinct
Post, John 71 m m NY Apr Farmer Drop Dead Instant Morgan County
Pursell, E. Ann 8mo f IL Sep Unknown 7 Morgan County
Pyatt, Ida B. 4 f IL Dec Neuralgia 2 mos City of Jacksonville
Ransdell, Laura V. 7 f IL Nov Croup 5 Wright's Precinct
Ray, Latetia 35 f m Ir Sep Unknown Sudden Wright's Precinct
Reaugh, Ada J. 1mo f IL Dec Whooping Cough 4 Jacksonville Precinct
Richards, Samuel 5mo m IL Apr Lung Fever 21 City of Jacksonville
Rimbey, Uriah 60 m m Md Jan Farmer Rheumatic Pain 40 Wright's Precinct
Roberts, A. S. 15 m Oh Jun Inflamation 4 City of Jacksonville
Robinson, Horace 7 m IL Aug Putrid Sore Throat 9 da Morgan County
Robinson, John 35 m m IL Oct Frmer Typhoid Fever 4 wks Morgan County
Rouse, William L. 27 m m En Apr Gas Fitter Consumption 4 yrs City of Jacksonville
Rowley, John 23 m Oh Jun Farmer Consumption 2 1/2 yrs Illinois Hospital for Insane
Rutledge, Ida 1 f IL Nov Unknown 4 mos City of Jacksonville
Samfile, Jacob 55 m m Ky Jun Farmer Killed by Storm Wright's Precinct
Saunderson, Henry 72 m w En Apr Apoplexy City of Jacksonville
Saunderson, Jane 68 f m En Feb Consumption 12 mos. City of Jacksonville
Scott, Isadora 3 f IL Dec Croup 2 Lynnville Precinct
Seavers, James 80 m m Va Apr Farmer Old Age 4 Morgan County
Seider/Server/Seirer, Mary E. 1 f IL Aug Inflamation 4 City of Jacksonville
Seymore, Amanda J. 2 f IL Feb Worms Morgan County
Sibert, Jerry 20 m In Jul Congestive Chills 24 hrs Morgan County
Smith, Elizabeth 12 f IL Apr Unknown Sudden Jacksonville Precinct
Smith, Martha 29 f Ky Aug Typhoid Fever 18 City of Jacksonville
Smithson, Mary 1 f IL Feb Unknown 9 Lynnville Precinct
Snelling, Mary 8mo f IL Feb Whooping Cough 6 Morgan County
Spainhower, B. F. 3 m IL Mar Putrid Scar Throat 18 Morgan County
Sperry, Sarah 60 f m Ct Oct Lung Fever 7 Morgan County
Standige, Charles E. 1 m IL Sep Inflamation Bowels 30 Morgan County
Stevens, William J. 1 m Ar Feb Unknown 8 Wright's Precinct
Stevenson, Eliza 1 f IL Aug Dropsy 6 mos City of Jacksonville
Stewart, M. A. 6mo m IL Jul Congestive Bowels 3 da Morgan County
Stout, Mariah 51 f m Va Apr Palsy 2 mos Morgan County
Studley, Mary E. 1mo f IL Sep Unknown Sudden Lynnville Precinct
Studley, William 1mo m IL Sep Unknown Sudden Lynnville Precinct
Taylor, Lou E. 3 f IL Feb Inflamation Brain 4 wks Wright's Precinct
Thompson, John M. 47 m m Oh Jan Farmer Consumption 8 wks Morgan County
Thompson, Sarah 1 f IL Sep Flux 1 wk Morgan County
Thornton, Ann R. 57 f w Va May Congestion Lungs 21 City of Jacksonville
Tingle, Ebenezer 67 m m Ky Dec Farmer Palsey 12 mos. City of Jacksonville
Tippett, William 45 m m Tn Feb Farmer Cancer in head 16 mo Morgan County
Tolle, Hannah 63 f m NS Oct Palpitation Jacksonville Precinct
Tomlinson, Eliga 25 m m IL Feb Painter Consumption 3 yrs City of Jacksonville
Trnog, Elizabeth 27 f Ger Sep Exhaustion 10 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Turner, Mary 83 f m Va Jun Killed by Storm Wright's Precinct
Turner, Sarah 21 f m IL Oct Typhoid Fever 14 Morgan County
Vorhees, Albert 10 m IL Feb Typhoid Fever 4 City of Jacksonville
Wadsworth, Edward 10 m IL Nov Typhoid Fever 21 City of Jacksonville
Wadsworth, William 5 m IL Dec Scarlet Fever 3 City of Jacksonville
Warfield, Wm. T. 30 m IL Jan Farmer Consumption 20 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Webb/Nubb, William 3 m IL May Typhoid Fever 12 da Morgan County
Welch, Henry C. 23 m NJ Dec Bookkeeper Consumption 4 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Weller, Royal 57 m m Ma Jul Merchant Angina Pectoria 10 mos Illinois Hospital for Insane
Westrope, Charles H. 16 m IL Sep Farmer Lung Fever 6 Jacksonville Precinct
Wilmarth, Emma 5 f IL Nov Lung Fever 14 Morgan County
Wood, Joseph T. 15 m En Nov Clerk Quinzy 10 City of Jacksonville
Wood, Martha H. 6 f IL Nov Inflamation 40 City of Jacksonville
Woods, Kate 2 f IL Dec Croup Morgan County
Woods, Porter 13 m IL Jun Lightning Morgan County
Wright, Isaac 24 m m NJ Oct Farmer Dysentery 21 Jacksonville Precinct
Wright, Lydia 1 f NJ Sep Summer Complaint 35 Jacksonville Precinct
Wright, Margaret 66 f m NC Feb Disease of Heart 5 mos Wright's Precinct
Wyatt, Julia 7mo f IL Dec Canke Sore Mouth 14 da Morgan County


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