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Coroner's Inquest Book A - Starting 1869

Coroner's Inquest Book A - Starting 1869

Florence Hutchison's notes: This poorly written Coroner's Record Book found in the basement of the courthouse by Florence Hutchison and Robert Dalton contains some valuable information on deaths that occurred prior to the filing of death certificates in 1878.

Bob has spent several hours of numerous days over a long period of time to laboriously copy vital information on each deceased person. The book is too big and heavy to make photocopies of its index, or individual pages. Many of the names are not spelled the way a family historian might think it should be.

Her notes go on to say that "Coroner's Inquests were being conducted at least as early as August 2, 1863. the week before that, a young man named Joseph Bentley was accidentally shot while hunting squirrels, but the coroner was not notified, and no inquest was held. Our 1878 Morgan County History says that the first Coroner was James Deaton, commissioned April 2, 1823. How I wish we could find that record book! Bob Dalton and I used to have the use of the 1863 book, also listed as Book A. However, it eventually disappeared from the attic storage place where we used to go to research names for one reason or another."

Name of Decedent Inquest Date Page Verdict/Comments
Anderson, Patrick 30 Oct 1870 4
Baker, William "Dutch" 15 Apr 1878 29 [Also shot by Tobin Hanners - going home from church.]
Baker, William 7 Sep 1877 27 "Came to his death by an over dose of Laddmum" {Note
the poor handwriting in the Coroner's Book A has the name
spelled as "Backer"}
Batty, Richard 21/21 Jul 1871 Bur @ Rogers Cem.
Buchen, Paul 27 May 1871 6
Camron, H. H. 28 Apr 1877 27
Carter, Mary Jane 28 Jan 1875 19 [inquest held at Waverly]
Coker, Claborn 25 Dec 1874 19 came to his death by a wound on the breast made by a
dirk knife in the hand of Julius Elmore
Coker, Dennis 16 Aug 1876 24 His tombstone in Hebron Cemetery:  Dennis Coker, died
Aug. 15, 1876 aged 85 yr 9 mo 13 da.  Sallid died 25 Feb
1869 aged 74 yrs.  [Dennis Coker's father was Abraham
Coker who died in 1841 in Fayette Co., Ga., as proved by
Abraham Coker's will.  {There were three Morgan County
men with this same name.}
Conroy, Joseph 25 Mar 1874 17
Cooney, Patrick 25 Oct 1871 9
Daniels, Child of John 31 Sep 1871 8
Daniels, John 18 Sep 1871 8
Darlington, John 18 Jan 1878 28 "came to his dath by hart decece"
Davis, Andrew 26 Feb 1880 36 "came to his death by paralysis induced by excessive use
of whiskey."
DeFrates, Antonia 17 Jul 1880 38 [Another train accident.  Richard Yates was the Clerk
copying this record.  He later became Governor of Illinois
as was his father, Richard Yates.]  Please be reminded
ther was an Antonia DeFrates who died in 1879, and Antonia
DeFreitas who died 13 Sep 1882.
DeFratis, Antonio 8 Mar 1879 34 "came to his death by a gunshot wound in the hands of
Albert DeFratis while out hunting."
Deresona, Cora 25 Mar 1871 5
Donahue, Thomas 31 Oct 1876 25 "came to his deth by being struck by lightning."
Edmunson, Robert 11 Jan 1872 11
Elliott, Edward Rumsey 11 Dec 1878 33 "death from injuries received in connection with a fall from
the hay mow of his barn."
England, Alvilda 3 Aug 1875 22 came to her death by corosive poison received into stomach
buried at Franklin at county expense.
Flinn, Edmund M. 10 Jun 1878 30 "came to death by strangulation by his own hands, in the
Oak Lawn Retreat Hospital for Insane."  He had long been a
farmer and stock dealer living near Prentice.  Two weeks
before he had been adjudged insane."
Foley, Patrick 20 Sep 1878 32 Inquest held at Sulphur Springs precinct.  Cause of death:
"Kick from a horse on the left temporal bone, producing
concussion of the brain.  Died instantly.  He had just taken
out a marriage license #1431.  The groom was killed the day
before his marriage.
Fre_____, _____ 16 at Alexander - cam to death by Strychnine administered
by his own hand.  Buried Allingrove Sametery. ??
Hammel, Isaac R./C. 28 Jul 1878 31 "Came to his death by a Musket shot in the hands of
Theodore Angelo.  Buried in Louis Cemetery." [Lewis Cem.,
also known as Angelo Cem. and Buckhorn Cem.]  It seems
11 year old Theodore was urged by blind John Angelo to
ambush and kill Isaac Hammill.]
Hand, John 7 Feb 1880 36 "came to his death by a blow of a chamber in the hands of
Martin Kane a patient at the Hospital for Insane.  Buried in
Hospital Section of Diamond Grove.
Harper, Mary 2 Dec 1871 10
Harris, Edward M. 26 Feb 1880 37 "Accidental drowning in the Insane reservoir about 4 p.m."
Harvey, Heber/Herber 17 Aug 1869 2
Hayden, Peter 13 Jul 1870 3
Henderson, John W. 11 Oct 1875 22 Inquest at Sandy.  Fallin from wagon
Hensell, Isaac W. 37
Henson, Mary 20 Jul 1874 17 [Another railroad accident]
Henrich, Herman 29 Oct 1874 18 Buried in Concord burying ground
Holley, Anna 1 Nov 1871 10 Died by her own hands caused by her great anxiety to return
to Germany, her native Country.
Hubbert, Clarence 14 Apr 1878 28 [Death Cert. Clarence Habbert.  Shot by Tobin Hanners -
going home from church.]
Jones, Thomas 2 Sep 1873 13 Verdict:  Injuries received by being thrown from the track on
which he was walking by an Engine called the Waverly.
Justice, J. J. 8 Jul 1880 37 "death by taking morphine with intent to kill.  Remains
handed to his daughter, Mrs. Wheeler.  Taken to Noblesville,
Ind., for interment."
Kackman, Claus C/F. 21 May 1878 29 "Came to his death by drowning in Mouvastory Crek"
Kery, Michael 16 Jul 1869 1
Keys, Edmond 11 Jun 1877
Kimball, Ira 21 Feb 1880 36 "came to his death by pistol wound fired wilfully by Charles
Van Way with intent to kill.  Would received in right side
between 10 and 11th ribs."  Burial in Jordan Cem., now
named Chapin Cem. 
Lanham, Pleasant 12 Apr 1879 34 [He was killed in train accident, and buried at Literberry.  A
different Pleasant Lanham is buried in the Hebron Cem. at
Lawton, James 9 Oct 1879 35 "came to his death by hanging himself in Frank Einstman's
Corn Crib in Meredosia."  No death cert. filed.  From burial
records of Trinity Episcopal Church in Jacksonville:  Oct. __
1879, James Lawton, age 27 years.  Suicide under insanity.
Buried Diamond Grove Cem., by Rev. John D. Easter,
Sec. K Lot 177.
Malone, Margaret 7 Dec 1876 26 "Run over by Engine No. 4 on C & A R.R."
Martin, Paul 7 Dec 1871 11
Mathews, Richard 20 May 1878 29 [note:  He was killed by Samuel W. Mathews.]
Mays, Mary 7,8 Jun 1876 23 Blows recd on the head by a club or some other hard
instrument [This probably led to someone being in a murder
McCoy, Nelley 14 Jul 1872 13 Verdict:  by over Weate and old age
McCrusker, Mary M. 2 Mar 1878 28 [Her death cert. shows her name as Margaret Mary
McCracken, age 44 yr, born in Pa., in IL 16 yrs.
McCullough, Dennis 14 Jul 1878 30 "Came to death by over head"!! The actual cause of death
was sun-struck.  Buried Catholic Cemetery, Jacksonville.
McInurry, Patrick 23 Aug 1880 38 "came to his death by being crushed between a railroad car
and a pile of lumber…Remains wre taken charge of by his
friends and buried in Franklin".
McIver, D. B. 10 Jan 1873 13 He was listed as a "male lecturer"
Moore, Joshua 29 Sep 1871 9
Morris, Jonathan 13 Nov 1871 10 Buried by his friends on Sugger (sic) Creek - another record
says Lick Creek Cemetery
Morrissey, Cornelius 9 Jan 1871 5
Mosby, William R/B 6 Aug 1869 2
Mullen, Timothy O. 23 Jul 1872 13
Ornellas, John D. 16-18 Sep 1876 25
Ousley, child 5 Jun 1871 7
Pollard, Wm. O. 14 Feb 1877 26 "Came to his death by a Pistol shot inflicted by himself."
[He was an apothecary at Central Illinois Hospital for the
Insane.  his mind had been unsettled by recent study into
such metaphysical writings as those of Darwin, Huxley,
Spencer and the materialistic school.
Rannells, Mrs. Mary R. 19 Sep 1873 15 Came to her death by reason of passenger train #61 ..
Striking the buggy while crossing the railroad at Vandalia
Reynolds, James E. 16 Jan 1872 12 by accidental discharge of his own Gun about one mile from
his own house ….friends took charge of diseased, and buried
in Dimon Grove Cemetery.
Richardson, Joseph 3 Nov 1869 3
Rimbile, Edward 10 Aug 1879 35 Killed by a train. "Remains taken charge of by parents and
buried in the Catholic Cem., Jacksonville."  He is not listed
on their records, and no death certificate in County Clerk's
office.  Name is probably mis-spelled, probably Ramble.
Rogers, Zephamiah 16 Aug 1869 2
Rose, William H. 19 Apr 1875 21 Inquest at Meredosia.  Drowned in Illinois River or Lake
Roweder, Frederick 12 Dec 1878 33 "Inmate of Deaf & Dumb Asylum. Sent to Chicago to his
mother for burial."
Rutter, Jacob 29 Oct 1871 9
Sage, Sarah M. 10 Jul 1876 24 [Her tombstone in Berea Cemetery.  "A letter from the young
lady who committed suicide near Prentice, Miss Sarah Sage,
to her father, was only a "farewell", the other one to her
friend discloses that she was deceived and seduced by a
young man; fearing the shame of discovery more than death,
she chose the latter."
Simpson, John, Dr. 9 Jun 1878 30 [There is a probate File #2659, with Will.  Exec.  A. Russell]
Sing, George 17 Jul 1878 31 [born in Bavaria, Germany.  Again, the cause of death was
"Sunstroke".  this must have been an unusually hot summer]
Smith, Benjamin F. 18 May 1876 23 Accidental drowning in Indian Creek
Smith, John 12 Dec 1871 11 came to his death by accidently fall of a brick while
deapening (sic) a well at the residents of D. Tendick on
South West St. in Jacksonville.
Smith, John X. 15 Jul 1878 31 "Came to his death by sunstruck.  Had been drinking.
Duration of illness 2 hours."  His grave site in Jacksonville
East Cemetery is unknown.
Snowe, A. A. 20 May 1871 6
Sparks, Lemuel 3 Dec 1878 33 "death by acute inflammation of the brain"
Stevens, J. 1 Jul 1879 35 "death by acute jaundice. Remains sent by Express to
Belleville, OH in care of Miss Blanche."
Stevenson, Charles 4 Apr 1871 6
Stout, Frank M. 12 Jun 1875 21
Summers, Mary 16 Sep 1869 3 Bur @ Sulphur Spgs Cem
Sweeney, John Nov 1875 22
Thomas, John __ ____ 1874 16 Taken by friends to Peoria
Thompson, Edie Mahaler 26 Aug 1878 32 "Came to death of Hard deseses (heart)"
Tobin, Maurice 20 Jul 1869 1
True, Willis J. 24 May 1872 13 by a blow of a Hoe in the hands of John Douglass…buried
in Jourdenville church yard.  He was a Civil War vet
Vieira, Joseph 2 Mar 1875 20 strangulation by an insain patient in the Illinois Hospital for
Insain.  Buried in Springfield.  He was Capt. Joseph Vieira,
and employee of the hospital at the time.
Wahlman, Edwin 12 Mar 1877 26 "Came to his death by being nocked from the track of C &
A R.R."
Walker, James 22 Feb 1873 14
Williams, Infant of Jane 8 Apr 1879 34
Willison, William 26 ___ 1874 16