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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

Packer, Jane 1845 F W 15May1917 J'ville SH Chicago, IL 72Y Bk9pg342
Paden, James S. IL M W Mar 1Aug1908 J'ville SH Litchfield, IL 62Y Bk5pg88
Paden, Martha IL F W Wid 3Nov1886 J'ville SH Litchfield, IL 61Y Bk1pg195
Padgett, Ann Ireland F W Wid 8Nov1887 J'ville, IL Quincy, IL 76Y7M26D Bk1pg218
Padgett, Jessie IL F W Mar 4Mar1908 J'ville SH East Cem., J'ville 52Y Bk5pg22
Page, Mary Alice 1875 IL F W Mar 22Jan1917 J'ville SH Farmer City, IL 42Y Bk9pg342
Page, Ona May IL F W Mar 3Nov1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 47Y Bk10pg98
Pahlman, Minnie C. IL F W Mar 17Jul1901 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 19Y Bk3pg63
Palmer, Frank L. IL M W Sin 12Sep1914 J'ville SH Dow, IL 24Y Bk7pg474
Palmer, John 1870 Alton, IL M W Mar 17Jun1918 J'ville SH Carlinville, IL Bk5pg588
Palmer, Minnie J'ville, IL F W Mar 20Feb1882 J'ville, IL 31Y5M10D Bk1pg98
Palmer, Nellie J'ville, IL F W 22Aug1878 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 11Y19D Bk1pg16
Palmer, Robert 30Oct Virginia M W Mar 12Jun1914 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 79Y Bk7pg404 71Y Jonus Palmer(Va)/Mary Rutledge(Va)
Palmer, Sarah L. Morgan Co., IL F     Wid 11Jan1883 J'ville, IL 46Y29D Bk1pg113
Pancake, Elizabeth 30Sep1849 Havana, IL F W Mar David Pancake 18Oct1921 Meredosia, IL Naples, IL Bk11pg80 Uriah Sloan(Ohio)/Mary Millinary(Ohio)
Pancake, Ella Ohio F W Mar 5Feb1883 J'ville SH Bloomington, IL 35Y Bk1pg118
Paradice, Clifford J'ville, IL M W Sin 21Jul1907 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 19Y2M2D Bk4pg523
Paradice, Frank W. Mrs. Island Grove, IL F W Mar 16Nov1904 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 45Y Bk4pg103
Paradise, Sarah England F W Wid 18Nov1906 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 85Y Bk4pg399
Parbix, Amelia Concord, IL F W 30Sep1878 Concord, IL Concord, IL 18M Bk1pg21
Parish, Joseph B. Mass. M W Mar 3Dec1886 J'ville SH Quincy, IL 65Y Bk1pg197
Parish, Mattie Iowa F W Div 21Dec1908 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Abt 30Y Bk5pg111
Parker, Anna J. 1827 Ohio F W Wid 11Dec1920 J'ville SH Griggsville, IL 93Y Bk10pg546
Parker, Calista 9Jun1832 New York F W Wid 10Jan1911 J'ville, IL Decatur, IL Bk6pg141 Samuel Flanders(NY)/Harriett Durfey(NY)
Parker, Dickson Tennessee M B Wid 7May1893 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 68Y Bk2pg90 30Y
Parker, Elija Nr. Durbin, IL F W Mar 23Nov1910 J'ville, IL Bethel Cem., M'ville 63Y3M24D Bk5pg359
Parker, Elizabeth 20Mar1847 IL F W Wid 30Jan1919 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL Bk10pg102
Parker, George W. 1830 Ohio M W Mar 16Jul1918 J'ville SH Lincoln, IL Bk9pg607
Parker, Henrietta F W Sin 25Sep1907 Waverly, IL Woodwreath Cem. Abt 75Y Bk4pg540
Parker, James W. M B Sin 6Jul1879 J'ville, IL 19Y Bk1pg38
Parker, Margaret 1835 IL F W Mar 20May1918 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg586
Parker, Norman IL M B Sin 27Jan1881 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 16Y Bk1pg73
Parker, Pracilla Roberts Co., Ind. F W Wid 9Aug1878 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 58Y Bk1pg16 40Y
Parker, Sophia Virginia F B Mar 15Dec1880 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 45Y Bk1pg47
Parker, Thomas 1829 M W Mar 17Feb1911 J'ville SH J'ville Cem Bk6pg169
Parker, Thomas 8Jan1836 Monroe Co., Ohio M W Wid 27Feb1919 J'ville, IL Louisiana, Mo. Bk10pg102 Andrew Parker(Ohio)/Nancy Wright(Ohio)
Parker, Thomas O. IL M W Sin 27Mar1893 J'ville SH Griggsville, IL 31Y5M10D Bk2pg88
Parker, Wallace 17Feb1825 Warren Co., N.Y. M W Wid 29Oct1911 J'ville, IL Naples, IL Bk6pg338 70Y James Parker(NY)/Mary Spears(NY)
Parks, Anna Pittsfield, IL F W Mar 30Jan1910 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 32Y Bk5pg300
Parks, Charles Arthur IL M W 1Aug1907 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 6Y Bk4pg536
Parks, Emily New York F W Mar 27Jul1906 J'ville SH Alton, IL 64Y Bk4pg357
Parks, George Carr Mrs. Paris, Mo. F B Mar 3Jan1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 38Y Bk6pg140
Parks, George Mrs. 5Mar1864 IL F W Mar 3Jul1918 J'ville, IL Greenfield, IL Bk9pg607 Washington Tiegne(NC)/Ermmer Mitchell(NC)
Parks, Virginia Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 12Oct1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 44Y Bk6pg338 Isaac Coffman/      Kitner(IL)
Parmeter, Ethel IL F W 9May1893 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 3Y Bk2pg90
Parrick, Charles Frank 17Nov1893 Chambersburg, IL M W Mar Mildred Parrick 12Jan1922 J'ville, IL Perry, IL Bk11pg114 Charles Parrick(IL)/Arminda Hall(IL)
Parrish, Louise Sweden F W Mar 28Jun1888 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 22Y Bk1pg230 6Y
Parrott, Annie Rushville, IL F W Wid 20May1906 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 68Y Bk4pg335
Parrott, Howard IL M W Sin 15Sep1893 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 22Y Bk2pg98
Parrott, Sarah IL F W 22Mar1880 Morgan Co., IL Yatesville, IL 14Y Bk1pg521
Parzachoski, Baby Morgan Co., IL F W 17Jun1907 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 16D Bk4pg497
Paschall, W. H. 14May1840 IL M W Mar 3Feb1917 Morgan Co., IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk9pg341 Coleman Paschal(IL)/Sarah Street(Tenn)
Pastures, Eliza F W Sep 2Apr1913 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 57Y Bk7pg90
Pate, John J. IL M W Mar 2Oct1910 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 77Y Bk5pg359
Patrick, John Albert 2May1853 Green Island, NY M W Mar 2May1921 J'ville, IL Rose Hill, Evanston, IL Bk10pg634 James Patrick(NY)/Mary Brownell(NY)
Pattee, George 1874 Nebraska M W Mar 18Feb1921 J'ville SH Assumption, IL Bk10pg579
Patten, Andrew New York M W Mar 11Aug1878 Co. Poor Farm Poor Farm Cemetery 96Y3M21D Bk1pg15 50Y
Patten, George W. 1839 IL M W Wid 2Apr1911 J'ville, IL Geneseo, IL Bk6pg223
Patterson, Eliza Ann 21Jun1857 J'ville, IL F W Sin 30Mar1922 Morgan Co., IL Ebenezer Cem. Bk11pg183 Wm. J. Patterson(Ky)/Catherine Patterson(Ind)
Patterson, Frances USA F B Wid J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 62Y9M Bk2pg25 25Y
Patterson, Howard 1899 Pike Co., IL M W Sin 20Feb1914 J'ville, IL Pearl, IL Bk7pg312 S. D. Patterson(IL)/
Patterson, Infant of C.E. 26Aug1908 J'ville, IL M W 30Aug1908 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk5pg88
Patterson, Margaret March Farnagle Co., Ire F     Wid 18Apr1882 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville 74Y7M10D Bk1pg99 52Y
Patterson, Oliver L. IL M W Sin 27Jan1883 J'ville SH Ebenezer Cem. 17Y Bk1pg115
Patterson, Vanburen IL M W Sin 14Mar1914 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 71Y Bk7pg340
Patterson, William Ohio M     Mar 18Nov1912 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 80Y2M Bk7pg7 50Y Wm. Patterson(Ohio)/
Patterson, William Madison Co., Ky. M W Wid 2Jul1886 J'ville, IL Marcelline, IL 85Y6M8D Bk1pg186 30Y
Patterson, William J. Penn. M W Mar 4Aug1905 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 75Y Bk4pg225 27Y
Patton, Eliza England F W Mar 7Jan1880 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 32Y Bk1pg48
Patton, Elizabeth IL F W Mar 28Jul1908 J'ville SH Carlock, IL 60Y Bk5pg48
Patton, Jennie 17Jan1857 Ohio F W Wid 10Jul1917 Maplewood San. Springfield, IL Bk9pg341
Paul, Jerome Bonapart Vandenburg Co, IN M W Mar 11Feb1910 Yatesville, IL Yatesville, IL 77Y1M6D Bk5pg283 53Y
Paulen, Mary E. USA F W Mar 8Jun1908 J'ville SH Springfield, IL 47Y Bk5pg50
Paxton, Edith Christine J'ville, IL F W Sin 21Jan1893 J'ville, IL J'ville, IL 19Y6M23D Bk2pg86
Paxton, Mack Jun1895 J'ville, IL M B Sin 18Jun1911 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk6pg248 David Paxton/
Payne, Addie E. IL F W Sin 1Mar1904 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 49Y Bk3pg525
Payne, Mary A. Ireland F W Mar 11Feb1882 J'ville, IL Blue Mound, IL 59Y Bk1pg96
Payne, Mildred Pearl 1Nov1892 IL F W Mar 10Nov1918 Meredosia, IL Meredosia, IL Bk10pg97 John Yeakel(Ger)/Jane Henderson(IL)
Payne, Moses Sr. Ky. M B Mar 11Mar1910 J'ville SH Brighton, IL 85Y Bk5pg322
Peak, Edna 1859 F W Mar 17Sep1914 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 55Y Bk7pg474
Peak, Louisa E. Scott Co., IL F     Mar 15Apr1891 J'ville, IL Fam. Cem., Scott Co. 41Y6M3D Bk2pg30
Peaker, William H. Athens, IL M W 3Nov1881 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 11M Bk1pg90
Pearce, John H. 6May1841 Maryland M W Sin 12Jan1919 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg102
Pearson, John M W Mar 7May1910 J'ville, IL Greenview, IL 64Y Bk5pg332
Pearson, Peter Sweden M W Mar 26Sep1889 J'ville SH Galesburg, IL 54Y Bk2pg19
Pearson, Sarah F W Wid 6Dec1906 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 69Y Bk4pg415
Pease, Epapharas L. 20Jun1828 Ohio M W Wid 27Apr1914 Waverly, IL East Cem., Waverly Bk7pg362 78Y Abion Pease(Conn)/Parthenia Lathrop(Conn)
Peaters, James M. 12Aug1847 IL M W Sin 26Aug1917 J'ville, IL White Hall, IL Bk9pg342 John S. Peaters(Ky)/Susan Culver(Ohio)
Pechlaeffel, Ernest Henry 16Feb1885 J"ville, IL M W Mar 22Nov1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg100 Louis Pechlaeffel(IL)/Sophia Helling(Ger)
Peck, Mary Conn. F W Wid 18Feb1890 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. 73Y Bk2pg28 32Y
Peckham, Mary E. 10Jan1864 Waverly, IL F W Mar 12Nov1918 J'ville, IL Diamond Grove Cem. Bk10pg97 A. J. Branam(Ky)/Martha Arnett(Tenn)
Peckham, Rose IL F W Sin 14Aug1905 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 24Y Bk4pg219
Peebles, Emeline Lucile IL F W 19Feb1907 Waverly, IL Charity, Macoupin Co. 8Y9M20D Bk4pg426
Peek, Louis 22Nov1917 IL M W 17Apr1922 J'ville, IL Girard, IL Bk11pg183 Rev. Fred Peek(IL)/Lois Smith(IL)
Peeples, Frances E. 1878 Cook Co., IL F W Mar 1Jan1914 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. Bk7pg288
Peifenberg, Edward J'ville, IL M W Mar 18Dec1893 Havana, IL Catholic Cem. 24Y Bk2pg104
Peine, Hattie IL F W Sin 20 Aug1901 J'ville SH Minier, IL 51Y Bk3pg64
Peiper, Henry 5May1895 IL M W Sin 9May1917 J'ville, IL Calvary Cem., J'ville Bk9pg343 Henry Peiper(Ger)/Elizabeth Rustemeyer(IL)
Peiper, Mary Germany F W Sin 27Feb1905 J'ville, IL Beardstown, IL 60Y Bk4pg143 50Y
Peirson, Martin 1865 Tenn. M B Mar Isabel Peirson 5Apr1922 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem Bk11pg183 Sudie Peirson(Tenn)/
Pellegrini, P. Italy M    Sin 1Dec1878 J'ville, IL East Cem., J'ville Bk1pg23
Pember, Eula Sulphur Spgs, IL F W 17Sep1878 Sulphur Spgs, IL Morgan Co., IL 27Hrs Bk1pg19
Pemberton, Earl 1892 Ohio F W 27Aug1911 J'ville, IL Virginia, IL Bk6pg295 10Y Richard Pemberton(Ohio)/Mary Smith(Ohio)
Pence, Roy 20Aug1899 Franklin, IL F W 28Mar1912 Franklin, IL Hartland Cem. Bk6pg457 Edward Pence(IL)/Nellie Owens(IL)
Penn, Ella IL F W Mar 19Aug1894 J'ville, IL Griggsville, IL 22Y Bk2pg120
Penn, Felix G. IL M W Mar 6Mar1908 J'ville SH Mowequa, IL 72Y Bk5pg21
Penn, Josephine 31Oct1879 IL F W Sin 21Aug1918 J'ville, IL Springfield, IL Bk9pg635
Pennell, Augusta Pauline 13Apr1917 Murrayville, IL F W 21Apr1918 Murrayville, IL Murrayville, IL Bk9pg588 Everett Pennell(IL)/Cordelia Gilmore(IL)
Pennell, Martha Ky. F W Wid 30Aug1907 Old Peop. Home Diamond Grove Cem. 79Y Bk4pg536
Pepinbrink, Emma St. Louis, Mo. F W Mar 19Feb1890 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 27Y Bk2pg27 25Y
Perbix, George 12May1830 Germany M W Wid 8Mar1921 Morgan Co., IL Concord, IL Bk10pg598
Perbix, George Mrs. Germany F W Mar 6Aug1906 Concord, IL Concord, IL 69Y6M3D Bk4pg457 51Y
Perbix, Lottie Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 9Dec1908 J'ville, IL Jordan Cem. 38Y Bk5pg111
Perkins, Lottie Morgan Co., IL F W Mar 31Jan1887 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 37Y Bk1pg200
Perkins, Peter A. 1846 IL M W Wid 20Nov1920 J'ville SH Athens, IL Bk10pg529
Perrine, Ezekiah 1847 Indiana M W Sin 21Feb1921 J'ville SH Girard, IL Bk10pg570
Perriwell, Joseph D. IL M W Mar 25Oct1908 J'ville SH Decatur, IL 50Y Bk5pg88
Perry, Albert J'ville, IL M 19Feb1889 J'ville, IL Catholic Cem., J'ville 5M2D Bk2pg8
Perry, Alice B. Morgan Co., IL F W 6Aug1880 Morgan Co., IL Zion Cem., Cass Co. IL 3Y11M2D Bk1pg63
Perry, Archibald Morgan Co., IL M W Sin 2Dec1907 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 19Y Bk4pg585
Perry, Charles IL M W Sin 19Oct1905 J'ville SH Shelbyville, IL 23Y Bk4pg154
Perry, Dollie F W Mar 19Oct1911 Morgan Co., IL Hamilton, IL 40Y? Bk6pg337
Perry, George M W Wid 14Jul1936 Co. Poor Farm Poor Farm Cemetery 73Y
Perry, Harry E. Jr. 18May1891 IL M W Div 24Dec1921 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem Bk10pg547 Harry Perry(IL)/Sarah Ellen Petigo(Iowa)
Perry, James A. Tenn. M W Mar 23Oct1887 J'ville SH Versailles, IL 61Y Bk1pg217 55Y
Perry, Joseph IL M W Sin 8Dec1904 J'ville SH Shelbyville, IL 20Y Bk4pg117
Perry, Maria 1856 IL F W Sin 7Dec1920 J'ville SH Pittsfield, IL Bk10pg547
Perry, Nellie E. Morgan Co., IL F W 7Aug1880 Morgan Co., IL Zion Cem., Cass Co. IL 6Y3M29D Bk1pg63
Perry, Preston J'ville, IL M W 19Jul1878 J'ville, IL 3Y Bk1pg14
Perry, Sandra Dover, N.H. F W Mar 29Sep1888 J'ville, IL J'ville Cem 71Y Bk2pg2 30Y
Persons, F. W. Maine M W Mar 8Mar1905 J'ville SH Diamond Grove Cem. 59Y Bk4pg158

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