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WWII U.S. Army Deaths

NARA Records



I received the following note from Mitzi Calbreath - I was at the National Archives to research WWII Deaths and extracted these lists which I thought you might like to share with other researchers. The list includes only members of the U.S. Army. When asked about the other service organizations, Mitzi indicated that the lists for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard contained the names of individuals from all over the state rather than being broken down by county as these were. To find additional Illinois WWII Casualties (Navy, Marine Corps, & Coast Guard, go to the following link:

The list includes the serviceman's name, serial number, his rank and a code. Translation of the codes is as follows: DNB - Died in Line of Duty, non-battle
DOI - Died of Injuries
DOW - Died of Wounds
FOD - Finding Of Death
KIA - Killed In Action during battle
M - Missing

Our thanks so much to Mitzi Calbreath for obtaining and sharing these lists with our researchers.
Name Serial Number Rank Code
BAKER, John H. 36432609 SGT KIA
BOSTIC, Charles N. 36052854 TEC4 KIA
BOYD, Lester L. 20620788 SGT KIA
BRENNAN, Robert H. O-927713 2LT KIA
BROCKHOUSE, Harold I. 36052112 SSG KIA
BROWN, George F. 36052052 PVT DNB
BROWN, John S. 36767133 PVT DOW
BROWN, William O. 36904134 PFC KIA
BUCHANAN, Clarence B. 36051991 TEC5 KIA
CANATSEY, Franklin V. 36051979 SGT KIA
CARTER, Ralph J. 16016277 PVT KIA
CHRISMAN, Robert D. 36428842 SSG KIA
CORAY, Calvin R. 36483076 PVT KIA
CROUCH, Vernon T. 01312669 1LT KIA
CRUM, Eugene 16076069 PVT DNB
DAHMAN, Lee W. O-769400 2LT KIA
DAVIDSON, Roy L. 16017857 PVT DNB
DEFRATES, Billy J. 36774619 PVT KIA
DEUTSCHER, Wilbur W. 19127217 SSG KIA
DICKERSON, Sherman M. 16055850 PVT KIA
DIXON, Raymond A. 7030986 PFC KIA
DOBER, Earl 36757024 TEC5 KIA
DODGE, William W. 36430472 PFC DOW
DODSWORTH, Willard Sydenham "Bud" 7048578 AMM3 KIA
FANNING, Gene 36436197 SSG KIA
FISHER, Robert T. 36690696 PFC KIA
FITZSIMMONS, Harold L. 36058700 PFC DOW
FOSTER, Ralph C. 16076368 SSG KIA
GABHART, Marvin D. 36767087 PVT KIA
GABHART, Vernon L. 36961708 PFC KIA
GODBEY, Russell E. 6650737 SSG DNB
HALLER, William E. 36961162 PFC KIA
HANSMEIER, Virgil M. 36686985 PFC KIA
HARTMAN, Richard P. O-772173 2LT FOD
HEMBROUGH, W. T. Jr. 02064416 2LT KIA
HERIFORD, Marshall W. 36062158 SSG KIA
HUBBS, Joshua B. 16054396 SSG KIA
INGRAM, Morris A. O-815487 1LT DNB
JONES, Edward W. 16051918 SSG DNB
JOHNSON, James R. 16017373 PVT KIA
JOHNSON, Raymond 36052067 PFC KIA
KINDRED, Harold C. 160173032 1SG KIA
KING, William H. 160168958 SSG DNB
KLINGHAMMER, Howard L. 36430534 PFC DNB
KNIGHT, George S. 16018447 SSG KIA
LEAKE, Charles W. O-685946 1LT DNB
MCKINLEY, Vernon E. 36479934 PFC KIA
MURPHY, Martin B. 36067731 PVT DNB
NAYLOR, Harold W. 36905674 PVT KIA
NEWINGHAM, Lyndle E. 36767159 SSG KIA
OGLE, Paul G. 36431348 SSG KIA
OWENS, Thomas O. 36475304 SSG DOW
PATE, James L. 16055995 SSG FOD
PRICE, Marion L. 36056783 TEC5 DOW
RAWLINGS, Francis E. 36431303 PFC DOW
RICE, Ivan L. O-738249 2LT FOD
ROBERTS, Frank L. 16019041 SGT KIA
RUSSO, Joseph L. 16135410 SSG FOD
RYAN, Edward V. 36050459 PVT KIA
RYAN, Joseph W. 36051182 SSG KIA
SMITH, Thomas M. 36681068 PFC KIA
SMITH, Warren T. 36963590 PVT KIA
STATEN, George E. 16017483 PFC FOD
STRAWN, David R. 36446330 SSG KIA
SURRATT, Raymond H. 16055189 PFC DOW
SWARRINGIM, Harold W. 16016397 CPL DNB
TAYLOR, Claude 16017030 TSG KIA
TAYLOR, Russell 37663583 TEC5 KIA
WANDELL, James L. 36902936 PFC KIA
WATERS, Amos L. 36441763 PFC KIA
WEEKS, Everett A. Jr. 36765708 TEC5 DOW
WHEWELL, Bernard W. 70303730 TSG KIA
WHITLOCK, Bob L. 36697271 PVT DOW
WOODS, Forrest D. 20620620 CPL KIA
WORKMAN, Donald E. O-421371 1LT FOD
WORRALL, Gilbert C. 36071102 SSG DNB