Zion-Rimbey Cemetery


NW 1/4, Section 28, Twp. 13N, Range 10W





Although this cemetery lies adjacent to a road, it is impossible to see it. Near the intersection of two roadways, it lies on high ground to the northeast of the intersection and southeast of Murrayville. In earlier days, East Greasy church was situated adjacent to the cemetery. The proper name of East Greasy Church was Zion Methodist Church.

To find this cemetery, drive south on Rte. 267 from Jacksonville. Turn left (east) on Whitlock Road and follow it to a "T". Turn right on to Lewis Lane and follow it to the intersection with Langdon Road. The cemetery sits on a high bluff on the northeast corner of the intersection. We found only the one tall Rimbey spire and 4 smaller Rimbey stones standing. All of the other stones (most quite large) were found lying on the ground off their bases. It is impossible to determine where the church was located and nearly impossible to wade through the brush and briars in this long forgotten cemetery. There were several burials which we were unable to locate, although they might possibly be someplace beneath the thick brush, downed trees and limbs and the heavy covering of leaves.

We visited this cemetery and took the attached photos on April 23, 2008.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BLAKEMAN, Louisa 1 Dec 1858 2 Aug 1900 Wife of W.H. Blakeman
BLAKEMAN, Lula A. 18 Mar 1889 6 Jul 1890 Dau of W.H. & L. Blakeman
BUNCH, Fanny B. 21 Mar 1871 20 Oct 1900 Wife of P.S. Bunch
RIMBEY, Bertie W. 4 Dec 1888 10y2m Son of J.& N.J. Rimbey
RIMBEY, Charles H. 11 Feb 1904 59y5m13d Father
RIMBEY, Cynthia A. 1851 1921 His Wife (Wife of Charles H. Rimbey)
RIMBEY, E. B. 27 Dec 1892 19y7m
RIMBEY, E. W. (nothing but the name on what appears to be a footstone)
RIMBEY, Edgar 20 Feb 1873 1m18d Son of C.H. & C.A. Rimbey (No stone found)
RIMBEY, Edith 24 Jan 1873 20 Jun 1879 Dau of C.H. & C.A. Rimbey
RIMBEY, Frankie 15 Feb 1895 14m Son of J.Y. & M.A. Rimbey
RIMBEY, Grace 9 Apr 1882 5 Sep 1896 Dau of C.H. & C.A. Rimbey
RIMBEY, Jacob 16 Jun 1911 85y8m8d (from death records) (No stone found)
RIMBEY, Maud 18 Jul 1876 14 Jun 1879 Dau of C.H. & C.A. Rimbey
RIMBEY, Nancy Jane 15 Mar 1914 51y9m15d (from death records) (No stone found)
RIMBEY, Virginia Ilene 5 Nov 1917 23 Aug 1918 (from death records) (No stone found)
STORY, America 22 Jan 1834 24 Jan 1900 66y2d Mother
STORY, Bradford R. 22 Mar 1832 24 Sep 1903 71y6m2d Father
STORY, Joeabb 24 Sep 1855 19 Jun 1917 Father
STORY, Melissa J. 1 May 1867 (16 Aug 1936) His Wife (Wife of Joeabb Story)
STORY, Oren Shirley 27 Jul 1889 18 Jul 1891
STORY, Perrie Henry 6 Oct 1902 6 Oct 1902
WHITLOCK, Ellen Nov 1852 Jul 1896
WHITLOCK, John A. 8 May 1839 18 Feb 1902
WHITLOCK, Margaret E. 7 May 1849

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