Waverly East - Y -


Morgan County, Illinois



Cemetery inscriptions were read by Mrs. Ruth Ann Stewart during October, 1981. In addition to reading the grave markers, other burials have been gleaned from obituaries, cemetery records, records maintained by Mrs. Myra Martin and from material belonging to the Morgan Area G. & H. Society. I merged all of the burials (from cemetery records) without stones into the listing too. Additional date information (month and day) has been added where it was available. Although this information doesn't appear on the markers, I felt the additional data would facilitate ordering obituaries, death certificates, birth certificates, etc. Likewise, I've included maiden names where the information was available (but not included on markers) from my cemetery records. This data might help someone searching a particular surname without knowing who a female family member had married. I have obituaries for many of these burials and would be happy to supply same upon request. I'm also willing to take digital photographs of stones in this cemetery. Please be sure to identify exactly which stone(s) you wish as there are many names which are either the same or differ only in the middle name/initial. Shirley A. Aleguas

As with any transcribed records, errors could have been made and you are encouraged to document all sources, and to let me know about any errors so that I can correct the listing online.

Many thanks to Kellie Jackson for her diligence and hard work in re-typing the transcription so that it could be updated for the web page.

If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photograph of that individual's cemetery marker.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
YATES, Andrew Jackson 20 Dec 1927 (Burial date)
YETTER, Pearl (Hiler) Blundell 1894 20 Dec 1977
YOAKUM, Jasper A. 15 Jul 1930 22 Sep 2012
YORDY, Hollis W. 10 Oct 1917 9 Feb 2006
YORDY, Mildred E. (Winston) Blaeuer 19 Sep 1915 30 Apr 1993 (Wife of (1) Best Blaeuer (2) Hollis Yordy)
YOUNG, Pauline F.(Rouland) Casey 18 Feb 1986 (Burial date) (Wife of Thos. Casey)
YOUNG, Steven W. 21 Mar 1968 26 Sep 2012 (s/o Ralph & Anita Stone Young)
YOWELL, Lula (Keplinger) 1864 26 Sep 1889 (Wife of Geo. M. Yowell)
YOWELL, Mabel 19 Sep 1889 9m

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