Seymour Cemetery

NE 1/4 SW 1/4, Section 11, Twp. 13N, Range 9W
Morgan County, Illinois



An air of grandeur that is seldom found in a family cemetery marks this burial site. It is also one of the more difficult cemeteries to locate. The cemetery is on a point of land at the junction of two deep gullies. The third side of the cemetery and most logical point of entry is covered by thick brush, berry bushes and thorn trees (as is the cemetery itself). It is necessary to approach within a few yards before being able to see the cemetery, even though it has some tall and beautiful grave markers. About a dozen of the tombstones listed here were completely buried approximately four inches beneath the surface of the ground. They were dug out of the earth by John Philip Rochester on Jan. 12, 1972. Seymour Cemetery is a fifteen minute walk south of the nearest country road. This new and updated listing was completed by Earl Deatherage and Shirley A. Aleguas on 15 June 2004. If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photo of that individual's cemetery marker.
NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
ANDERTON, Freddie 19 Oct 1884 19 May 1892 7y7m Son of ?.W. & Lizzie Anderton
ANDERTON, Thomas 25 Sep 1877 88y3m (No stone found)
AUSTIN, Bobby 1 Jul 1873 11m13d Son of E. & N.J. Austin (No stone found)
AUSTIN, E. A. 14 Dec 1845 6 Aug 1887 41y7m22d
AUSTIN, Eli 19 Feb 1807 21 Feb 1890
AUSTIN, Eli 7 Apr 1899 55y5m3d (From death cert - no stone found)
AUSTIN, Elizabeth 25 Dec 1812 5 Jan 1889 Wife of Eli Austin
AUSTIN, Finis 2 Dec 1876 24y
AUSTIN, Infant 20 Aug 1870 14d Son of E. & N.J. Austin (No stone found)
AUSTIN, John 1837 1868
AUSTIN, John Sr. 15 Aug 1854 73y (No stone found)
AUSTIN, Margarett 6 Apr 1849 64y Wife of John Austin Sr.
AUSTIN, Nancy 13 Aug 1879 34y5m9d Wife of E. Austin
AUSTIN, Onias 20 Apr 1856 5y10m9d Son of E. & E. Austin (No stone found)
AUSTIN, Sarah 16 Feb 1831 20 Dec 1888
BURK, J. J. Co. H, 32nd Ill. Inf.
CHAMBERS, John 16 Aug 1898 106y7m Father
CHAMBERS, Nancy 27 Jan 1895 82y Wife of John Chambers; Mother
FLANAGAN, Mary (Sturgis) 18 Apr 1881 32y Wife of L.J. Flanagan
MANSFIELD, George B. 19 Jan 1862 9m23d Son of I.T. & S. Mansfield
REES, Susan (Seymour) 28 Mar 1889 30y3m22d Wife of C.E. Rees
SEYMORE, Burleigh F. 20 Oct 1878 6y8m21d Son of J. & E.P. Seymore
SEYMORE, Edwin I. 11 Sep 1856 1y5m27d Son of J.P. & M.A. Seymore
SEYMORE, Eleanor P. 17 Dec 1831 6 Feb 1909 His Wife (Wife of James Seymore)
SEYMORE, James 28 Apr 1832 6 Oct 1919
SEYMORE, Patsie 14 Feb 1897 41y4d Dau of J. & E.P. Seymore
SEYMOUR, Bird 28 Apr 1878 71y Father
SEYMOUR, Eli 28 Jun 1843 10m Son of B. & S. Seymour
SEYMOUR, Lucy Ann (Seymour) 18 Feb 1843 6 Jan 1895 His Wife (Wife of William Seymour); Mother
SEYMOUR, Luvina Dec 1847 11y3m Dau of B. & S. Seymour
SEYMOUR, Newton 14 Oct 1851 1y Son of B. & S. Seymour
SEYMOUR, Sarah 19 Aug 1892 83y6m5d Mother
SEYMOUR, Sarah (Sturgis) 3 Mar 1875 35y11m21d Wife of F.M. Seymour (On Sturgis stone)
SEYMOUR, William "Gideon" 26 Mar 1838 25 Dec 1910 Father
STURGIS, George W. 3 Jul 1847 1y6m3d Son of J. & N. Sturgis
STURGIS, James B. 7 Nov 1861 20y7m25d Son of J. & N. Sturgis
STURGIS, James B. 18 Mar 1867 72y3m8d
STURGIS, John R. 16 Apr 1896 79y8m25d
STURGIS, Mary 8 Aug 1853 61y1m18d Wife of J.B. Sturgis
STURGIS, Nancy 4 Jan 1881 64y8m24d Wife of J.R. Sturgis
STURGIS, Thomas I. 15 Dec 1849 12 Jul 1870 Son of J.R. & Nancy Sturgis
STURGIS, Thomas I. 19 Nov 1847 26y
STURGIS, William 9 Jul 1855 29y6m Son of J.B. & M. Sturgis
VANNOTE, Elizabeth (Austin) 10 Apr 1851 35y Wife of C. VanNote
WOOD, Martha M. 12 Jan 1883 19 Aug 1884 Dau of T.M. & M.H. Wood (No stone found)

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