Rucker Cemetery


NW 1/4 NE 1/4, Section 14, Twp. 16N, Range 10W



Literberry is within sight of this family cemetery. It is situated about a mile southeast of that village. Rucker Cemetery is very small, treeless, and fenced. It is situated directly beside a road (Benson Rd.) on the top of a steep bank beside a field. Click on a name in the listing to bring up a photograph of that individual's cemetery marker.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
RUCKER, Catharine F. 11 Nov 1872 23y7m22d Dau of P.W. & Sarah Rucker
RUCKER, Greenbery W. 1851 1902 Son of P.W. & S. Rucker
RUCKER, Herbert 1879 (16 Jul) 1879 2m20d Son of J.R. & S.F. Rucker
RUCKER, Horace E. 1880 1893 Son of G.W. & R.A. Rucker
RUCKER, John R. 1850 1901 Son of P.W. & S. Rucker
RUCKER, Presley H. 1854 1916
RUCKER, Ruth 1895 1895 Dau of G.W. & R.A. Rucker
RUCKER, Ruth A. 1854 1912 Wife of G. W. Rucker
RUCKER, Sarah 1814 1898 Wife of Presley W. Rucker
RUCKER, Sarah F. 1854 1919 Wife of J.R. Rucker

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