Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Morgan County, IL

SE1/4 NE1/4, Section 9, Twp. 15N, Range 11W




This well kept cemetery is located six miles northwest of the public square in Jacksonville, and 1/4 mile north of the highway between Jacksonville and Chapin. It is behind Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, which until about 1972 was Mt. Zion Methodist Church. Directly north of the cemetery is a man made pond.

UPDATE: As you can see from the photos I've included here, the above description of this cemetery has to have been written a good number of years ago. When Earl & I visited this cemetery on March 17, 2007, we found the church has been abandoned and is in the worst shape of any church building I've seen in years. Likewise, the cemetery has also obviously been abandoned. We were able to make our way into the cemetery with difficulty and found most of the stones down and buried. By probing we were able to find several new stones which hadn't been listed on the old listing and were unable to find a number of the burials which were on the old listing. Given the fact that we found more foot stones than headstones, I feel certain there are more burials in this small cemetery. With more time and probing, it may be possible to locate more stones. I also question the name given to this cemetery as Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery. If the church was a Methodist church prior to 1971, the cemetery should more properly be called the Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery since most of the burials we located were made long long before 1971.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
AUSMUS, Hannah A. (Holiday) 22 Apr 1871 33y3m Wife of Henry Ausmus
AUSMUS, Henry 9 Mar 1874 43y11m1d
BEAVERS, Thomas H. 31 Dec 1885 14d (From death certificate - no stone found)
BICKFORD, Cynthia 20 Aug 1858 29y Dau of A. C. Bickford (No stone found)
BLUNT, Mary Olive 21 Aug 1859 1 Aug 1924 Retired missionary (No stone found)
BRAMHAM, George 25 Aug 1901 62y9m22d
BRAMHAM, Ida May 15 Jun 1868 15 Oct 1898 Dau of George & Mary Bramham
BRAMHAM, Mary (Thompson) 22 Feb 1905 72y5m His Wife (Wife of George Bramham)
BUCHANAN, Fannie Austin 8 Jun 1865 9y5m11d Dau of J.W. & S.F.J. Buchanan
CARTER, Anna B. 3 Sep 1874 15y1m13d Dau of S.B. & J. C. Carter
CARTER, Elizabeth Jane (Armstrong) (24 Jan) 1833 (11 May) 1914 (No stone found)
CARTER, S. B. 1831 1891 (No stone found)
DEATON, Martha J. 23 Jul 1963 32y9m Wife of G.W. Deaton (No stone found)
GROSSMAN, Lyman 27 Aug 1875 28y6m8d
GROSSMAN, Mary N. 29 Jul 1910 19 Jul 1896
GROSSMAN, Nelson 21 Jun 1856 52y
HENRY, John W. 8 Jul 1854 34y2m20d
HOLIDAY, James 9 Dec 1855 69y11m19d Consort of Eleanor Holiday
HUGHES, Sarah H. 23 Apr 1879 39y11m20d (No stone found)
JOHNSON, Elizabeth J. 1 Apr 1853 9m24d Dau of C. & M. Johnson
KENNEDY, Elizia 15 Dec 1873 20 Oct 1876 Dau of G.W. & S.M. Kennedy
KENNEDY, Hettie B. 29 Oct 1871 1 Oct 1873 Dau of G.W. & S.M. Kennedy
KENNEDY, John W. 6 Jun 1872 7 Aug 1873 Son of G.W. & S.M. Kennedy
LAMB, Hannah 16 Feb 1859 63/5y10m15d Wife of Pierce Lamb
LAMB, James H. 23 Mar 1846 22y9m67d
LAMB, John P. 9 Sep 1852 12y6d Son of J.& C. Lamb
LEAKE, Anna 21 Feb 1819 14 Feb 1887 67y11m23d Wife of John C. Leake
LEAKE, John C. 27 Nov 1819 4 Jul 1893 73y7m7d
LEEDS, Charles W. 15 Sep 1857 2m23d Son of A. & S. Leeds (No stone found)
LEEDS, Marium 19 Mar 1851 38y Wife of Absalom Leeds (No stone found)
LEEDS, Martha A. 23 May 1855 28d Dau of A. & S. Leeds
LEEDS, Rhoda 6 May 1856 3d Dau of A. & S. Leeds
LITER, Mary E. 20 Sep 1866 22y Wife of Abraham Liter
LITER, May 22 Sep 1886 21d (No stone found)
MARKHAM, Ann 25 Sep 1858 62y Wife of Edward Markham
MARKHAM, Edward 21 Feb 1849 58y
MASTERS, Martha H. (Willard) 6 Oct 1824 16 Feb 1852 27y4m10d Wife of H.C. Masters
MASTERS, Mary E. 9 Jan 1850 3m19d Dau of H.C. & M.H. Masters (No stone found)
RATLIFF, Patience 27 Feb 1866 63y4m21d Wife of Wm. J. Ratliff
ROBINSON, Henry C. 16 Dec 1842 9 Aug 1915 (No stone found)
ROBINSON, Mary Emma 1 Oct 1858 His Wife (Wife of Henry C. Robinson) (No stone found)
ROGERS, Emerson V. 29 Mar 1831 3 Jul 1894
ROGERS, Sarah P. 28 Feb 1831 23 Feb 1906
SARGENT, Annie Laurie 29 Sep 1865 1y3m10d Dau of Charles & Harriet Sargent
SARGENT, Augustus A. 6 Sep 1858 1m28d Son of W. & M. Sargent
SARGENT, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1834 1y26d Dau of W.L. & M. Sargent (No stone found)
SARGENT, Frances Isabel 14 Aug 1855 1y21d Dau of Charles & Melinda Sargent
SARGENT, Infant 15 Nov 1859 3hr Son of W. & M. Sargent (No stone found)
SARGENT, James C. 16 Mar 1842 6y10d Son of W.L. & M. Sargent
SARGENT, Melinda 8 Sep 1865 64y Wife of W.L. Sargent
SENTENEY, Albert 28 Aug 1852 1y10m Son of R.D. & J. Senteney
SENTENEY, Melissa 13 Oct 1846 1y1m5d Dau of T.J. & A. Senteney
SENTENEY, Minnie Carter 10 Jan 1862 21 Jul 1909 Wife of C. H. Senteney
SNOW, Alice B. 28 Aug 1851 66y10m15d
STEPHENSON, Cyrus Ilbert 1880 1903
STEPHENSON, Fanny (Leake) 3 May 1851 23 Jul 1886 35y3m22d Wife of George Stephenson
STEPHENSON, George (3 Nov) 1841 (15 Apr) 1928
STEPHENSON, Louis M. 1878 1881 2y9m18d Son of G. & F. Stephenson
STOUT, Albert R. 10 Sep 1856 22 Oct 1935
STOUT, Mary E. (Park) 10 Mar 1861 19 Mar 1915 His Wife (Wife of Albert R. Stout)
STOUT, Mary Jane 19 Nov 1857 4y6m26d Dau of J. & F. Stout (No stone found)
WALKER, Lyman 19 Dec 1852 4y6m4d Son of W.R. & E. Walker
WINGET, Arista J. 19 Jan 1853 28d Dau of E.V. & E.M.A. Winget

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