Mathews Cemetery

Mathews Cemetery

E 1/2 SE1/4, Section 4, Township 15N, Range 9W
Morgan County, Illinois
Mathews Cemetery Markers in Antioch Cemetery

An early township burying ground. Because of the devastation of time, wild animals and modern farming methods, the remaining tombstones in this ruined cemetery known as Mathews Cemetery were moved to Antioch Cemetery, about 1 1/4 miles south. Because of their deterioration, the burials were left where they were, in a cultivated field about 7 miles northeast of downtown Jacksonville. The deed for Mathews Cemetery is found in the Morgan County Clerk's office in Deed Record Book NN, page 338. Samuel T. Mathews and Sarah A., his wife, quit claimed the land to the Trustees of Schools in the Township, for the use of a burial ground for the inhabitants of said Township. Anyone interested in Mathews family history may also refer to the burials listed in Greenwood or Crum Cemetery for persons with identical names as some of the people buried in Mathews Cemetery. Some of the bodies may have been moved to other cemeteries, as has been the custom many times.

Earl Deatherage and I visited Antioch Cemetery on October 25 and 26, 2005 to update the Antioch listing and take photographs of the stones in that cemetery. While taking the photographs we discovered the Mathews and Salley tombstones laid out and almost totally covered by dirt and grass along the back or north side of Antioch Cemetery next to the fence. We uncovered all of the stones and photographed them - I've included the photographs both here and in the Antioch listing. There was one very large spire which had fallen over right next to the old Mathews Cemetery tombstones - it may also be a stone which was moved from this cemetery. Unfortunately because of the size and weight of the stone and the fact that it fell what must be face down (since we couldn't find any inscription on the other three sides), we were unable to transcribe any information from that fallen spire. Nearly all of the stones are broken, but it appears that nearly all of the pieces were recovered, moved and placed together with the foot stones in one long line (see photograph above).

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
ADAMS, Elijah prior to 1872 over 80y (No stone found for this entry)
MATHEWS, Elizabeth P. 5 Jan 1865 32y11m4d Wife of R. Mathews
MATHEWS, Frances B. (Redmon) 4 Aug 1833 19y1m5d Wife of Cyrus Mathews - (Note)
MATHEWS, Infant 1 May 1856 Inf Dau of R. & M.J. Mathews
MATHEWS, John R. 30 Sep 1846 15d Son of R. & M.S. Mathews
MATHEWS, Mamie - (Obit) 24 Apr 1880 2y (Inf child of John Mathews)
MATHEWS, Margaret S. (Layton) 24 Sep 1846 25y2m19d Wife of Richard Mathews
MATHEWS, Margaret W. 19 Mar 1829 21y
MATHEWS, Mary J. (Babb) 10 Jun 1856 Wife of R. Mathews
MATHEWS, Miranda F. Dau of R. & M.J. Mathews
MATHEWS, Richard - (Note) 7 Aug 1833 57y11m19d
MATHEWS, Richard - (Note) 5 Dec 1815 22 May 1878 62y5m17d Born Greene Co., Ky. (No stone found)
MATHEWS, Samuel T. -(Note) 21 Jan 1799 23 Jun 1875 (No stone found)
MATHEWS, Sarah - (Note) 9 Apr 1854 81y5m19d Wife of R. Mathews
MATHEWS, William B. 24 Mar 1868 Son of R. & M.J. Mathews
SALLEY, Elijah 8 Aug 1852 20y Son of J. & M. Salley
SALLEY, Margery 20 Jan 1854 56y6m19d Wife of John Salley
UNKNOWN 20 Jul 18?? 24y11m20d

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