Little York Cemetery

Little York Cemetery

SW1/4 SE1/4, Section 22, Township 14N, Range 8W
Morgan County, Illinois


This small cemetery was located northwest of Waverly, Morgan County, Illinois. It was situated just north of the Little York Methodist Church. Some stones were standing in the 1950s, but cattle and people have destroyed it. Many early Morgan County pioneers are buried here. On April 13, 1975, Mr. & Mrs. Guy W. Martin and Reuben Bates Jr. visited the cemetery and uncovered some of the stones. Those and some other known burials are included in the following list.

On October 29, 2005, Earl Deatherage and I visited this small point of land between 2 creeks to see if we could find any of the stones or remnants of stones. Two hours of walking and probing unearthed those stones whose photographs are included below. If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photograph of that individual's cemetery marker.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
BEASLEY, G. H. 6 Jun 1858 24y11m18d
BEASLEY, Harriet E. 26 Aug 1854 1y2m15d Dau of J.H. & M.A. Beasley
BEASLEY, Henry Son of W. & M. Beasley
BEASLEY, J. Clark 1 Sep 1854 1y6m13d Son of W. & M. Beasley
BEASLEY, James 15 Aug 1854 61y9m27d
BEASLEY, Matilda A. 7 Aug 1854 23y8m19d Wife of J.H. Beasley
BEASLEY, Unknown 9 Sep 1854 34y2m2d Wife of W. Beasley
HAM, Amos
HAM, Lucy M. 23 Jan 1868 28y Wife of A. D. Ham
HUNTLEY, Charles F. 24 Dec 1843 2y
HUNTLEY, Roxena C. 3 Oct 1850 1y11m "Lovely in Life Ye are embraced in Death"
HUNTLEY, Sarah E. 13 Sep 1838 13m
KENNEDY, Joel T. 29 Feb 1844 11 Mar 1844 Son of S. & A. Kennedy
LANKTON, Unknown
MCCULLOUGH, Nancy 4 May 1868 58y Wife of B. E. McCullough
MINER, Alfred S. 19 May 1829 ca 1850 Son of Franklin Miner
MINER, Amos (10 Nov 1776) 2 Jun 1842 (His stone is now in Waverly East Cem.)
MINER, Amos Jr. 1817 1839
MINER, Emma Ann 18 Aug 1855 2y3d Dau of A.S. & M.J. Miner
MINER, Franklin 7 Jun 1801 10 Nov 1843 (Married Thankful Greaves, she d. 1 Mar 1876)
MINER, Josephine 26 Sep 1857 5y5m22d Dau of B.G. & E. Miner
MINER, Loren 4 Sep 1832 23 Mar 1839 Son of F. & T. Miner
MINER, Mathew 23 Apr 1825 30 Sep 1842 17y5m16d Son of F. & T. Miner
MINER, Phebe (Hamlin) 20 Sep 1838 59y Wife of Amos Miner (We found her footstone)
MINER, Samuel F. 18 Aug 1852 15m13d Son of A.S. & M.J. Miner
MINER, Sarah A. 30 Aug 1843 11m19d Dau of E. & R. Miner
MINER, Unknown 22 Mar 1853 2m21d Son of E. & R. Miner
MINER, Unknown 9m19d
MORTON, Mildred Crawley 12 Mar 1858 64y4m15d Wife of Wm. Morton
NICHOLS, Unknown (Descendant said some were buried at Little York)
RYNDERS, Sarah (Miner) 25/7 Aug 1805 (Married to Andrew Rynders in 1822 - he mar. 5 times)
SMITH, Fanny M. Child of Orrin & P. Smith
SMITH, John Child of Orrin & P. Smith
SMITH, Phebe Child of Orrin & P. Smith
UNKNOWN 21 Sep 1852
UNKNOWN, Child 3y6m
UNKNOWN, Child 23 Aug 1845 9m19d
WALKER, John E. 27 Oct 1853 19y11m14d Son of G. & M. Walker
FOOTSTONES: A.M., J.C.B., C.H.B., H.E.B., H.E.B., P.M., P.S., J.E.W., M.S.

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