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EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!    ***** LOOK AT IT IN 2004!




The Young Man who coordinated the work, Tyler Pahlman



The adjective "terrible" didn't begin to describe the condition this cemetery was in when I visited on April 20, 2001. I felt sure it would have been a beautiful cemetery in years past. During my trip in 2001, it was almost impossible to walk through and to take pictures. There are many huge and ornate stones in this cemetery - most were down and nearly buried with dirt, weeds and brush. The briars were thick and there were dozens of fallen limbs throughout the cemetery. It was nearly impossible to reach some of the stones. The location of the cemetery would have been both peaceful and beautiful when in use and maintained. It is situated on top of a hill with a creek running diagonally through the cemetery. The cemetery is very old with most burials dating from the early to mid 1800s - there only a few stones from the early 1900s. The grass in the northern end of the cemetery was so tall, it was impossible to see whether there were additional stones located in that section.

Little did I guess then that some wonderful "angel" (Tyler Pahlman) would decide to clean up this cemetery for his Eagle Scout badge. He obviously had many adult volunteers to help him, but he was the coordinator and without him to pick this project, the wonderful transformation which has taken place here in this long forgotten cemetery would never have taken occurred. I can't wait to go back for a return visit to the cemetery to see how wonderfully it has been transformed - who knows, perhaps I'll find more of the burials listed here without photos. There is no way to properly thank everyone who was involved in this tremendous project for all of the time and work they spent during the spring and summer weeks in 2004, the words seem inadequate, but thank you, thank you thank you - each and every one of you. My thanks to Samuel & Shirley Murphey (Samuel is the great grandson of Richard & Martha Dobson) for taking the work photos shown above and to Phil Gentry and to Frank Wild for sending them on to me so I could see the work as it progressed and to share them with Morgan County researchers.

Unfortunately I waited too long for my return visit. When I originally visited the cemetery, I used a regular camera and no chalk so when looking at the photographs I took it was difficult or impossible to make out the original inscription. Earl and I revisited this cemetery during October and Novemer 2007 in order to retake photographs. I was dismayed to see that the cemetery had been allowed to fall back in to the state it had been in prior to the cleanup. It is again extremely difficult to find stones because of the high weeds, grass, briars and downed trees and tree limbs. This time we found stones I hadn't found before and which hadn't seen the light of day for many many years - some of them were totally buried up to 8 or 9 inches under the dirt and grass. There are, no doubt, more stones we haven't found, but it is just impossible to get around easily in the cemetery again. Hopefully someone will get a group together to clean it up again (I'll have time to volunteer this time) and then undertake keeping it mowed at least a couple of times each year.

The following description comes from the original reading I used to create this listing "This cemetery is covered by dense brush and trees for the most part, but the south and west portions are covered with tall grass. There are rough fieldstones being used as grave markers and very very old sandstone markers which have flaked away, and numerous foot stones for which no headstones can be found to mark the same graves." It is easy to see that this reading/description was completed years ago as it would have taken many years for the cemetery to reach the condition it is in today.

It is reasonably easy to find this cemetery, and it is marked on some county maps and plat books. To find Lewis Cemetery, begin by driving to the Memorial Lawn Cemetery caretaker's house, and drive west on the road commonly known as the "Old Airport Road". At the end of one mile the road makes an abrupt turn to the south. Drive southward until you reach the second road westward. Turn west on this road and you will see, six-tenths of a mile in front of you, a large cluster of trees and brush on a hill, which is the site of Lewis Cemetery. Another way to reach the cemetery: From IL 267 turn west on the Lynnville Road, drive about 1 mile to Sheehan Road and turn right (north), drive 1.5 miles to Lawless Road and turn left (west - the only direction you can turn here). There is a sign just after you turn which indicates that the road is a dead end. Drive to the point where it makes a sharp turn to the left - the clump of trees you see off to your right atop a small hill is the cemetery location. Located in the area known as the Upper Buckhorn neighborhood, the legal description of Lewis Cemetery is in the southwest quarter of Section 18, of Township 14 N, Range 10W. The cemetery is approximately midway between Lynnville and Woodson.

This cemetery is on private property and you should obtain permission to visit the cemetery.

If you have additional information/photos or obituaries which you would like to share, you may contact me, Shirley A. Aleguas - will gladly add the additional data.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
ANGELO, Albert B. 13 Sep 1864 11m 9d Son of Wm. & Charlotte Angelo (No stone found)
ANGELO, Alice E. 28 Aug 1879 16y 5m 14d Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
ANGELO, Benjamin H. - (Obit) 1 Jan 1820 20 Feb 1896 (No Stone Found)
ANGELO, Benjamin M. 4 Dec 1847 9y 9m 2d Son of B. & R. Angelo
ANGELO, C. A. (footstone - couldn't find head stone)
ANGELO, Child 10 May 1862 Child of O. & E. Angelo
ANGELO, Daniel F. 18 Dec 1862 35y5m21d
ANGELO, David J. 12 Apr 1863 27y 1m 1d Died @ Corinth, MS 122nd IL Inf.; S/o John & Eliz. Angelo
ANGELO, Elizabeth (Jackson) 3 Mar 1810 16 Sep 1848 38y6m Wife of John & Dau of David Jackson
ANGELO, Ellen 16 Apr 1867 2y 1m 27d Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
ANGELO, Girta M. 4 Mar 1874 4d Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
ANGELO, Henry - (Obit) 29 Jan 1849 27 Feb 1911 (no stone found)
ANGELO, Hiram T. 3 Jan 1847 4y 3m 18d Son of S.W. & R. Angelo
ANGELO, Infant 17 Aug 1878 Stillborn s/o H. & Sarah James Angelo (no stone)
ANGELO, Isom 15 Jul 1879 1y 5m 16d Son of C. Angelo
ANGELO, James 18 Dec 1866 94y 11m 1d
ANGELO, John - (Obit) 15 Jun 1885 84y 8m
ANGELO, Laura I. 27 Oct 1872 3y3m Dau of E.R. & S.E. Angelo
ANGELO, Lavinia 1 Sep 1835 7y 11m 10d Dau of B. & R. Angelo
ANGELO, Lucy (MacDowell) 26 Jan 1862 73y 9m 10d Wife of James Angelo
ANGELO, Mary J. 13 Feb 1872 39y Wife of John Angelo - Dau of R. & E. Morrison
ANGELO, Rebecca 29 Sep 1866 66y 8m 23d Wife of Benjamin Angelo
ANGELO, Sidney 12 Jul 1856 3m And his 2 little sisters, Children of John & Mary Jane Angelo
ANGELO, Thomas B. 16 Apr 1860 19y 2m 4d Son of B. & R. Angelo
ANGELO, Troy 17 Aug 1878 Son of W.H. & L.S. Angelo (no stone found)
ANGELO, William H. (16 Jun 1910) (88y11m) Co, K 154th Ill, Inf.
ANGELLOW, Andrew J. 7 Apr 1849 25y 8m Son of James & Lucy Angellow
ANGELOW, Benjamin 5 Apr 1857 63y 9m 7d
ANGELOW, Christene 14 Sep 1839 39y 2m 19d Wife of O. Angelow
ANGELOW, Harriot S. 24 Aug 1855 6m 25d Dau of I. & M. Angelow
ANGELOW, Lenard 17 Aug 1857 10m 2d Son of I. & M. Angelow
ANGELOW, Martha E. 5 Mar 1854 1y 8m Dau of J. & S.J. Angelow
ANGELOW, Nancy Lullah 31 Oct 1856 2y 8m 23d Dau of D.R. & M. Angelow
BERRY, Cyrus 2 Apr 1847 24y 1m 24d
BUCKLEY, Ann 12 Apr 1862 83y Mother of Maria Scholfield
CHALLANS, Elizabeth 27 Jan 1866 Wife of Wm. Challans
CHALLANS, Rebecca 18 Mar 1853 24y Wife of Wm. Challans
DOBSON, Daniel M. 15 Dec 1879 2y 7m 28d Son of R. & M.J. Dobson
DOBSON, Martha J. (Kelly) 8 Oct 1844 1 Jun 1926 Wife of Richard Dobson
DOBSON, Richard 30 Oct 1830 6 Sep 1901
DOBSON, Thomas 21 Dec 1865 2y 10m 15d Son of R. & M.J. Dobson
DONALD, William 20 Aug 1863 51y 6m 7d
DOOLIN, Infant 25 Dec 1878 Dau of W. & M. Doolin
DUCKWORTH, Harriet Ann 4 Dec 1863 5y 10m 2d Dau of M.G. & J.E. Duckworth (No stone found)
DUCKWORTH, Mary L. 9 Apr 1865 3y 7m 3d Dau of M.G. & J.E. Duckworth (No stone found)
ELMORE, Marion Russell 22 Jun 1913 2 Nov 1913 (No Stone) Son of Edw. & Minnie Thompson Elmore
FINCH, John T. - (Obit) 3 Dec 1878 24y 9m
FINCH, Sallie (Smith) 20 Jan 1886 32y Wife of John Finch (No stone found)
GENTRY, James M. - (Obit) 2 Oct 1888 79y 11m 5d
GENTRY, Jane (Elliott) 22 Jan 1880 79y 10m 22d Wife of James M. Gentry
GENTRY, Mary Jane 3 Sep 1836 2y 11m 5d Dau of J.M. & J. Gentry
GENTRY, William O. 23 Jan 1862 3y 5m 4d Son of T.E. & E. Gentry
GRANT, James C. 5 Aug 1892 4m 1d (No Stone Found)
GRANT, Mrs. Mary E. 25 Apr 1879 53y (No Stone Found)
GRIMSLEY, Elija 3 Jun 1835 32y 26d
GRIMSLEY, James 24 Dec 1831 4y 1m 21d Son of E. & S. Grimsley
GRIMSLEY, Jane 24 Apr 1838 19y 27d d/o John & Dulcena Smith; (w/o Wm. Grimsley)
GRIMSLEY, Louisa 29 Mar 1848 13y 10m 25d Dau of E. & S. Grimsley
GRIMSLEY, Pheba J. 12 Apr 1857 4y 2m 23d Dau of W. & W. Grimsley
HAIRGROVE, Pearl 1881 (13 Jul) 1883
HALL, George J. 31 Aug 1854 1m 17d Son of J.J. & H. Hall
HALL, Harriet 18 Jul 1854 14y 10m Wife of J.J. Hall
HALL, Mary Ann 4 Jul 1883 43y 9m (No Stone Found - from Death Cert)
HAMMEL, Isaac R. - (Obit) 28 Jul 1878 42y 6m 19d
HAMMEL, Peter E. 21 Jan 1859 4y 4m 21d Son of J.O. & H.B. Hammel
HAMMEL, Sarah 21 Jul 1882 61y 7m 25d Wife of Isaac R. Hammel
HANEY, Alden 16 Jul 1878 79y 10m 5d Soldier of the War of 1812
HARFORD, John Earl 15 Oct 1888 49y 29d (No Stone - from death cert) Born @ Jonesboro, Ark
HARVEY, Elvis Lewis 30 Dec 1911 6 Jan 1912 (No Stone) Son Lewis & Emma Lewis Harvey.
HATCHER, Elizabeth 4 May 1862 63y 18d Wife of Richard Hatcher
HATCHER, Richard 29 Nov 1863 69y 10m 4d
HATCHER, Richard 31 Oct 1863 31y 2m 10d (no stone found)
HEDGER, Joseph B. 15 Sep 1855 9y11m9d Son of T. & J. Hedger
HEISEY/HEINEY, Elizabeth/Edith 20/25 Jul 1895 7m 28d (No Stone Found)
HENDERSON, Wesley 17 Oct 1831 36y3m12d
HENRY, John W. 7 Aug 1858 3m4d Son of G.B. & V.F. Henry
HENRY, Lucilla M. 28 Jan 1857 22y9m17d Wife of J.W. Henry
HENRY, Richard Jun 1876 (No Stone Found)
HESTER, Eliza Ann 19 Mar 1881 19y (No Stone Found - from death cert)
JOHNSON, Amanda (Gentry) 10 Sep 1815 19 Jan 1847 24y 7m 27d Wife of C. P. Johnson (Dau of J.M. Gentry)
JOHNSON, Benjamin 18 Mar 1861 69y 3m
JOHNSON, Benjamin F. 1 Mar 1854 5y 4m 23d Son of H.L. & N. Johnson
JOHNSON, Benjamin F. 30 Dec 1849 13y 9m Son of B. & M. Johnson
JOHNSON, Benjamin T. 4 Jan 1859 2y4m4d Son of A.J. & J. Johnson
JOHNSON, Infant Jan 1866 Dau of D. & S. Johnson
JOHNSON, Infant Jun 1869 Dau of D. & S. Johnson
JOHNSON, Infant Sept 1861 Son of D. & S. John
JOHNSON, James K. P. 5 Mar 1844 4m 24d Son of H.L. & N. Johnson
JOHNSON, Jasper E. 10 Mar 1853 1y 1m 22d Son of A.J. & J. Johnson
JOHNSON, Josephine I. 10 Mar 1866 1y 2m 23d Dau of Jonas & Martha Johnson (No stone found)
JOHNSON, Laura L. 28 Mar 1865 1y 6m 13d Dau of Jonas M. & Martha Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary 4 Jul 1872 72y 6m 8d Wife of Elder Benjamin Johnson
JOHNSON, Nancy 6 Dec 1867 43y 7m 4d Wife of H.L. Johnson
JOHNSON, Zacarry T. 8 Sep 1847 5y 4m 23d Son of H.L. & N. Johnson
KELLEY, Daniel 11 Sep 1874 75y3m7d
KELLY, Silas Co A 61st Ill. Inf.
KILLAM, Infant 3 Sep 1915 3 Sep 1915 Dau of John S. & Gertrude K - (No Stone - death cert)
LAZENBY, John 6 Jun 1906 75y 1m 6d (No Stone Found - from death cert)
LEWIS, Catherine - (Obit) 27 Jun 1879 74y (No Stone Found)
LEWIS, David - (Obit) 29 Dec 1876 61y 9m 23d
LEWIS, Eleanor - (Obit) 4 Aug 1879 75y 3m 29d
LEWIS, Eliza J. - (Obit) 26 May 1879 30y 6m 29d Wife of T.M. Lewis
LEWIS, Infant ?? Apr 1836 Inf of ?.?. & L.L.? Lewis
LEWIS, John Cyrus 14 Mar 1866 25y 4m Son of D. & E. Lewis
LEWIS, Laura E. 25 Feb 1879 25y 10m 17d Wife of S.T. Lewis
LEWIS, Milton N. 21 May 1850 20y 8m 12d
LEWIS, Minnie 10 Jul 1870 1y 5m 10d Dau of T.M. & E.J. Lewis
LEWIS, Thomas Milton - (Obit) 28 Dec 1846 16 Nov 1910 (No Stone Found)
F.M.L. (A large stone on Lewis lot with no other subscription)
W.D.L. (A stone on Lewis lot with no other subscription)
LUCE, Nellie Maud (Lewis) W/o Link H. Luce - d/o Thos. M. Lewis (No stone found)
LYNN, James - (News Item) 30 May 1883 76y1m19d
LYNN, Lucinda 31 Dec 1812 25 Apr 1894 (On same stone with James Lynn)
MARSHALL, Mary Caroline 25 Mar 1890 67y (No Stone Found)
MARSHALL, Michael 5 Oct 1883 64y 7m 5d
MCALISTER, Bartlet S. 28 May 1775 17 Dec 1848 73y 6m 19d
MCALISTER, David 27 Jul 1862 27y 10m 6d (no stone found)
MCALISTER, Lucy J. 7 Apr 1847 2y 6m 20d Dau of J.W. & S.A. McAlister
MCCALISTER, Lucy M. 23 Sep 1861 20 Apr 1864 Dau of J.W. & Lucy Ann Henry McAlister
MCCALISTER, Sarah A. Patterson 4 May 1851 24y Wife of J.W. McCalister
MCCOY, Nelley - (Obit) 13 Jul 1872 (No Stone Found - fm Coroner's record book)
MILLER, Benjamin - (Obit) 22 May 1891 70y 6m 29d
MILLER, Daughter 1 Jun 1852 Dau of Daniel & Catherine Miller
MILLER, Deborah 25 Apr 1859 62y 20d Wife of Jacob Miller
MILLER, Edward 14 Oct 1867 10m 6d Son of G.W. & M.A. Miller
MILLER, Emily 3 Jan 1876 40y 13d
MILLER, George W. 13 Mar 1857 11m11d Son of J.W. & M.A. Miller
MILLER, Harriet 15 Apr 1862 6m 17d Dau of G.W. & M.A. Miller
MILLER, J. (very old sandstone with no other inscription)
MILLER, Infant 25 Dec 1858 Dau of Wm. J. & Emily Miller
MILLER, Infant 5 Oct 1862 Son of Wm. J. & Emily Miller
MILLER, Jacob 13 Jul 1870 75y 27d
MILLER, Martha A. 4 Nov 1860 2m 4d Dau of G.W. & M.A. Miller
MILLER, Mary J. 20 Oct 1855 6m 18d Dau of D. & C. Miller
MORRISON, William 16 Sep 1855 61y 5m 8d
NORTHCUT, John 7 Sep 1834 30y 2m
OFFICER, Sarah 8 Dec 1863 68y11m Wife of Wm. Officer
OFFICER, William 1847 59y (May be 2nd stone for following entry)
OFFICER, William 9 May 1847 59y 17d
PEARY, Elizabeth 9 Sep 1840 76y Wife of J. Peary (No stone found)
POINTS, Artemicia 23 Aug 1876 26y 2m 6d Wife of F.M. Points
RANSON, Edith Aileen 24 Aug 1912 30 Jan 1913 (No Stone Found - from Death Cert)
RAY, Abram 14 Nov 1838 10 Mar 1854 15y 3m 26d Son of Wm. & Mary Ann Ray - b. Lynnville, IL
REAUGH, Maria 1844 40y Wife of R. Reaugh
REDMAN, Samuel T. 11 May 1857 21y 5m 5d
REYNOLDS, Elijah 26 Jul 1865 18y 5m 18d
ROGERS, Charles L. 6 Sep 1877 16y 9m 9d
ROGERS, Isaac 4 Mar 1862 26y 3m
ROGERS, Lucinda 15 Jun 1862 27y 3m 13d Wife of I. Rogers
SCHOLFIELD, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1862 14y 2m Dau of James & Maria Scholfield
SCHOLFIELD, Elizabeth A. 10 Sep 1859 Dau of Thomas & E. Scholfield
SCHOLFIELD, James 8 Jul 1807 27 Dec 1873 66y 5m 19d Born in Rochdale, Eng.
SCHOLFIELD, James H. 3 Oct 1859 7wks 2d Son of Thomas & E. Scholfield
SCHOLFIELD, Maria 20 Oct 1855 44y 8m Beloved wife of James Scholfield
SELF, E. S. (footstone, next to grave of Mary J. Self)
SELF, Mary J. Henry 2 Jan 1877 32y 6m 30d Wife of J.E. Self
SELF, Mary J. 1 Jan 1861 3m 20d Dau of T.M. & S.F. Self
SELF, Unknown Dau. of James - (Obit) 22 Jun 1883 7y (May be the E.S. Self from footstone above)
SMITH, Amanda M. 6 Feb 1844 27y 1m 25d Wife of James P. Smith
SMITH, Dulcena - (Obit) 17 Jun 1793 29 Aug 1871 78y 2m 12d Wife of John Smith - Married 15 Feb 1816
SMITH, Elizabeth 23 Apr 1860 13y 1m Dau of G.W. & S.E. Smith
SMITH, George W. 12 Aug 1891 70y 5m 4d
SMITH, George W. 4 Mar 1880 4y 3m 21d Son of G.M. & M. Smith
SMITH, James P. 11 Jul 1844 38y 5m 29d
SMITH, James W. 14 Oct 1865 19y 8m 26d Son of G.W. & S. Smith
SMITH, John - (Obit) 25 Oct 1875 85y 22d
SMITH, Samuel B. 12 Jan 1884 59y 1m 22d
SMITH, Sarah A. 8 Jan 1826 3 Jul 1891 (Toppled spire beside John Smith)
SMITH, Sarah 14 Sep 1865 25y 4m 26d Wife of G.W. Smith
SMITH, Seli E. 24 Mar 1863 36y 4m 19d Wife of G.W. Smith
SMITH, Thomas B. 21 Aug 1864 7m 10d Son of J.R. & L. Smith
SNELLEN, Aquilla 21 Mar 1852 39y 9m 20d
SNELLEN, Elizabeth 8 Nov 1863 56y 9m 7d Wife of A. Snellen
SORRELS, Georgiana Finch - (Obit) 27 Nov 1846 4 Dec 1898 52y w/o David H. Sorrells (No stone found)
SORRELS, Hiram 27 May 1887 82y 2m 15d
SORRELS, Jennette 4 Jul 1839 19 May 1877 37y8m15d Wife of Harvey Sorrels
SORRELS, Mahala 5 Oct 1865 64y 6m 1d Wife of Hiram Sorrels
SORRELS, Maudie E. 24 Jun 1879 4m 24d Dau of J. & L.H. Sorrels
SORRELS, Milton F. 7 Sep 1869 9y 1m 22d Son of H. & J. Sorrels
SORRELS, Peter - (Obit) 26 Jan 1827 23 Apr 1883 56y 2m 27d Co. F 33rd Ill. Inf.
SORRELS, Sarah A. 14 Mar 1864 33y 7m 6d Wife of Peter Sorrels
SORRELS, Sissie Belle 4 Apr 1874 12y 2m 5d Dau of Harvey & Jennett Sorrels (No stone found)
SORRELS, Thomas 25 Dec 1863 78y 8m 24d
SORRELS, William A. 9 Aug 1855 20y 6m 11d Son of H. & M. Sorrels
STICE, Infant 13 Nov 1849 10m 17d Dau of S.F. & L.L. Stice (No stone found)
STICE, Sarah E. 13 Nov 1849 10m 27d Dau of J.E. & P. Stice
STILWELL, Frances C. 21 Jan 1873 51y5m21d Wife of Jacob Stilwell
STILWELL, Henry-(NewsItem) 4 Apr 1887 26y 4m (No Stone Found - from death cert)
STILWELL, John A. 12 Feb 1854 5y Son of J. & F.C. Stilwell
SUTTER, Martin 20 Apr 1810 16 Feb 1881 70y 10m 26d
SWITZER, Troy 1898 (no stone found)
WATTS, William J. - (Obit) (No Stone Found - moved to Diamond Grove Cem)
WESTROPE, William P. 28 Feb 1859 45y 5d

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