Leeper Retreat Cemetery

Leeper Cemetery

Section 28, Township 15N, Range 10W
Morgan County, Illinois

The only known evidence of the former existence of this farm cemetery is two news stories in the Jacksonville Daily Journals of May 11 and 16, 1877. (John Power of the Jacksonville Journal, discovered the items while researching old newspapers for his column "A Glance Into the Past".) The cemetery was situated in Section 28, near the waterworks in the southeast part of Jacksonville. It is not possible to pinpoint the cemetery's site any closer. Land records at the Morgan County Court House show that John Leeper and his wife, Fidillas, bought land in Section 28 from William G. Abram as early as Apryl 16, 1827. On Oct. 13, 1828, John Leeper bought part of the southwest quarter of section 28 from Zachariah Gibbons.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
ALLEN, Jesse Moved to Jacksonville East Cem. in 1857.
ALLEN, Sophia Wife of Jesse Allen; mvd to East Cem. in 1857.
DALE, Polly (See linked stories)
LEEPER, Unknown
MCKAY, Timiora Grandaughter of Jesse & Sophia Allen, mvd in 1857

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