Jones Cemetery

Jones Cemetery

N 1/2 SW 1.4 Section 18, Township 13 N, Range 8 W.

Now used as a pasture for cattle, this abandoned cemetery is about two miles northwest of Centerville in southeastern Morgan County. The cemetery is located on Mud Prairie, and strangers in the area should let the name be a warning to them. The road north of Centerville is nothing to brag about, and the road west to near the cemetery is even worse and dead ends. Jones Cemetery is located southwest of Waverly. This cemetery is no longer a burial ground.

Note: Pictures of stones for individuals, whose names appear in "red", are linked to their names. Click on each name to bring up a picture of the tombstone.

A June 2002 visit to this cemetery reveals many many field stones used as markers - nothing on them to indicate who might be buried beneath them. The cemetery covers an extensive area, and given the distance separating the stones found and photographed, we feel certain there are many more unidentified burials here.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
ARNETT, John 4 Sep 1837 71y27d
BOWYER, Sarah E. 30 Sep 1850 7m 16d Dau of J.W. & C.M. Boyer
CHANCE, William R. 17 Sep 1869 16y 5m 27d Son of E. & R. Chance
CHURCH, Carrie 2 Feb 1878 1 Mar 1878 27d Child of T.E. & S.E. Church
CHURCH, Nevada 24 Dec 1875 5 Nov 1881 5y 10m 11d Child of T.E. & S.E. Church
DENNIS, Reuben - (Obit) 23 Mar 1883 83y1m12d
DENNIS, William H. 15 Jun 1874 28y
ENGLAND, Louisa J. 12 Feb 1866 21y Wife of J. England
GROVES, Joseph E. 13 Feb 1871 21y 11m 16d
HILTON, Charles Edgar 16 Aug 1867 1y 8m 1d Son of J.W. & M.E.
JONES, Brice 30 Jan 1822 11 May 1857 35y 8m 12d
JONES, James 14 Jun 1817 2 Oct 1862 Co. G 13th Ill. Cav.
JONES, Mary E. 20 Apr 1852 1y 9m 28d Dau of _. & V. Jones
JONES, Nancy W. 10 May 1873 45y 9m 3d Wife of Reuben Jones
JONES, John Robert 17 Jun 1857 8m 28d Son of R. & N.W.
JONES, Wateman 22 Apr 1855 3y 24d Son of R. & N.W.
JONES, Ralph 9 Feb 1889 24 Apr 1890 Inf Son of Wm. D. & Ida L. Jones
JONES, Wateman 30 Sep 1871 73y ?m 17d
JONES, Esther 18 Nov 1798 8 Sep 1872 73y 9m 23d Wife of Wateman
JONES, Elah 16 Sep 1836 7y 8m Son of W. & E.
JONES, Winny 20 Mar 1842 1y5m4d Dau of W. & E. Jones
JONES, William P. 25 Jan 1852 3y1m1d Son of E. & V. Jones
RYNDERS, Andrew Sr. 20 Dec 1889 91y 11m 5d
RYNDERS, Elizabeth 7 Dec 1847 45y Wife of A.
RYNDERS, Arena Wife of Andrew Rynders
SUMMERS, John McN. 22 Sep 1854 1y 4m Son of J.A. & P. Summers
SUMMERS, Susan C. 5 Apr 1850 11m 5d Dau of J.A. & P. Summers
SUMMERS, Eliza Ellen 18 Oct 1862 2y 5m ?d Dau of M. & M.
WITHERBEE, Zoanna S. 19 Aug 1872 61y
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