Immanuel South

Immanuel South

Diamond Grove Cemetery started burials in the latter part of 1867. Lots 380 to 456 in Section D, on the extreme south edge of Diamond Grove were set aside as Potter's Field, with single grave lots being from 457 to 479. Lots 380 and 381 were used as the road entrance on the south side of the cemetery.

State Hospital Patients were buried in lots beginning with 382 and continuing through lot 407 (1870-1882). Burials continued in this section until 1883, when the State of Illinois purchased lots in Section H of Diamond Grove and used this as their burial grounds until it was full in 1954.

Dr. Andrew McFarland, having resigned his position in the State Hospital in June 1870, he soon after established the Oaklawn Retreat on the east edge of Jacksonville, a private institution for the treatment of insane patients, which he conducted with a great degree of success during the remainder of his life. His daughter and son-in-law were in the business with him. Dr. McFarland committed suicide 22 November 1891. For those patients not sent to their county of residence as requested by relatives, he buried them in Potter's Field in Section D at Diamond Grove Cemetery.

The patients who were buried in this section are included within the listing for Diamond Grove Cemetery and are designated in the column marked Sec. as "D-PF". The date included with these transcriptions is the "burial date" and not the death date. Their deaths occurred prior to death certificates being filed in 1878, so there is no further information available. There is no record as to which lot they are on in Section D, except that there were 5 burials across the lot and they were buried in chronological order.

There are no individual markers of any kind to indicate that burials ever took place in this section. Florence Hutchison was instrumental in having a general marker dedicated and placed in this section which indicates that it was used for State Hospital Patient Burials.

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