Horrell Cemetery


NE1/4, Section 32, Twp. 15N, Range 11W

Six miles southwest of Jacksonville public square are the remaining tombstones of Horrell Cemetery. The cemetery site itself is situated on a gentle area of high ground that is now a cultivated field. The tombstones were removed several years ago and placed in a wooded area immediately to the west of the field, and on the east side of a small stream. Even with detailed directions it is difficult to find the flattened tombstones in the dense brush. The cemetery is within sight of the Winchester-Jacksonville highway, and is in nearly the exact center of the northeast quarter of section 32. It is on a direct line from Allinson Cemetery to Richardson Cemetery and is almost exactly the center point between these two cemeteries.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
HENDERSON, Elvira Adaline 31 Jul 1849 27y 8m 8d Consort of J. Henderson
HORRELL, Charles Wesley 7 Aug 1851 62y 9m 7d
HORRELL, Elizabeth 12 ??? 1823 27y 11m 28d Wife of Charles Horrell
HORRELL, Martha 6 Dec 1857 Dau of O.C. & E. Horrell
HORRELL, Arthur George 26 Oct 1862 8m Son of O.C. & E. Horrell
KING, William 11 Jul 1846 58y
KING, Mary Ann 18 Aug 1842 35y

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