Henry Cemetery

Henry Cemetery

SE1/4 NW1/4, Section 1, Township 13N, Range 10W
Morgan County, Illinois




Henry Cemetery is located midway between Murrayville and Franklin. A single gray granite shaft stands several feet tall and can be seen from the roadways nearby. The other tombstones are either too short to be easily seen from the roads, or are toppled. The unfenced cemetery is on a small hill surrounded by cultivated fields.

Update: Earl & I visited this poor forgotten family cemetery on April 23, 2008. There were no stones standing - the three spires in this cemetery, as well as a shorter more ornate marker, were off their bases and flat on the ground. 4 of the other stones we were able to locate were buried all in a pile in another part of the cemetery - the last stone was lying flat on the ground under a tree. There are probably more stones in this cemetery, but the masses of downed trees, tree limbs and brush which are located within the cemetery and the fact that none of the stones are standing and appear to have been on the ground for many years, made it impossible to locate additional burials here.

To locate this cemetery, drive west on the Franklin-Woodson County Road 1. Turn left (south) on Rawlings road and follow it around until you find Taylor Road and make a right on Taylor road. Follow Taylor Road until it ends at English Rd. and turn right on English Rd. Drive approximately 1/2 mile - the cemetery is located well back in a field in a fence line on the north side of the road.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
HENRY, C. Greenup 30 Jul 1808 14 Aug 1893
HENRY, Cerilda Edney 20 Feb 1875 18y18d Dau of H. & N. Henry (No stone found)
HENRY, Elenor 26 Aug 1811 7 Nov 1890 Wife of C.G. Henry
HENRY, Elizabeth 4 Jan 1786 18 Oct 1876 (No stone found - but probably here in the brush)
HENRY, George 19 Aug 1785 7 Jun 1875
HENRY, George W. 11 Mar 1848 14y10m15d Son of G. & E. Henry
HENRY, Harriett Susan 21 Sep 1852 31 Aug 1858 Dau of H. & N. Henry
HENRY, Hugh 24 Jun 1819 2 Jan 1896
HENRY, Infant 30 Sep 1865 Inf Son of W.T. & M. Henry (No stone found)
HENRY, Jeremiah 31 Jan 1865 21y10m20d Son of C. & E. Henry (No stone found)
HENRY, Kate 4 Jul 1857 28 Dec 1876 Dau of R. & S.E. Henry
HENRY, Margaret M. 23 Apr 1859 17 Oct 1860 Dau of R. & S.E. Henry
HENRY, Martha Ellen 14 Sep 1850 5 Oct 1850 Dau of H. & N. Henry
HENRY, Nancy J. 1 Aug 1848 2y5m6d Dau of G. & E. Henry (No stone found)
HENRY, Naomi 1 Sep 1815 19 Nov 1891
HENRY, Richard 24 Aug 1830 (No stone found)
HENRY, Sarah E. 29 Jan 1832 10 Feb 1871 Wife of R. Henry
HENRY, Sarah Rachel 19 Jan 1846 28 Aug 1851 Dau of H. & N. Henry
HENRY, Twin daughters of G. & E. Henry (No stone found)
HENRY, Unknown 29 Aug 1846 1y6m22d (No stone found)
WATERS, Martha E. 10 Dec 1875 10m Dau of J.W. & S.A. Waters (No stone found)
WILBURN, Infant 19 Apr 1874 1m5d Inf Dau of A.S. & M.I. Wilburn (No stone found)
WILBURN, Margaret I. 30 Mar 1874 26y9m Wife of Alexander S. Wilburn (No stone found)

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