Henderson-McFadden Cemetery

W1/2 SW1/4, Section 9, Township 16N, Range 10W
Morgan County, Illinois







This tiny cemetery is located about a mile northeast of Arcadia. You can see Arcadia Cemetery, across the fields when the crops aren't tall, while standing in the cemetery. It is situated in what was a grove of trees (only 1 is still standing) to the east of the road. My father discovered this forgotten cemetery during the late 1960s or very early 1970s. At the time, it was so thick with briars, brush and trees you couldn't get into the cemetery. My parents and his younger brother, Darrell E. Stewart, cut the brush, cut many of the small and/or dead trees, and then cut and burned the brush. Dad then sowed grass and kept the cemetery mowed until he became ill and passed away in 1984. Since that time my mother and I have paid to have the cemetery mowed every two weeks during the summer growing season. A new flag pole has been installed, and I expect to complete all of the restoration work on the cemetery before the end of September 2004. So far all of the stones which were unbroken have been professionally reset and all but two of the broken and illegible stones have been replaced. The last two replacement stones and one new one for an infant who died in 1908 should be set before the end of the month. As soon as the crops are out of the field beside the cemetery, a fence enclosing the open two sides will be put up and I'll begin working on the last project - a new permanent sign identifying the cemetery. Both dad and my uncle, who also passed away in 2001, would be surprised and happy to see how the cemetery looks today.

When my parents were working on the cemetery, a neighbor told him that at one time there were a good many more stones which originally stood in the cemetery, but that the farmer who owned the ground around the cemetery had moved them and then thrown them into a creek. He then proceeded to plow up some of the original cemetery ground for crops. A search of the nearest creek turned up only the tall spire for Catherine Henderson - there is no way of knowing who else might have been buried in this early family cemetery.

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Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
HENDERSON, Catherine 5 Feb 1870 60y15d Wife of David Henderson
HENDERSON, Charity (Gano) 19 May 1854 86y5m Wife of Moses Henderson; Dau of S. Gano
HENDERSON, Charlotte 22 Aug 1864 50y3m11d Dau of James & Rachel Henderson
HENDERSON, Emanuel 24 Feb 1843 7 Apr 1866 23y1m13d
HENDERSON, Infant 17 Apr 1908 17 Apr 1908 D/oJohn Henderson (fm death records) - Stone ordered
HENDERSON, James 11 Mar 1849 59y10m16d
HENDERSON, James B. 3 Jun 1864 (Died & buried at Chatanug Ga - CW Soldier)
HENDERSON, Moses 2 May 1816 24 Dec 1872
HENDERSON, Rachel 30 Oct 1861 69y11m5d Wife of J. Henderson
HENDERSON, Stephen 12 Oct 1796 22 Nov 1877 81y1m10d
HENDERSON, Susannah 6 Oct 1798 21 Jan 1864 Wife of Stephen Henderson
MCFADDEN, Catherine 7 Jan 1870/6 86y Wife of John McFadden
MCFADDEN, Harriett 30 Sep 1855 1y6m15d Dau of John & Rachel McFadden
MCFADDEN, James V. 1 Oct 1870 32y10m8d Son of John & Rachel McFadden
MCFADDEN, John 6 Sep 1853 84y
MCFADDEN, John 26 Sep 1858 45y7m
MCFADDEN, William Civil War Veteran
MCFADDEN, William 7 Jan 1860 7y10m22d Son of J. & R. McFadden

Notes: From the files of John Henderson:

John has the death date of Catherine McFadden as 7 Jan 1876.

John's records show the age of James V. Henderson as 31 rather than 32

The record for Harriett McFadden was added from the files of John Henderson - no stone was found for her.

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