Hamminghaus-Pond Cemetery

Hemminghaus Cemetery
Pond Cemetery

NE 1/4 NE 1/4, Section 28, Township 16N, Range 12W
Morgan County, Illinois

Above photo taken while standing in the road below the cemetery


This cemetery is well maintained. A fine storm fence and gate enclose the burial ground. The cemetery is atop a hill and adjacent to Spunky Ridge Road. Spunky Ridge Road connects with Illinois Route 104 just west of Hodges (Muntman) Cemetery at Meredosia Hill and continues eastward to the village of Concord. Turn right off Rte. 100 onto Spunky Ridge Road and drive approximately 3.4 miles (past Dutch Lane). A steep and brushy embankment allows this cemetery to be about six or seven feet above the roadbed at the top of a hill. When we visited this cemetery on September 13, 2007, it was mowed and the trees had been trimmed - all but two of the stones in the cemetery are standing.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
BRUENING, Anna F. (20 Nov) 1883 (27 Nov) 1926 (Dau of John H. & Anna Hemminghaus Bruening)
BRUENING, Anna Marie (Hemminghaus) (14 Aug) 1857 (19 Jan) 1937 His Wife (w/o J.H. Bruening; D/o F.&S. Hemminghaus)
BRUENING, Catharine (Berghaus) 28 Apr 1902 89y3m13d His Wife (Wife of J. H. Bruening)
BRUENING, J. H. 15 Sep 1882 82y1m14d (Born in Germany)
BRUENING, John H. (30 Dec) 1853 (27 May) 1927
BRUENING, Katharine E. 1881 (26 May) 1903 27y7m1d (Dau of John H. & Anna Hemminghaus Bruening)
HEMMINGHAUS, G. Engel 27 Feb 1895 67y7m5d
HEMMINGHAUS, Clara Caroline 31 Aug 1881 20y3m17d Dau of J.H. & C. Hemminghaus
HEMMINGHAUS, J. Heinrich 9 Mar 1901 20y7m1d
HEMMINGHAUS, John Frederick 1826 23 Aug 1881 55y2m1d (Born in Hanover, Germany)
HEMMINGHAUS, Johnnie H. 1860 1876
HEMMINGHAUS, Mary E. 1 Apr 1866 14 Apr 1866 14d Dau of H. & C. Hemminghaus
HEMMINGHAUS, Otto H. 18 Aug 1895 1y9m13d Son of H. & L. Hemminghaus
HEMMINGHAUS, Sibilla (Easman) (16 Mar) 1835 (28 Oct) 1927 Wife of J. F. Hemminghaus (Born Philene, Ger.)
MEYER, Catherine M. 20 Dec 1866 1y1m3d Dau of H. & C. Meyer
WISCHMETER, Christian 7 Mar 1883 29y5m29d Son of Adam & Clara Wischmeter

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