Green - Haynes Cemetery


NW1/4 NE1/4, Section 15, Twp. 13N, Range 9W


On August 13, 1896, Green Haynes, Sr. and his wife Ann sold to the County of Morgan, for one dollar, the 99' x 66' plot of ground that had already long been known as Haynes Cemetery. The deed specifies "to be used and enjoyed by the inhabitants of the neighborhood where said premises are situated as a Burying Ground or place of interment of the dead...." Haynes Cemetery is one of the more remote and difficult cemeteries to be found in Morgan County. It is located about four miles southeast of Rees Station and about the same distance northeast of Nortonville. The cemetery is in a wooded area high on the southeast bank of Bucks Branch and is adjacent to a cultivated field.

About 1945 Leonard Dalton and Henry McCann carried fieldstones to mark some of the graves that lacked tombstones. A fence was erected about 1949 and in 1973 was still in good shape. Some years later a Hamilton family member, descendant of the Haynes family, is known to have cleaned the cemetery. In 1969 Robert W. Dalton and his mother-in-law, Emma Mary Swain Grady, spent three months cleaning and renovating Haynes Cemetery. The Haynes family members buried here are direct descendants of John Haynes (May 1, 1594-Mar. 1, 1853/4) governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony and several times governor of Connecticut.

The fence was still in place when Earl and I visited this cemetery on October 28, 2005. The cemetery sits well back from the nearest country road and the cemetery is extremely difficult to see - it is probably not visible during the summer when crops are planted in the field which is situated between the cemetery and the road. Although it doesn't appear that anyone has been in the cemetery recently, it was not particularly overgrown, though the grass was a bit tall, and there is no brush or briars in this small cemetery. Haynes Cemetery is the 4th cemetery we visited in the same area, all within a radius of approximately 2 or 3 miles of each other in this neighborhood.

NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
COVEY, Lucinda (Dalton) 11 Aug 1842 9 Mar 1870 Wife of Robert Covey
COVEY, Vina L. 14 Oct 1867 18 May 1881 14y7m5d Dau of R. & L. Covey
DALTON, Claborn (17 Jul 1807) 11 Apr 1868 60y8m24d (Son of Jesse Dalton)
DALTON, Dona 14 Jun 1881 1 Sep 1881 Dau of Wm. B. & Jennie Dalton
DALTON, Dora 5 Feb 1880 10 Jul 1880 Dau of Wm. B. & Jennie Dalton
DALTON, Permelia (Haynes) 17 Jun 1811 20 Oct 1883 72y Wife of Claborn Dalton
DALTON, Baxter 4 Apr 1856 22 Jun 1879 No Stone found
HAYNES, Anna (Henley) 4 May 1868 76y5m7d Wife of Rev. Wm. Haynes
HAYNES, Annie (Seymour) 10 Jan 1821 21 Mar 1911 Wife of Green Haynes
HAYNES, Elizabeth (Seymour) 5 Jun 1824 1/7 Jul 1859 35y25d Wife of Green Haynes
HAYNES, Green 20 Dec 1817 19 Oct 1902 (Son of Rev. Wm. & Anna Haynes)
HAYNES, Infant 17 May 1895 Son of I. & M.A. Haynes
HAYNES, Jane 9 May 1845 2y6m2d Dau of G. & E. Haynes
HAYNES, John 7 Nov 1912 No stone found
HAYNES, Lewis 13 Jan 1873 61y5m1d
HAYNES, Lona L. 17 Aug 1891 17 Mar 1901 Dau of I. & M.A. Haynes
HAYNES, Robert 21 Dec 1847 1y6m23d Son of G. & E. Haynes
MCCANN, Nancy Ann (Dalton) w/o Henry McCann; d/o C.&P. Dalton (No stone found)
NALL, Mary E. 14 Aug 1840 2y8m13d Dau of R. & H. Nall
Footstone - V.L.G.
Stone - D.
4 Rocks

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