Flinn Cemetery

NE 1/4 Section 7, Township 16 North, Range 8
Prentice Township



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East of Prentice and within sight and sound of that village is Flinn Cemetery. It is possible to see this cemetery from the highway, although it is nearly a quarter of a mile from the road. Dense growth and briar bushes discourage a person from entering. Trees have fallen from old age and high winds, and damaged many stones. Although the cemetery was cleaned a number of years ago, it is obvious little additional effort has been expended in maintaining this cemetery.

UPDATE - Earl and I visited this cemetery on 26 March 2008. We found that the dense growth and briar bushes have been cleaned out of the cemetery, but there were numerous large old trees which have fallen in several places within the cemetery. In some cases, the trees fell directly on tombstones and smashed them to pieces - we located as many of the pieces as we could and pieced them back together as best we were able. There are several piles of branches and trees within the cemetery - evidence of someone cleaning in the cemetery and leaving them to dry. We found most of the stones, with the exception of the large ones, down and in some cases, buried as much as 6 to 8 inches beneath the ground. I doubt if the Mary Bennett stone had seen the light of day in 75 or 100 years. Most of the burials in this cemetery also have foot stones which was what enabled us to find many of the stones whose pictures appear here. This is a very very old cemetery with a number of burials dating from the 1830s and 1840s.

While you may be able to spot the cemetery during the winter months from the highway, I doubt that you would know it was there during the summer when the crops are up and there are leaves on the trees. It is approximately one quarter to one half mile from the nearest road and sits surrounded by fields and pasture land.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
ADKINS, Abigail 15 Apr 1865 25y 6m 21d Wife of J.D. Adkins
ADKINS, Elizabeth 1 Oct 1890 88y 11m 22d Wife of J. Adkins
ADKINS, Infant 1 Jun 1871 12 Jun 1871 Son of J.R. & E. Adkins
ADKINS, Joshua 31 May 1878 62y 9m 16d
ADKINS, Joshua 12 Sep 1865 6m 16d Son of J.D. & A. Adkins
ADKINS, Richard 13 Feb 1870 36y 2m 5d
ADKINS, Richard E. 7 Nov 1864 1y 10d Son of J.D. & A. Adkins
ADKINS, Thomas J. 18 Apr 1861 31 Dec 1881 20y 8m Son of Solomon & Martha Adkins
ADKINS, William B. 16 Feb 1872 7m 22d Son of W. & ?.A. Adkins
BENNETT, Isaac R. - (Obit) 2 Feb 1799 24 Jun 1881
BENNETT, Mary - (Obit) 4 Apr 1864 55y Wife of I. R. Bennett
BERRY, Maud 14 Apr 1870 6m 2d Dau of B. & E. Berry; "Little Maud"
CLARKE, Daniel 15 Sep 1877 20 Sep 1877
CLARKE, Eddie D. W. 20 Jul 1872 2y8m9d Son of D.W. & O.M. Clarke
CLARKE, Willie 18 Feb 1874 11 Aug 1874
FLINN, Clinton 22 Jun 1864 3y 1m 18d Son of D. & L. Flinn
FLINN, Edmund M. 9 Jun 1878 27y 11m
FLINN, Elezabeth (Hill) 26 Jan 1803 4 Aug 1889 Wife of Z.W. Flinn; (Dau of Francis & Rebecca Hill)
FLINN, Francis Marion 11 Dec 1909 72y (From death certificate)
FLINN, Franklin M. 1 Jul 1841 22 Aug 1901
FLINN, Infant Dau of C. C. & J.E. Flinn
FLINN, Jane E. 9 Nov 1861 ?3y 7m 17d Wife of C. Flinn
FLINN, Joseph L. 8 Nov 1839 1y 2m 2d Son of Z.W. & E. Flinn
FLINN, Rebecca A. 2 Nov 1833 11y 28d Dau of Z.W. & E. Flinn
FLINN, Zadoc Wright 1 Dec 1868 73y 16d Born in Surry Co., N.C.
FORTNEY, Charles W. A. 15 Nov 1863 2y 16d Son of J.F.M. & S.E. Fortney
FORTNEY, Sarah E. 9 Jan 1865 20y 4m 8d Wife of J.F.M. Fortney
GUINN, Julia A. 1820 1880 Mother
GUINN, Stephen P. 1814 1876 Father
HALL, Abigail A. 14 Feb 1859 4y 10m Dau of Wm. & N.J. Hall
HALL, Harriet J. 8 Oct 1849 11m 26d Dau of W. & N.J. Hall
HALL, John G. P. 27 Apr 1858 1y 11m 7d Son of W. & N.J. Hall
HALL, Mary S. 10 May 1850 41y 3m 14d Wife of Equillar Hall (Missed taking photo of stone)
HALL, Patterson 2 Apr 1889 72y 3m 1d
HALL, Rhoda 10 Feb 1845 55y Wife of Equillar Hall
HALL, Sarah J. 12 Aug 1843 1y 3m 22d Dau of P. & M. Hall
HALL, William M. F. 5 Sep 1846 22d Son of P.&.M. Hall
HAYS, Elias 13 Oct? 1844 18y 2m
HAYS, Nancy 21 Dec 1841 20y 2m 11d
HAYS, Sarah 29 Jul 1860 66y 7m 29d Wife of William Hays
HAYS, William 6 Oct 1844 51y 4m 29d
HAYS, William A. 29 Jun 1859 2y 8m 13d Son of Joseph & Mary T. Hays
HUDSPETH, George 28 Oct 1861 29y 4m 11d
HUDSPETH, James 11 Sep 1849 11m
HUDSPETH, Lillie May 16 Nov 1878 4m 26d Dau of W.G. & M. Hudspeth
HUDSPETH, Martha 21 Sep 1878 24y 7m 23d Wife of W.G. Hudspeth
HUDSPETH, Ralph 23 Oct 1851 82y
HUDSPETH, Ralph W. 25 Nov 1880 11y 6m 17d Son of J. & V. Hudspeth
HUDSPETH, Sarah 15 Aug 1891 81y 10m 15d Wife of Ralph Hudspeth
KEISER, Malinda J. 13 Mar 1862 28 Aug 1862 Dau of N. & M.E. Keiser
KEISER, Sarah C. 17 Mar 1858 23d Dau of N. & M.E. Keiser
LAHEEY, John 17 Apr 1860 52y
MCCAWLEY, Jessie Lee 27 Aug 1885 4y 1m Dau of J.A. & M. McCawley
O'BANION, Eli E. 1 Dec 1857 5y
O'BANION, G. 13 Jan 1841 33y
O'BANION, George M. 15 Sep 1853 26y
O'BANION, Infant 4 Dec 1850 14d Son of G.M. & A. O'Banion
OWEN, Infant 11 Jun 1882 Inf Dau of J.W. & C.A. Owen
SHRADAR, Eveline J. 5 Feb 1855 27y 5m 11d Wife of J. Shradar
SHRADER, Martha E. 8 Jul 1843 1y 19d Dau of J. & E.J. Shrader
SIMS, Elvira F. 25 Aug 1854 10m Dau of W.W. & M.B. Sims
SIMS, Frances V. 10 Sep 1856 1m10d Dau of L.J. & F.V. Sims
SIMS, Mary B. (Hall) 3 Jun 1855 36y 5m 11d Wife of Wm. Wright Sims
STANDERFORD, Hannah 12 Jun 1854 52y 3m 28d Wife of Vinson Standerford
STRAWN, Eddy 30 Apr 1862 7m 22d Son of Isaiah & M.E. Strawn
STRAWN, Elizabeth M. 2 Jan 1861 29y 14d Wife of Isaiah Strawn
STRAWN, Maryetta 22 Sep 1862 17y 10m 6d Wife of Isaiah Strawn
THOMPSON, Thomas R. 30 Jul 1843 38y 2m
WILSON, James M. 11 Apr 1856 18y 3m 8d
WILSON, Sarah 22 Aug 1856 40y Wife of S. Wilson

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