Eilers Cemetery

Eilers Cemetery

SE 1/4 SW 1/4, Section 23, Township 16N, Range 12W
Morgan County, Illinois

Deed Book 23, page 352, in the Morgan County Clerk's office, records the transfer of one acre of land for this cemetery. On Nov. 1, 1867, Henry B. Eilers and his wife Tolan (also spelled Tollen on the same document) M. Eilers sold for one dollar to John Eilers Senior "One acre for the use of said Eilers and others for a burying ground. Deed Book 78, page 443, dated July 6, 1907, also in the Morgan County clerk's office, records a land sale but exempts this "one acre thereof now used as a family grave yard." The sale was made by a man whose name is spelled three different ways on the same document: Eilert J. E. Eilers, Eilert J. E. Eiler, and Eilert E. J. Eiler. His wife was named as Ethel Eilers and Ethel Eiler. A visit to the cemetery on April 13, 1980 found it to be in excellent condition. A concrete fence surrounds the burial area which is mostly covered with a thick carpet of lilies. The cemetery crowns a gently sloping cultivated hill. Several trees in the cemetery call attention to the site, which is about 2.7 miles directly west of Concord. A reasonably large creek known as Coon Run flows to the east and north of Eilers Cemetery.

Update: When we visited this cemetery on 17 Mar 2007, we found the cemetery in reasonably good condition altho there are a number of good sized tree limbs down in the cemetery (probably from the 2006 storms). A wire fence surrounds the cemetery with concrete fence posts and concrete corner posts. It is situated at the top of what I would call a "steep" hill and must be reached by walking across the corner of a cultivated field, through a break in the fence and then across the low land lying next to the creek and up the hill. The cemetery can't be seen until reaching the top of the hill, but as the description above states, the cemetery site can be spotted from the road by the tall evergreen tree which is situated within the cemetery itself. While most of the stones are standing, they are very weathered and the smaller ones are difficult to read. There are two broken and illegible stones in the row of children's graves across the middle of the cemetery. The cemetery lies in the middle of private property so permission to visit the cemetery must be obtained by asking permission. We were lucky to find the property owner working along side a field near the cemetery.



NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
AUFDENKAMP, Carl A. 17 Apr 1882 2 Apr 1883 Son of H. & S. Aufdenkamp
AUFDENKAMP, Carolina L. 29 Aug 1879 27 Mar 1883 Dau of H. & S. Aufdenkamp
AUFDENKAMP, Ernest Aug 1876 5m15d Son of H.?. & ?.?. Aufdenkamp
AUFDENKAMP, Henry - (Note) (13 Aug) 1849 (17 Jul) 1937 87y10m29d Father
AUFDENKAMP, Louisa I. C. 28 Aug 1877 15 Sep 1878 Dau of H. & S. Aufdenkamp
AUFDENKAMP, Sophia Gerboth 1842 1907 Wife of Henry Aufdenkamp; Mother
EILER, Joanna M. - (Obit) 1 Mar 1830 29 Dec 1901
EILER, Henry B. 11 Apr 1881 55y8m4d
EILER, Infant Infant Son of H. & H. Eiler
EILERS, Albert 12 May 1862 2m27d Son of E.J. & S.L. Eilers
EILERS, Friederike D. 2 Dec 1852 6 Dec 1870 18y4d Wife of Gerd B. Eilers
EILERS, Johann 27 Feb 1795 7 Nov 1870 74y8m10d
EILERS, John 21 Feb 1883 25y11m26d
EILERS, Nicholas H. 21 Jul 1871 7m28d Son of T. & H. Eilers
EILERS, Rebecca 2 Jan 1858 8d Dau of E.J. & S.L. Eilers
EILERS, Thomas Jul 1879 2y?m5d Son of Henry & H. Eilers
EILERS, Thomas B. 26 Aug 1869 7m13d Son of E.J. & S.L. Eilers
EILERTS, Caroline M. 29 Aug 1876 16y2m15d Dau of E.J. & S.L. Eilers
EILERTS, Eilert J. - (Note) 1 Feb 1829 30 Oct 1874
EILERTS, F. William 15 Dec 1875 1y11m23d Son of T. & H. Eilers
EILERTS, Joseph G. 26 Apr 1875 1y3m1d Son of G.B. & M. Eilers
EILERTS, Mahala A. Brown 31 Dec 1869 26y4m Wife of Thomas Eilerts
EILERTS, Talke Maria 1798 11 Nov 1858
HINRICHS, Gerd 10 Dec 1830 24 Feb 1858 27y9m16d
NIENHISER, Carolina F. L. 25 Mar 1901 30y2m14d Dau of H. & L. Nienhiser
NIENHISER, Carl H. 12 Jun 1896 6y2m27d Son of F. & M. Nienhiser
NIENHISER, Laurena F. 3 Mar 1898 3m21d Dau of F. & M. Nienhiser
UNKNOWN (Between Thos. Eilers & C. Aufdenkamp)
WEISER, H. N. Lena 24 July 1876 6m27d Dau of ?. & M.A. Weiser
WEISER, Hilke - (Obit) 7 May 1819 22 Jun 1905
WEISER, Nicholas 28 Jul 1875 53y12d

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