Diamond Grove Cemetery
Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois



Thanks to Jeanie Lowe for the above pictures.

A huge Thank You to Earl Deatherage, a fellow researcher and Morgan County native, and Mrs. Ruth Ann Stewart, my mother and also a Morgan County native. Without the assistance of these two, the reading of Diamond Grove Cemetery would still be in the initial stages. Both also assisted in accomplishing the reading of Jacksonville East Cemetery which is available elsewhere on this web page.

Diamond Grove is a beautiful, large (approx. 44 acres) cemetery on gently rolling ground in an area originally settled and called "Diamond Grove". It is in the southwest corner of the city, directly south and next to Calvary Catholic Cemetery, and across the road from Immanuel East Cemetery. The cemetery is filled with huge beautiful stones, indicating the career success so many early settlers earned after coming to the area.

Included in this listing is the large State Hospital Burial Section (graves which are marked with stones, graves marked with only a cement post with a number, graves not marked at all, and graves marked with metal name markers); burials in the Mausoleum; and the burial section for the Illinois Christian Home. In addition, I've gone through the cemetery burial records (first published by Florence Hutchison) and abstracted the burials for which we didn't find tombstones. These burials can be identified by the (    ) surrounding the date and age and the "No Stone Found" entry in the "Additional Inscription/Information column". The date for these records is the burial date and NOT the death date. Generally, these early burial records go back only to May 1, 1871 - records prior to that time have been lost. Florence's record indicates that Diamond Grove was opened as a City Cemetery in 1866, however it is obvious from reading the stones that this area was used as a cemetery prior to that time and that there were burials moved here from other old cemeteries in the area.

As with any project this size which involves (1) transcribing information from a tombstone, (2) recording it on paper and (3) typing the information into a computer, there will inevitably be some errors. As always, I strive to keep errors to a minimum but am realistic enough to know they exist. As you go through the reading and identify errors or duplicate entries, please let me know - I'll research and correct them as quickly as possible. In the meantime, happy hunting!
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Overall Cemetery Plat Map     State Hospital Section H Plat Map

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Note: A plat map for Section D (State Hospital Burials) can be found by going to the "Immanuel South" Cemetery listing.

Referencing Section H (State Hospital Burials):

  • Burials in A-1 Old Part (A1-op) have no markers at all with the exception of 3 or 4 family markers) - these were the first burials in this section, starting on April 11, 1883.
  • Section A-2 Old Part (A2-op) are indicated by SH in the "Sec" column of the Diamond Grove Burials. Florence Hutchison was instrumental in having individual stones placed on each of these graves.
  • Section A-3 Old Part (A3-op) are marked with a cement post which includes a number.
  • Section B-1 Old Part (B1-op) are marked with a cement post which includes a number.
  • Sections B-2 New Part (B2-np), and B-3 New Part are marked with cement posts which include a number.
  • Section B-4 New Part (B4-np) through Burial #984 are marked with cement posts & a number.
  • Section B-4 New Part (SH) burial #985 through B-5 New Part (SH), burial #1028 is marked with individual markers which include a metal name plate and birth(if available) and death dates. These burials are indicated by an "SH" in the Diamond Grove Cemetery Listing.

  • State Hospital burials following #1028 can be found in the "Immanuel East Cemetery Listing".

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