Conlee aka Rohrer Cemetery

Rohrer Cemetery


Location: E 1/2 NW 1/4, Section 35, Township 13 N, Range 8W

Reference to this cemetery is found on page 200 of Deed Record Book RR, located in the Morgan County Clerk's office. Dated Sept. 16, 1859, the entry shows that a previous deed had already set aside about three quarters of an acre for a church house and burying ground. The church was known as "Head of Apple Creek Church". Conlee aka Rohrer Cemetery is in the southeastern corner of Morgan County, approximately three miles south of Waverly and one-half mile north of Rohrer. Sporting an unused flagpole, the densely overgrown, but fenced, cemetery is east of Rte. 111. There is no access road or lane to the cemetery.

This listing is a compilation of several different readings, as well as additional burials taken from death records, obituaries and records of the Jacksonville Area G. & H. Society.

Thanks to Earl Deatherage for the tombstone pictures included with the listing. He waded through high weeds in 90+ temperatures to get these. Note: When we re-visited this cemetery in June 2002, the weeds were being controlled by sheep in the cemetery. It was much easier to find the remaining stones and take the rest of the pictures. There are lots of field stones in this cemetery with nothing to indicate who is buried in the graves they mark.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
ALFORD, Allen 10 Oct 1872 1y 7m 21d Son of Elisha
ALFORD, Oscar Lee 21 Sep 1892 1y 3m 23d Son of C.F. & S.M. Alford
ALLEN, Sallie D. 9 Oct 1872 1y 7m 29d Dau of W.D. & M.A. Allen
ANDERSON, Julia 11 Mar 1875 20y 6d
ANDERSON, William 28 Jan 1779 22 Sep 1836 War of 1812
BRIAN, Andrew J. 6 Aug 1842 11y 8m 9d Son of J. & E. Brian
BRIAN, James 1 Aug 1858 My Husband
BRIAN, Elizabeth S. 5 Sep 1813 2 Sep 1881 Wife of J. Brian "Our Mother"
BRIAN, Thomas J. 24 ??? 18?? 25y 5m 29d Co. I 14th Ill. Inf.
BRIAN, Carrie 16 Aug 18?? 12y 16d
BRIAN, Lytle 1897
BRIAN, Daniel 1 Jan 1847 63y 4m 5d (War of 1812)
BRIAN, Jane 1845 58th yr of age Wife of D. Brian
BRIAN, Freeman 1843 22d yr of age Son of D. & J. Brian
BRIAN, Gideon B. 1839 22d y of age Son of D. & J. Brian
BRIAN, John J. C. 1845 24th yr of age Son of D. & J. Brian
BRIAN, Sarah E. 2 Jan 1847 23d yr of age Dau of D. & J. Brian
BRIAN, James L. 16 Dec 1890 Husband of Margaret E. (Myra Martin's records
show this man was moved to Waverly)
BRIAN, Leroy Feb 1893 1895
BRIAN, Mary Olive 16 May 1897 6d Dau of A.J. & C. Brian
CAMPBELL, Hugh 10 Jan 1836 60y
CAMPBELL, William 11 Dec 1857 60y 2m 22d
CAMPBELL, Ruth 7 Mar 1882 81y 9m 12d Wife of Wm. Campbell
CHRISTISON, Charles Kennedy 19 Apr 1917 19 Apr 1917 Son Harden L. & Mary Baker C. (From death cert)
CONLEE, Allen 11 Feb 1825 22 Apr 1886
CONLEE, Sallie P. 18 Jul 1830 24 Oct 1906 Wife of Allen Conlee
CONLEE, Rev. Isaac 7 May 1795 19 Jul 1879
CONLEE, Sarah McDonald 3 Aug 1858 59y 7m 3d Wife of Isaac Conlee
CONLEE, Mary Dau of I. & S. Conlee
CONLEE, James F. 7 May 1837 22 Jun 1894
CONLEE, Lavina Antle 10 May 1840 27 Mar 1895
CONLEE, Albert L. 22 Jul 1881 10y 1m 22d Son of J.F. & L. Conlee
CONLEE, John 25 Dec 1830 3 Sep 1898
CONLEE, Susan 17 Feb 1888 53y 1m 7d Wife of John Conlee
CONLEE, Isaac L. Dec 1857 3y 7m 15d Son of J. & S. conlee
CONLEE, Stella 28 Jan 1888 5m 29d Dau of G.H. & L. Conlee
CONLEE, Albert L. 5 Feb 1867 5y 3m 23d Son of A. & S. Conlee
CONLEE, Charles C. 6 Nov 1869 1y 1m 25d Son of A. & S. Conlee
CONLEE, Infant Nov 1867 Dau of A. & S. conlee
CONLEE, James Eddie 15 Aug 1866 1y 7m 14d Son of A. & S. Conlee
CONLEE, Cole 1825 1856
CONLEE, W. A. 29 Oct 1852 10 Apr 1895
CONLEE, Annie Elizabeth 12 Feb 1894 16y 7m 21d Dau of W.A. & R.A. Conlee
FISHER, Mary 25/8 Jan 1872 76y 2/8m 10d Wife of John Fisher
FISHER, Sarah 4 Feb 1877 91y 10m 8/9d Wife of James Fisher
HART, Clara B. 9 Oct 1865 2y 7m 22d Dau of S.B. & J. Hart
HART, Henry P. 12 Jul 1809 28 Feb 1866
HART, Catherine (Major) 6 Jan 1813 1 Oct 1880 Wife of Henry P. Hart
MASTERS, Daniel L. 7 Sep 1836 9m 8d Son of W. & M. Masters
MASTERS, Infant 12 Mar 1919 Inf of Albert & Vida (West) Masters
MASTERS, William J. 4 Apr 1842 42y 8m 18d
NEVINS, Alexander C. 20 Jan 1862 8y 4m 28d Son of T. & M.A. Nevins
PRATHER, Elizabeth 13 Sep 1835 29y 10m Wife of Henry Prather
SPRINGER, Sarah J. 17 Oct 1861 25y 11m 5d Wife of Dennis Springer
STURGIS, Jane C. 24 Aug 1899 71y 1m Wife of John Sturgis
TALKINGTON, William 4 Oct 1888 102y 3m 12d
TALKINGTON, Mary L. 3 Sep 1810 8 Aug 1852 Wife of Wm. Talkington
TAYLOR, Milley J. 21 Jan 1844
THOMAS, James F. 30 Dec 1847 32y 8m 2d
TURNER, Andrew 1762 1842 (N.C. Mil. Revolutionary War Soldier 1775-1783. 
Marker placed by the Ninian Edwards Chapter of
DAR, Alton, Ill.  Veterans Commission records show
his death date as 8 Aug 1842 & burial as Rohrer Cem.)
WILLSON, Mary (Campbell) 1 Jun 1845 72y Wife of James Willson
WISDOM, Samanthia 1877 Dau of James Wisdom
WOOD, Hessey A. 26 Sep 1855 1y 13d Dau of J. & R. Wood
WOOD, Allen 1846 6y Son of J. & R. Wood
WOOD, Priscilla 6 Jul 1819 18 Feb 1893 73y 6m 12d Wife of Andrew Wood - Dau of Isaac Conlee
UNKNOWN Row of field stones north of Masters lot.

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