Beagle-Kunzeman Cemetery

Beagle Cemetery
Kunzeman Cemetery

NE 1/4 NE 1/4, Section 25, Township 16N, Range 13W
Morgan County, Illinois

An observant traveler on Illinois Route 100 can spot this cemetery which lies a few yards east of the highway, part way up the hills that overlook the Illinois River Valley. Dominated by the gray granite tombstone of Thomas and Barbara Edmunson, this cemetery lies .3 of a mile south of the intersection of Illinois Routes 100 and 104. A fine iron fence surrounds the Beagle family graves. A large stone obelisk lies toppled inside a fence. Hodges Cemetery, also called Muntman's Cemetery, on Meredosia Hill, lies about 1/2 mile north of Beagle Cemetery.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
DANIEL, Leona 1906 1907
DANIEL, Hazel 1903 1907
EDMUNDSON, Barbara 27 dec 1799 26 Sep 1865
EDMUNDSON, Thomas 15 Aug 1787 29 Jan 1871 War of 1812
BEAGLE, Emily 27 Jun 1881 69y3m15d Wife of M. Beagle
BEAGLE, Mary 25 Oct 1842 6wks Dau of M. & M.J. Beagle
BEAGLE, Mason 29 Feb 1864 50y4d
BEAGLE, Segelia W. 20 Aug 1852 3m8d DAu of M. & E. Beagle (2nd stone says Secelia 1y8d)
BEAGLE, Silvester L. 27 Feb 1854 16y9m6d Son of M. & M. Beagle

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