Bane aka Baines Cemetery


SE1/4 SE1/4, Section 28, Twp. 15N, Range 11W

This is the same burial site as that listed on page one of "A Guide to Cemeteries of Morgan County, Illinois, Volume One" as Baines Cemetery. No visible evidence of Bane/Baines Cemetery can be found, but its location was apparently adjacent to, and north of Richardson Cemetery, separated only by a fence. The Bane/Baines Cemetery was west of Jacksonville. The Bane family grave markers reportedly were made of wood. After their removal, they were placed against a nearby building and have long since disappeared. The site of Bane Cemetery is now under cultivation. Richardson Cemetery, on the south side of the fence, is in a good state of preservation. Depending on the height of the surrounding crops, Richardson Cemetery may be seen from nearby U.S. Highway 36-54. The information provided here, was originally prepared by Mrs. Lee V. (Janice) Fox.

BANE, George     Died 16 Jan 1853
     He was a son of Jesse & Christianna Bane. Jesse served in the militia during the Revolutionary War. The family's history can be traced back to New Castle, Delaware, in the 1600s. George, buried here, married Mary (Jordan) Lindly, and they came to Morgan County between 1847 and 1850. Their youngest child, Winfield Scott Bane, was born in Pennsylvania, in 1847. They also became parents of Ann, Rhoda and George. Both parents had married before and each had children by their previous marriages. George's children by his first marriage were Eliza, John C., Lemuel, Clarrisa, Maria, Ruth, Christianna B., Cephas and Rachel. George inherited his father's farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1842. George stipulated in his will, filed in Morgan County, Illinois, that his wife set aside 1/4 acre for a graveyard, and it is believed that this is the site she chose.

BANE, MARY (JORDAN) LINDLEY     1905 - 2 Jan 1873, Wife of George Bane
     It is possible that Mary was not buried in Bane Cemetery, but a short biography will be used here. She was born in 1805 near Burnsville, Washington County, Pennsylvania. She was a daughter of William & Mary (Carroll) Jordan who emigrated from Carrollton, Maryland about 1779 and settled in West Filey Township. She married William I. Lindly, at age 17, in Washington County, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1822. Mary became the mother of six children before she was widowed at age 29 in 1834. Her first child by her second marriage was born in 1839. Children of Mary and George Bane were Ann (Bane) Williams, Rhoda Bane, Winfield and George Jr., all of Corona, California. Mary Bane died in Scott County, Illinois, but her estate papers are filed in the Morgan County Courthouse.

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