Augustine Cemetery

Section 36, Twp 16N, R 13W.


Farmers state Bank and Trust Company of Jacksonville administers a trust fund for maintenance of this unusual cemetery. The cemetery is atop a bluff that gives a magnificent view of the Illinois River Valley and parts of the counties of Morgan, Scott, Pike and Brown. A thick, decorative concrete wall about three feet high protects the remaining gravesites from wandering cattle and encroaching farm machinery. A large central granite tombstone has all the Augustine names on it, and individual matched granited stones with initials mark the individual graves. Outside the wall, remnants of other tombstones can be found, but are too weathered and broken to read. Augustine Cemetery is a few yards more than one-half mile north of the Morgan-Scott County line and can be seen from Illinois Route 100. The cemetery is east of the highway and north of Spring Run, a waterway. It is about 3 miles southeast of Meredosia and one mile southwest of Beagle Cemetery.

Thanks to Jeanie Lowe for the pictures included here.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
AUGUSTINE, Charles 3 Feb 1802 25 May 1846
AUGUSTINE, Charles W. 21 Jan 1836 11 Apr 1910
AUGUSTINE, Christeny 25 Jan 1802 1846 Wife of Charles Augustine
AUGUSTINE, Cornelius S. 7 Feb 1826 1 Mar 1858
AUGUSTINE, George 23 Aug 1833 12 Aug 1843
AUGUSTINE, Helen 1 Jan 1855 20 Apr 1924 Wife of Charles W. Augustine
AUGUSTINE, Ruth 7 Jan 1843 11 Feb 1872 Wife of Charles W. Augustine
BROMLEY, Charles 19 Aug 1858 9 Sep 1858 Her Son (Son of Christeny A. Bromley)
BROMLEY, Christeny A. 21 Mar 1838 3 Sep 1858
BROMLEY, Frank Inf Son of F.D. & Christia A. Bromley
BROMLEY, Infant 22 Dec 1857 Inf Dau of F.D. & Christia A. Bromley
BROMLEY, Infant Inf Son of F.D. & Christia A. Bromley
HYDE, John 25 Aug 1818 15 Apr 1876
HYDE, Lydia A. 23 May 1828 23 Mar 1909 (Stone erected by Credelia A. Taylor)
SEEGER, Mary J. 7 Apr 1831 8 Sep 1899 68y5m1d

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