Allison/Allinson Cemetery


E1/2, Section 31, Twp. 15N, Range 11W

The names Allison and Allinson are used interchangeably in many records. Allison being the most common. Allison Cemetery is located on what is known as Allison's Mound, west of Jacksonville, formerly Olmstead's Mound. A Mr. Olmstead erected a log cabin on the mound in 1820, and this is where the first election of Morgan County officers was held, and the first Circuit Court convened in April of 1823. This listing of tombstones was originally done by Walter R. Sanders of Litchfield. His list has been combined with a newer family listing by Mrs. Eldridge Roberts, formerly Mary Frances Hills, whose relatives are in this cemetery.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
ALLISON/ALLINSON, Adam Sr. 12 Sep 1801 26 Mar 1880 Born Yorkshire, Eng.
ALLISON/ALLINSON, Mary (Norwood) 27 Jul 1808 30 Nov 1874 60y 4m 9d Born Yorkshire, Eng.
ALLISON/ALLINSON, Adam Jr. 20 Jun 1834 8 Oct 1901
ALLISON/ALLINSON, Ruth (Jefferson) 1848 (11 Apr) 1909 60y 9m 10d Dau of Thomas Jefferson
ALLISON/ALLINSON, Adrienne 15 Nov 1873 1y 2m Dau of Adam & Ruth Allison/Allinson
FUNK, Ann 29 Dec 1836 23 Mar 1873 Wife of J.L. Funk
FUNK, Annie L. 5 Sep 1867 2y 11m 10d Dau of J.L. & Ann Funk
FUNK, Infant Aug/Sep 1881 4m Child of Mr. & Mrs. Mat Funk - No Stone
HILLS, Joseph "Joe" 1800 1869 No Stone
HILLS, Robert Norwood 30 Oct 1866 19y 6m Son of Robert & Sarah Hills
HILLS, Robert 20 Jan 1840 15 Mar 1923
HILLS, Sarah 1830 1911 Wife of Robert Hills
NORWOOD, Sarah 84y Probable burial; Born England
THOMASON, Adam Allison 27 Jan 1886 2d Born Lynnville, Ill.
THOMASON, William 8 Oct 1861 35y Wife was Mary Allinson Rawlings -
She remarried to George Branham.

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