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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

U - V

Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
275 UNKNOWN, Child M 1y 14 Jul 1880 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Dysentery Apthea Oakford Cem.
526 UNKNOWN, Child M 1m10d 13 Apr 1883 Tallula Tallula Pneumonia Unknown
866 UNKNOWN, Child M 3y 1888 S Petersburg Petersburg Membranous Croup Rose Hill Cem.
1146 UNKNOWN, Child F 1y12d 26 May 1896 S Greenview Greenview Septic russia fever Petersburg
5249 UNKNOWN, Female F 71y11m3d 4 Oct 1909 W Hamilton Co., IA 53y Fancy Prairie Apoplexy Fancy Creek Cem.
28 UNKNOWN, Infant F 3 or 4 Hrs 8 Apr 1878 Petersburg Petersburg Premature Birth Watkins Graveyard
162 UNKNOWN, Infant M 2d 10 Jul 1879 Petersburg Petersburg Spina Bifida Dorseth ?? Hill Cem.
205 UNKNOWN, Infant F 20hr 19 Nov 1879 Indian Creek Precinct Indian Creek Precinct Premature birth 6 1/2 months Godby Burying Ground
210 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1d 26 Dec 1879 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Unknown Oakford
237 UNKNOWN, Infant M 4d 14 Feb 1880 Nr. Oakford Near Oakford Imperforate Anus Oakford Cem.
281 UNKNOWN, Infant M 20d 3 Aug 1880 Indian Point Indian Point Anemia Indian Point Cem.
294 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1hr 20 Sep 1880 Indian Creek Precinct Life Indian Creek Precinct Premature birth
315 UNKNOWN, Infant F 4d 17 Oct 1880 S Petersburg Precinct always Petersburg Precinct Not Known Old Cem., Petersburg
322 UNKNOWN, Infant M 4m2d 13 Jan 1881 S Tallula Precinct Life Tallula Precinct Capillary Bronchitis
323 UNKNOWN, Infant F 3d 15 Jan 1881 S Oakford Precinct 3d Oakford Nettle Rash Oakford
380 UNKNOWN, Infant M 5d 19 Jul 1881 S Athens Life Athens Prec. - J. F. Walkers Unknown Lebanon Church
401 UNKNOWN, Infant F only a few hrs 17 Sep 1881 S Petersburg Petersburg Probably imperfect development Rose Hill Cem.
417 UNKNOWN, Infant M 6m 22 Nov 1881 S Athens Life Athens Premature birth
488 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1d 6 Dec 1882 S Petersburg Petersburg Deficient Vitality Rose Hill Cem.
517 UNKNOWN, Infant M 4m 10 Mar 1883 Menard Co. Life Rock Creek Inflamation of the brain
544 UNKNOWN, Infant F 4m24d 10 Aug 1883 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Cholera Infantum Hickory Grove Cem.
570 UNKNOWN, Infant M 2hrs 6 Nov 1883 S Menard Co. 2hrs Petersburg Premature birth Rose Hill Cem.
572 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1d 5 Dec 1883 S Oakford Oakford Imperfect Circulation Hickory Grove Cem.
612 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1hr 23 May 1884 S Menard Co. Life Greenview Precinct Premature Birth Sweetwater Cemetery
613 UNKNOWN, Infant M 15d 2 Jun 1884 S Menard Co. Life Greenview Precinct Malformation of heart Rose Hill Cem.
668 UNKNOWN, Infant F 5m11d 31 Jul 1885 Petersburg Petersburg Cerebral Congestion Petersburg Cem.
684 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1d 14 Nov 1885 S Greenview Precinct Life Greenview Precinct Premature birth Irish Grove Cem.
686 UNKNOWN, Infant F 3d 28 Dec 1885 S Petersburg Precinct 3d Petersburg Precinct Not Known
739 UNKNOWN, Infant F 15d 21 May 1887 S Greenview Life Greenview Pertussis Blanes Burial Ground
749 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1y1m Infant 10 Aug 1887 S Greenview Life Greenview Cholera Infantum Blane Cem.
759 UNKNOWN, Infant 6d 6 Nov 1887 S Menard Co. Life Menard Co. Thrush Indian Point Cem.
775 UNKNOWN, Infant F 7m 14 Dec 1887 S Petersburg 1y Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
784 UNKNOWN, Infant M 3m21d 24 Jan 1888 S Near Oakford Malnutrition Rose Hill Cem.
798 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1d 25 Feb 1888 S Petersburg Petersburg Premature birth Rose Hill Cem.
814 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1d 9 Jun 1888 S Petersburg Petersburg Infantile Convulsions Oakland Cem.
877 UNKNOWN, Infant M 1m1d Infant 31 Jan 1889 S Greenview Greenview Suffocated Bloomington, IL
964 UNKNOWN, Infant 1/2d 20 Jul 1890 Athens Athens Premature birth - 7 months Athens
1038 UNKNOWN, Infant M 15min 18 May 1892 S Petersburg Petersburg Precinct Probably premature birth Rose Hill Cem.
1062 UNKNOWN, Infant M 15 Oct 1893 S Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Congestal deformity Lebanon Cem.
1103 UNKNOWN, Infant F 22 Apr 1894 Petersburg Precinct Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1106 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1m10d 6 Feb 1895 S Greenview Greenview LaGrippe Rose Hill Cem.
1256 UNKNOWN, Infant M 3d 20 Mar 1902 S Loyd, IL life Convulsions Richland Cem.
1329 UNKNOWN, Infant F Few minutes None 18 Apr 1902 S IL life Rock Creek Precinct Premature birth
1342 UNKNOWN, Infant M 16 Oct 1902 nr. Oakford Still born German ME Cem.
1343 UNKNOWN, Infant M Infant 14 Oct 1902 Still birth Oakford Cem.
1449 UNKNOWN, Infant M 5 Mar 1903 Oakford Oakford Still birth asphyxiation neonatorium Oakford
4804 UNKNOWN, Infant F 5hrs 15 Sep 1906 Oakford Oakford Vitoleler Lou Oakford Cem.
4866 UNKNOWN, Infant F 10d 20 Jan 1907 Fancy Prairie Utericana
5179 UNKNOWN, Infant F 1m28d 12 Mar 1909 S IL Oakford Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
4694 UNKNOWN, Infant Child M 3hrs 25 Aug 1905 Menard Co. Twp. 18, Menard Co. Premature birth Murray Cem.
5190 UNKNOWN, J. H. M 40y1m22d Carpenter 30 Mar 1909 M Waverly, IL 40y Petersburg Anaemia Waverly, IL
498 UNKNOWN, Male M 24y Miner 13 Jan 1883 S Petersburg 21y Petersburg Consumption - measles Hickory Grove Cem.
605a UNKNOWN, Male M 80y6m25d Retired Merchant 1 Apr 1884 M VA 50y Petersburg Pulmonary Congestion
4558 UNKNOWN, Male M about 37y Unknown 1 Jun 1905 Unknown Fancy Prairie Unknown
219 UNKNOWN, Not Named M 1d 23 Dec 1879 Petersburg Precinct Petersburg Precinct Unknown Oakford
467 UNKNOWN, Twin M 19 Aug 1882 Oakford Oakford General debility Oakford Cem.
467 UNKNOWN, Twin M 20 Aug 1882 Oakford Oakford General debility Oakford Cem.
737 UNKNOWN, Winnifred F 3m 26 May 1887 S Greenview Life Greenview Precinct Pertussis or Whooping Cough Sugar Grove Cem.
523 UPDIKE, Liscumb T. M 17y4m2d Farm Hand 1 Apr 1883 S Menard Co. always Petersburg Precinct Suicide by hanging Rose Hill Cem.
14242 UPTON, Frank J. M 43y Railroad Engineer 6 Sep 1903 M PA 10y Greenview Explosion of boiler on C. & A. R.R. Not Known
1087 VAN DORNUM, Henricka F 61y10m27d Housekeeper 25 Jul 1894 W Germany 2y Tallula Precinct Enteritis Hash Cem.
4847 VAN EMAN, Bonetra Pearl F 31d 5 Dec 1906 Indian Point Indian Point Conoupionis Lebanon Cem.
4559 VAN NATTAN, Joseph M 74y2m24d Farmer 4 Jun 1905 M Fleming Co., KY Athens Heart failure Hall Cem.
222 VAN NATTAN, William S. M 17y4m22d Farmer 8 Jan 1880 S Fleming Co., KY 11y Nr. Petersburg Typhoid pulmonary ordema Lebanan Church
14486 VAN ZANDT, George (Mrs) F 65y10m12d Housewife 20 Jan 1905 M IL Petersburg Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis East Cem., Jacksonville
1393 VANBUREN, Henry M 47y6m2d Carpenter 19 Sep 1902 M Mobblin?, MN 23y Petersburg Chronic Pulmonary tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
34 VANDEVERE, Charles H. M 25y2m7d Railroad Laborer 29 Mar 1878 S IL 10y Petersburg Railroad Accident Havana
4908 VANLANDINGHAM, Katherine F 36y8m2d Housewife 10 Apr 1907 M USA 5y Athens Septic infection - abortion Athens
430 VANLANDINGHAM, Thomas J. M 18y Farmer 19 Jan 1882 S Flemington Co., KY 2y Athens Precinct Hanging by his own hands - halter rein Athens
14369 VANLOON, Callie F 64y11m27d Housekeeper 22 Jan 1904 W PA Greenview Pulmonary Consumption Mason City, IL
14283 VANNATIN, Maggie F 32y Housewife 12 Jan 1904 M KY Tice, IL Pneumonia Petersburg
14313 VANNATTAN, Herbert M 2y1m6d 6 Mar 1904 Cantrall, IL 2y Menard Co. Broncho Pneumonia Baker's Prairie Cem.
14412 VAUGHN, Sena F 27y1m3d Housewife 22 Aug 1904 M WV 13y Atterberry Heart clot Mt. Olive, Cass Co., IL
14340 VESNISKA, Telphela F 41y6m Housewife 12 Apr 1904 M Russia 10y Athens Rupture of Tubal pregnancy Springfield, IL
1424 VOGT, Anna F 5m2d 16 Jan 1903 S Cass Co., IL Richmond Precinct, Cass Co. Pneumonia Duncheon Cem.
6236 VOGT, Charles M 45y4m15d Farmer 27 Aug 1909 M IL 45y 6 mi North of Tallula Injury to head & spine Calvary Cem.
1208 VON HAGLE, Albert M 78y9m20d Farmer 10 Feb 1899 M North Germany Petersburg Chronic Brights Disease Rose Hill Cem.
5031 VON HAGLE, Hedwig F 83y3m10d 9 Feb 1908 W Hanover, Germany 60y Petersburg Pulmonary Edema Springfield, IL

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