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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
998 SACHLEBEIN, John M 68y3m2d Farmer 18 Mar 1891 M LaGrippe Sugar Grove
585 SAFE, Carl Gustaf M 72y6m18d Farmer 7 Feb 1884 M Odenshog Imkoping Sweden 16y Sweetwater Morbus Brighti Sweetwater Cemetery
4702 SALTZ, James Edward M 23y11m9d Farmer 8 Sep 1905 S Havana 23y Menard Co. Peritonitis from horse kick Mason City, IL
1035 SALVORSON, Rachael F 59y 22 Feb 1892 M Norway Petersburg LaGrippe Rose Hill Cem.
72 SALYARD, Samuel M 30y11m24d Farmer 14 Sep 1878 S OH 9d Menard Co. Pernicious Intermittent Fever Hash Cemetery
41 SALZENSTEIN, Bertha F 3y8m10d 14 May 1878 S Athens Athens Pseudo Membranous Laryngitis Springfield, IL
4717 SALZENSTEIN, Eli M 63y1m13d Stock buyer 15 Nov 1905 M Germany, Jewish Athens Endocarditis & arterio scleresis Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
923 SALZENSTEIN, Henrietta F 80y10m29d 5 Nov 1889 W Germany 20y Athens Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield
298 SALZENSTEIN, Isaac M 6y2m Sprightly Schoolboy 1880 Athens Athens Enteritis fm eating nuts & candies Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield
602 SALZENSTEIN, Louis M 73y15d Merchant 29 Mar 1884 M Holsdorf, Kuer, Hessen, Ger. 41y Athens Gastro-entritis Oakridge Cem., Sangamon Co., IL
11 SALZENSTEIN, Morris M 1y6m5d 15 Dec 1877 M Athens Athens Poisoning with concentrated lye - accident Oak Ridge Cem.
14293 SALZENSTEIN, Myer M 48y5m20d General Merchant 5 Feb 1904 M Athens Athens Pernicious Anemia Oakridge Cem., Springfield, IL
347 SALZENSTEIN, Sol M 1y2m21d 9 May 1881 S Athens Life Athens Tetanic spasms Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield
649 SALZENSTEIN, Stella F 2y 9 Jan 1885 S Athens Life Athens Inflammation of brain Jew's Cem., Springfield, IL
648 SAMPLE, O. P. M 38y Farmer 5 Jan 1885 M OH Athens Precinct Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Petersburg, IL
547 SAMPSON, Claude M 10d 26 Aug 1883 S Menard Co. Life Menard Co. Inanition Sugar Grove Cem.
1101 SAMPSON, Claude M 1y9m23d Infant 12 Dec 1894 S Greenview Greenview Typhoid Fever Sweetwater Cem.
196 SAMPSON, Curtis M 18y4m10d Farmer 22 Oct 1879 S Menard Co. 18y 5 mi SE Petersburg Typhoid Fever
1102 SAMPSON, Ellen F 26y5m10d Housewife 10 Dec 1894 M Greenview Greenview Typhoid Fever Sweetwater Cem.
1109 SAMPSON, Joseph M 63y11m26d Farmer & Stock Shipper 20 Feb 1895 S Menard Co. Greenview Typhoid Fever Sweetwater Cem.
4740 SAMPSON, Lethia Jane F 66y11m1d Housewife 6 Feb 1906 W IN 57y Greenview Valvular disease of heart Sugar Grove Cem.
982 SAMUELS, Charles R. M 21y9m School Teacher 14 May 1890 S Mason Co., IL Petersburg Gangenous Erissippelus
413 SANDERS, Ada F 6m5d 31 Oct 1881 S Greenview Life Greenview Inanition
4968 SANDERSON, Jennie F 67y5m3d 23 May 1907 Menard Co. 67y Menard Co. paralysis apoplexy Irish Grove Cem.
14262 SANDRUFEL, Infant of John M 1m24d 29 Nov 1903 IL Malnutrition Athens
1360 SANGREL, Helen Inez F 2y11m 23 Aug 1902 S Creig, NE 2y Sweetwater Peritonitis Sugar Grove Cem.
5062 SATORIUS, Albert Janssen M 35y3m22d Laborer 5 Jan 1908 M IL Petersburg Chronic Parenchymatour Rose Hill Cem.
64 SAUNDERS, Elmer E. M 3y10m11d 19 Aug 1878 Nr. Springfield, IL Greenview Diphtheria Sugar Grove Cem.
1255 SAVAGE, Bessie Belle F 18y4m 9 Nov 1901 S Cass Co., IL life Tallula Heart failure Virginia, IL
189 SAWYER, Mary Angeline F 4y4d 3 Oct 1879 S Petersburg always Petersburg Scarlet Fever Rose Hill Cem.
4690 SAYRE, Cloyd M 18y Laborer 16 Aug 1905 S Tallula 68y Tallula Accidental jumping off train Greenwood Cem.
229 SCAGGS, James B. M 39y Farmer 30 Jan 1880 M Greene Co., KY 36y at his home nr Oakford Double Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
622 SCANTLIN, Infant M 7m 1 Aug 1884 S Athens Life Athens Precinct Lebanon Cem.
716 SCANTLING, Kirby M 4m17d 10 Jan 1887 S Menard Co. Life Near Tice Station Pnumonia Indian Point Cem.
4696 SCBUNK, Phillip M 26y Laborer 3 Sep 1905 S Petersburg Accident due to falling of excursion train Shipped to Peoria
14324 SCHAFER, Carl Gottlieb M 80y4m25d Farmer 26 Mar 1904 W Germany 21y Nr. Petersburg Acute heart failure Rose Hill Cem.
14225 SCHAFER, Christina F 26y11m3d Housewife 28 Jul 1903 M IL 26y Petersburg Gastric Ulcer Rose Hill Cem.
4704 SCHAFER, Hermon B. M 10m15d Infant 3 Oct 1905 Colorado Menard Co. Ilea Colitis Calvary Cem.
811 SCHIRDING, Emma F 14y 10 May 1888 S Menard Co. 14y 1 1/2 m N. of Petersburg Congestion of lungs Oakland Cem.
5050 SCHIRDING, Mary C. F 69y11m24d Housewife 24 Mar 1908 M Hanover, Germany 48y Petersburg Heart complication Oakland Cem.
4729 SCHMIDT, Gus M 30y Coal Miner 18 Dec 1905 S Germany Petersburg Accidental run over by car Rose Hill Cem.
4983 SCHMIDT, Louis M 83y8m19d Farmer 13 Oct 1907 W Germany 40y 6 mi South of Petersburg General debility from cirrhosis of liver Rose Hill Cem.
5150 SCHNEIDER, Joseph M 63y3m15d Shoemaker 4 Jan 1909 M France 27y Athens Heart disease West Cem., Athens
1193 SCHOBER, Helene J. F 69y7m Housewife 25 Mar 1898 M Prussia 14m Menard Co. Heart failure Rose Hill Cem.
5245 SCHOFIELD, Minnie Alice F 54y1m3d Housewife 16 Oct 1909 W IL 54y Sweetwater Heart failure after pulmonary hemorrhage Indian Point Cem.
14490 SCHONEWEIS, William M 65y9m8d Farmer 27 Jan 1905 M Germany 35y Tallula Precinct Chronic Brights Disease Rose Hill Cem.
1410 SCHONEWIS, Sophie F 68y1m14d Housewife 7/9 Dec 1902 M Germany 51y Petersburg Acute Bronchitis Sandridge
424 SCHRODER, George M 4y8m1d 25 Dec 1881 S Sandridge Precinct always Petersburg Herndenuria Paroxysinial Rose Hill Cem.
228 SCHROEDER, Henry M 56y17d Farmer 25 Jan 1880 M Belfast 26y Oakford Ascites Abeliminal Chandlerville, IL
930 SCHUBERT, Samuel M 38y7d Butcher 23 Dec 1889 M Switzerland 8y Athens Compression of brain - thrown from horse Athens Cem.
4829 SCHULTZ, Cecil Ray M 5m5d Infant 4 Oct 1906 S Menard Co. life Petersburg Acute enteritis Concord
5286 SCOTT, Hulda F 55y6m8d Housewife 23 Feb 1910 W IL Athens Pneumonia Athens
208 SCOTT, John Henry M 15y Mining for coal 3 Dec 1879 S IL 15y Tallula Peritonitis Simple White Cemetery
194 SCOTT, Mary F 35y5m8d Housewife 19 Oct 1879 M Bedford Co., KY 15y Tallula Typha Malarial Fever Union Cemetery
1409 SCOTT, Preston Smith M 87y4m4d Justice of Peace 3 Dec 1902 M VA 46y Petersburg Heart Failure Rose Hill Cem.
879 SCULLY, James M 70y Farmer 18 Feb 1889 M Ireland 40y Indian Creek Precinct Bodily injuries by runaway train Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
4776 SEAMAN, Elizabeth Ellen F 37y6m14d 3 Jun 1906 S IL 37y Petersburg Pulmonary tuberculosis Hickory Grove Cem.
346 SEAMAN, Morris M 42y6m15d Farmer 1 May 1881 M IL Life Rock Creek Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Hickory Grove Cem.
914 SEEMAN, Frank M. M 2y8m17d 2 Oct 1889 S Greenview Greenview Trachael Diphtheria Sweetwater Cemetery
4755 SEESE, Jacob M 74y9m22d Retired hardware mercnt 17 Feb 1906 M Westmorland Co., PA 51y Petersburg Strangulation during fit of epilepsy Rose Hill Cem.
861 SEESE, Mary A. F 25y5m17d Housekeeper 17 Dec 1888 M Petersburg 25y Petersburg Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
5072 SEIPEL, Sophie Schmidt F 43y10m19d Housewife 10 Jun 1908 M Oldenberg, Germany Athens Heart Failure Hall Cem.
1185 SEIPPERLY, Martha A. F 41y2m Housewife 15 Aug 1898 M 41y Greenview Uremia poisoning Sugar Grove Cem.
14221 SELIGMAN, Daniel M 68y6m16d Merchant 22 Jul 1903 M Hattenberg, Germany Many Athens Senile gangrene of right foot Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
5258 SELIGMAN, David M 40y2m3d Merchant 3 Oct 1909 S Springfield, IL life Family resided in Athens Valvular disease of heart Oak Ridge
857 SELURS, Mary F 36y 15 Oct 1888 M Germany Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
105 SENTER, Mercy J. F 3y10m5d 1 Sep 1878 Sandridge Sandridge Congestive Chill - dead when I arrived Shipley Burying Ground
785 SENTERS, Nancy F 87y9m12d 26 Jan 1888 W VA Sandridge Old Age Kirby Cem.
4835 SEWALL, Martha F 69y Housewife 2 Nov 1906 M WV 19y Menard Co. General paralysis Farmer's Point Cem.
4498 SEWELL, Joseph M 22y Farmer 3 Feb 1905 S WV 20y Menard Co. Lung Fever & relapse Colby Cem.
1163 SEXTON, James M 55y Laborer 21 Jul 1896 S County Clare, IRE 25y Fancy Prairie Heart failure Murray Cem.
14318 SEXTON, Lydia F 50y Housewife 25 Feb 1904 M Pike Co., IL 50y Walnut Grove Pneumonia following LaGrippe Hickory Grove Cem.
1369 SHAFER, Ethelburt L. M 2m7d 1 Jul 1902 S Cass Co., IL life Tallula Precinct Morosmus Greenwood Cem.
163 SHANNON, Rebecca Ann F 25y 13 Jul 1879 M Decatur Co., IN Nr. Tice Station Phthisis Pulmonalis Athens
147 SHARP, August M 3m7d 12 Apr 1879 S Sweetwater Sweetwater Capillary Bronchitis Sweetwater Cemetery
471 SHARP, Eva F 10m17d 28 Aug 1882 S Sweetwater Sweetwater Dysentery Sweetwater Cemetery
108 SHARP, John Andrew M (Not Given) Merchant 15 Sep 1878 W Helmstadt, Baden, Germany 24y11m Sweetwater Hepatitis Oakridge, Sangamon Co., IL
5026 SHAW, Mary Jane Chandler F 77y7m23d Housewife 20 Jan 1908 W Situate, RI 60y Petersburg Cardiac asthma Chandlerville, IL
63 SHEA, Mary F 62y 24 Aug 1878 W Chesswater Co., Cornwall Eng 2y Athens Precinct Amasarca Claypoles Burying Ground Athens Pct.
1231 SHELTON, Joseph M 20d 17 Mar 1900 S Greenview 20d Greenview Acute Inabrition Sugar Grove Cem.
1450 SHENEMAN, John F. M 45y10m1d Farmer 12 Mar 1903 M IL 45y Irish Grove Diabetes Mellitus Walnut Ridge Cem.
1090 SHEPHERD, Henry L. M 61y R.R. Running 19 Apr 1894 M VA Petersburg Pulmonary disease Rose Hill Cem.
948 SHEPHERD, James M 79y11m5d Retired Farmer 15 Dec 1889 M Scotland Petersburg Valvular disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
100 SHINEMAN, Marsha Maria F 22y 21 Dec 1878 M Athens 22y Menard Co. Puerperal Peritonitis Athens
14332 SHIPLER, Infant of Gus M still born 12 Mar 1904 Petersburg Petersburg Unknown Rose Hill Cem.
14319 SHIPLEY, Clairmont Wayne M 1y6m14d 31 Mar 1904 Menard Co. life Sandridge Precinct Acute Ileo Colitis Oakland Cem.
1383 SHIPLEY, Evalina Iva F 2y4m13d 11 Aug 1902 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Cholera Infantum Oakland Cem.
253 SHIPLEY, Violetta F 60y 28 Mar 1880 S KY 50y Petersburg Typhoid Fever Shipley Burying Ground
272 SHIPP, Ethel F 1y8m Milkmaid 6 Jul 1880 S Petersburg 1y Petersburg Cholera Infantum Rose Hill Cem.
4742 SHOCKEY, Nettie Janetta F 21y6m29d Housewife 13 Feb 1906 M Menard Co. life Menard Co. Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
1328 SHORT, Jennie F 8y6m 24 Apr 1902 S IL life Nr. Salisbury Pulmonary Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
795 SHOWALTER, Willie M 7m 17 Feb 1888 S Cantrall, IL Sweetwater Serofula Athens
1355 SHREVES, Plina F 69y8m21d Housewife 13 Jun 1902 M KY Greenview Cancer of the liver Lebanon Cem.
979 SHUBERT, Samuel M 72y 8 Sep 1883 M OH 30y Petersburg Disease of valves of heart Rock Creek Cem.
693 SIMMONS, Mary Bush F 82y12d 9 Feb 1884 East Virginia 18y 2 mi S of Athens General Debility, old age Power's Cemetery
221 SIMONS, Ona Lastilla F 1y1m10d 5 Jan 1880 S Petersburg Petersburg Congestion of lungs Petersburg Cem.
14343 SIMONS, Serrapa F 66y2m15d Housewife 24 Apr 1904 M Menard Co. life Petersburg Tuberculosis of Larnyx Oakland Cem.
4778 SIMONS, Werner Vane M 12y8m18d School boy 4 Jun 1906 S Petersburg 12y Petersburg Accidental drowning Oakland Cem.
1389 SIMPSON, Mary E. F 81y10m23d 31 Aug 1902 W KY 75y Tallula Precinct Natural causes Greenwood Cem.
391 SINNOTT, Catharine E. F 9m12d Babe 16 Aug 1881 S Menard Co. Since birth Petersburg Precinct Congestion of the brain Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
891 SLOW, John M 1y9m 30 Apr 1889 S Springfield, IL Tallula Burned to death Petersburg
439 SMALL, Susan F 74y9m 10 Feb 1882 M Ireland 31y Rock Creek Precinct Accute Bronchitis Rock Creek Cem.
1068 SMALL, William M 55y10m13d Farmer 16 Jan 1894 M Canada 42y Rock Creek Precinct Hemephlegia Rock Creek Cem.
4949 SMEDLEY, Lula F 56y3m Housekeeper 8 Sep 1907 S IL Tallula Pulmonary Hemorrhage Greenwood Cem.
14182 SMITH, Edward James M 23y7m27d Laborer 30 Apr 1903 S Menard Co. 23y Petersburg Shock - amputation of leg above knee Farmer's Point Cem.
1407 SMITH, Ethel F 15y7m1d 20 Nov 1902 S Petersburg 15y Petersburg Suffocation, Hypertrophy of heart Rose Hill Cem.
974 SMITH, Fred M Farm Hand 15 Oct 1890 M Germany Greenview Congestive chill Sweetwater
5120 SMITH, Harry Lee M 3m27d Infant 28 Nov 1908 S Petersburg Petersburg Congestion of the brain Farmer's Point Cem.
182 SMITH, Hezekiah J. B. M 77y4m6d 15 Sep 1879 W Long Island, NY 40y Greenview Old Age Irish Grove
5228 SMITH, Inez F 24y School Teacher 12 Aug 1909 S Kiilbourne, IL life 1/8 mile SE of LIncoln Accidental drowning Bath, IL
14187 SMITH, Infant Son of G. W. M 1y6m 3 Jun 1903 S Petersburg 1y Petersburg Inflamation of Brain Farmer's Point Cem.
143 SMITH, J. W. M 38y Farmer 20 Mar 1879 M NJ 21y Athens Precinct Chronic Alcholism Van Meter's Cemetery
552 SMITH, Jacob M 50y3m1d Farm Hand 1 Sep 1883 M IN 20y Sandridge Precinct Heart Disease Oakford Cem.
834 SMITH, Lafayette M 55y4m10d Wholesale Grocer 1 Sep 1888 M Sangamon Co., IL Petersburg Brights disease of kidneys Springfield, IL
14317 SMITH, Lewis M 81y1m7d Farmer 25 Feb 1904 M Richland Co., OH over 50y Rock Creek Precinct Malignant disease of liver Farmer's Point Cem.
184 SMITH, Lucy Lee F 38y7m20d 25 Sep 1879 M Menard Co. 34y Sweetwater Precinct Diabetis Meltilis Irish Grove Cem.
5187 SMITH, Mable D. F 26y7m15d Housewife 23 Apr 1909 M IL life Indian Creek Precinct Meningitis, tuberculosis Elmwood
701 SMITH, Margaret Ann F 50y8m3d Housewife 26 Apr 1886 M Hart Co., KY 14y Petersburg Surrhue of uterus Big Grove, Mason Co.
90 SMITH, Mary F 51y9m13d Farmer's Wife 1 Dec 1878 M Greene Co., TN 43y Sandridge Precinct typhoid Pneumonia Shipley Burying Ground
520 SMITH, Mary F 1y1m13d 24 Mar 1883 KS Greenview Pneumonia Louisiana, MO
5057 SMITH, Mary Virginia F 64y5m26d Housewife 1 May 1908 W IL life Rock Creek Precinct Apoplexy Farmer's Point Cem.
773 SMITH, Samuel Edgar M 6y5m6d 6 Oct 1887 S 6y Clary's Creek Membraneous Diphtheria Little Grove Cem.
4762 SMITH, Tillmon Carl M 1y5m8d Infant 3 Apr 1906 S Petersburg life Petersburg Inflamation of brain Farmer's Point Cem.
837 SMITH, Vincent M 67y17d 10 Sep 1888 M OH Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Big Grove, Mason Co.
703 SMOCK, Jacob S. M 50y6m11d Farmer 7 May 1886 W Scott Co., IN 30y Athens Dropsical Effusion Sugar Grove Cem.
4555 SMOOT, Catharine Ann F 74y5m23d Housewife 28 Apr 1905 M Menard Co. 74y Indian Creek Precinct Cardiac hepestrophy Rose Hill Cem.
4687 SMOOT, William Coleman M 75y5m28d Farmer 11 Aug 1905 W KY 74y Indian Creek Precinct Cerebral Embolism Rose Hill Cem.
302 SNODGRASS, Joseph M 80y2m8d Farmer 8 Sep 1880 W Giles Co., VA 30y Indian Creek Renal disease Godbey Grave Yard
1245 SOAL, Barnard M 69y3m12d Tailor 26 Jun 1900 W 40y Menard County Poor House Concussion of brain - fell from hay wagon Rose Hill Cem.
5200 SOWERS, Infant of Luther M 2hrs 16 May 1909 S IL Athens Premature birth Athens
4716 SOWERS, Winnie Ethel F 7y8m10d School attendant 14 Nov 1905 S Floyd Co., VA 1 1/2y Tallula Cerebro spinal meningitis Greenwood Cem.
1373 SPAULDING, Baby F 5hrs 8 Jul 1902 Tallula life Tallula White Cem.
1440 SPCOURAY, Maud F 35y Housewife 14 Feb 1903 M Athens Pneumonia Waverly
5037 SPEAR, Elisha G. M 32y18d Farmer 15 Feb 1908 M Menard Co. 32y Greenview Cirrosis of liver Elmwood
5122 SPEARS, Ewing M 68y Farmer 2 Jun 1908 M Tallula 30y Tallula Nephritis chronic State of Kansas
14487 SPEARS, George C. M 82y9m5d Retired Farmer 23 Jan 1905 M KY most of life Tallula Acute Bronchitis & asthma Greenwood Cem.
368 SPEARS, Infant of R.F. M 4hr 8 May 1881 S Tallula Precinct Tallula Precinct Family Cemetery
14471 SPEARS, James Roscoe M 21y4m5d Telegraph Operator 3 Jan 1905 S Tallula 21y Tallula Tuberculosis Greenwood Cem.
49 SPEARS, Mariah W F 75y6m7d Farmer's Wife 23 Jun 1878 M VA 53y Tallula Precinct Obstinate Constipation Family burying ground on home place
5082 SPEARS, Sarah C. C. F 84y8m22d Housewife 28 Jun 1908 W VA 72y Twp. 18, Near Petersburg Uraemic poisoning Oakland Cem.
4743 SPEER, James F. M 78y7m25d Farmer 16 Feb 1906 W KY 56y Menard Co. Septicaemia following abortion Greenwood Cem.
14342 SPENCE, Charles Sylvester M 49y9m7d Farmer 17 Apr 1904 M NJ 26y Middletown, IL Cancer of Rectum & bowel Irish Grove Cem.
14459 SPENCE, Edward M 8y8m1d Child 2 Dec 1904 S Menard Co. 8y Middletown, IL Meningitis Irish Grove Cem.
14286 SPILLY, Catherine Maria F 36y8m Housewife 18 Jan 1904 M Menard Co. 36y Oakford Tuberculosis of lungs Oakford Cem.
1457 SPILLY, Diedrich M 81y10m12d Retired Farmer 23 Mar 1903 M Germany 46y Petersburg Brights disease Oakford
519 SPRINKLE, Alvinal F 34y7m3d Housewife 21 Mar 1883 M Germany 24y Sandridge Precinct Peritonitis Hickory Cem.
14431 SPROUSE, James M 70y6m11d Laborer 23 Oct 1904 M Gallia Co., OH 17y Greenview Pneumonia Sugar Grove Cem.
122 ST. CLAIR, Oscar M 5m2d 21 Nov 1878 S Menard Co. Sandridge Diphtheria Concord Burial Ground
5253 STAHL, Baby F 4 1/2hrs 13 Aug 1909 Menard Co. Sandridge Precinct Premature birth German Cem.
4917 STAHL, David M 65y4m9d Farmer 7 Jun 1907 M Germany 33y Sandridge Precinct Cancer of stomach Oakford Cem.
1205 STAMP, Clarence M 38y Laborer 6 Nov 1898 S NY 45y Fancy Prairie Precinct Unknown
553 STARK, Nellie F 3 Sep 1883 S Athens Precinct Life Athens Precinct Preternatural Labor & delay in getting doctor Athens Cem.
459 STARKS, Aquilla M 2hrs 12 Jul 1882 S Menard Co. Life Athens Precinct Hereditary Weakness Athens Cem.
460 STARKS, Priscilla F 8hrs 12 Jul 1882 S Life Athens Precinct Hereditary Weakness Athens Cem.
191 STEARNS, Wilber M 4y 7 Oct 1879 S Chicago, IL Petersburg Scarlitina Maligna Rose Hill Cem.
1470 STEIN, Fanny F 61y Housewife 19 May 1903 W Ireland 5y Athens Tuberculosis Athens
279 STEIN, William M 22y2m5d Farmer 31 Jul 1880 S Petersburg 22y Petersburg Pistol Shot Rose Hill Cem.
603 STENCROGER, Julia F 35y2m Housekeeper 31 Mar 1884 M Demont 13y Sandridge Precinct Remittent Fever German Cem.
482 STEPHENSON, Stephen A. M 22y Mill Hand 12 Oct 1882 S Sangamon Co., IL 22y Indian Creek Precinct Explosion of the mill boiler Salisbury, Sangamon Co., IL
636 STEVENS, Elizabeth Jane F 69y11d 8 Nov 1884 W Baltimore, MD about 33y Res.of P.M. Knoles Malignant disease of kidney and uterus Rose Hill Cem.
5284 STEVENS, Norman Arbuckle M 8m14d Infant 14 Feb 1910 S Greenview Greenview Broncho pneumonia Irish Grove Cem.
722 STEVENS, Rebecca E. F 28y Wife 5 Feb 1887 M PA 24y Greenview Precinct Puerperal Peritonitis Irish Grove Cem.
4881 STEVENS, Russell W. M 63y11m4d Farming 19 Feb 1907 S Caralton, NY 47y Greenview Valvular disease of heart Elmwood
5252 STEWART, Homer M 79y5m28d Druggist (formerly) 8 Nov 1909 W Portage Co., OH 63y nr. sweetwater Died suddenly from heart complication Rose Hill Cem.
14493 STILTZ, Addie E. F 44y6m20d Housewife 31 Jan 1905 M Morgan Co., IL 44y 4 3/4 mi NW of Tallula Measles - pneumonia Greenwood Cem.
234 STITH, Harry Creel M 8wks 14 Feb 1880 Menard Co. Parents Residence Maxilary Abscess Oakford Cem.
768 STITH, Thomas Milton M 67y3m4d Retired Farmer 24 Dec 1887 M Madison Co., KY 40y Petersburg Fatty degeneration of the heart Oakland Cem.
4876 STOLTZ, Joseph M 86y9m18d 29 Oct 1907 S Germany East Petersburg precinct Chronic bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
276 STONE, Asa M 2y4m21d 26 Jul 1880 S Greenview 2y Greenview Chronic Nephritis South Cem. - Irish Grove
5173 STONE, Bird M 80y Farmer 6 May 1909 S IL life Fancy Prairie Nephritis Walnut Ridge
901 STONE, Hattie E. F 35y4m22d Dressmaker 4 Jul 1889 W Menard Co. Greenview Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
755 STONE, Henry M 50y Farmer 4 Oct 1887 M Menard Co. 50y Menard Typo Malarial Fever Murray's Cem.
1011 STONE, James Albert M 49y6m10d Butcher 27 Oct 1891 KY Greenview Gun shot wound Rose Hill Cem.
855 STONE, Jane Eliza F 53y11m13d Housekeeper 28 Oct 1888 S 54y Irish Grove Exophtalmia Goiter Irish Grove Cem.
89 STONE, Loretta F 3m29d 18 Sep 1878 S Oakford Oakford Cholera Infantum Bap. Ch. Cem., Richmond Pct., Cass Co.
1081 STONE, Lucy F 14y1m6d Child 28 Apr 1894 S IA 10y Greenview Precinct Albumenosia Irish Grove Cem.
54 STONE, Luther M 1y7m25d 12 Jul 1878 S Menard Co. 1y Menard Co. Congestion Brain Nr Greenview, Menard Co.
849 STONE, Mamie F 12y1m4d 12 Oct 1888 S Sugar Grove Precinct Greenview Diphtheria Irish Grove Cem.
1340 STONE, Maria A. F 74y10m Farmer's wife 24 Aug 1902 VA Athens Anemia West Cem., Athens
1050 STONE, Matilda F 80y5m11d Housewife 24 Feb 1893 W KY Greenview Malingular disease of breast Indian Point Cem.
14492 STONE, Stephen M 75y3m12d Farmer 28 Jan 1905 M Adair Co., KY 74y Sweetwater Precinct Hemorrhage of bowels Walnut Ridge Cem.
5038 STONE, Truman M about 80 Farmer 22 Feb 1908 W Seneca, OH Indian Creek Precinct Acute indigestion Walker Twp.
5068 STONLEY, Mabel F 6y5m6d 27 May 1908 S Tallula Tallula Peritonitis Green
1014 STOUT, Elias H. M 63y7m Farmer 14 Aug 1891 M OH Rock Creek Precinct Paralysis Pleasant Plains, IL
807 STOUT, Infant Dau of David F 9m 24 Feb 1888 S Tallula Precinct Tallula Precinct Blood poisoning from abscess of scalp
4995 STRADER, Mary Jane F 71y8m25d Housewife 16 Dec 1907 W Menard Co. 71y Petersburg Precinct Disease of lungs Rose Hill Cem.
5185 STRINGFIELD, Helen F 6m 21 Mar 1909 S IL Athens Whooping cough Brittin Cem.
14424 STRINGFIELD, Infant M 1d 3 Oct 1904 Nr. Fancy Prairie Foramea Avals failed to close
14426 STRINGFIELD, Infant F 2d 4 Oct 1904 Menard Co. Nr. Fancy Prairie Foramere Ovale did not close
1419 STRINGFIELD, Viola Jeul F 37d 9 Jan 1903 S Athens Athens Broncho Pneumonia Brittin Cem., near Cantrall
1159 STRUWE, Harmon M 42y Farmer 4 Nov 1896 M Germany 25y Greenview Malarial Fever Rose Hill Cem.
14406 STRUWE, Regina F 74y10m29d Housewife 9 Aug 1904 W Germany 32y Ordema of Lungs Rose Hill Cem.
453 STUBBLEFIELD, James M 25y3m Farmer 29 May 1882 M MD 8y Athens Precinct Spasm Heart Athens Cem.
719 STURGEON, Archibald M 54y 1 Feb 1887 M OH 36y Greenview Meningeal Hemhorrage Mill Grove Cem., Logan Co., IL
741 STURGEON, Mary F 25y6m9d Seamstress 10 Jun 1887 S Greenview Malarial Fever Illegible (???? Grove)
4769 STURGIS, Samuel Henry M 66y8m5d Retired 7 May 1906 M MO 38y Sweetwater Chronic Cystitis Rose Hill Cem.
677 SULLIVAN, Bridget F 30y 22 Sep 1885 M Don't know Greenview Typhoid or Enteric fever Springfield, IL
5207 SULLIVAN, Infant of John & Minnie M 1hr 29 Jun 1909 Petersburg Petersburg Non-development - miscarriage 7th month Rose Hill Cem.
277 SULLIVAN, Michael M 53y Section Hand 27 Jul 1880 M Petersburg Cholera Morbus Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
14466 SUMAN, Martha A. F 79y22d Inmate of Alms House 26 Dec 1904 W MO 56y Petersburg East Precinct Chronic Nephritis Mason City, IL
278 SUTTON, Annie F 3m25d Child 28 Jul 1880 Rock Creek Precinct Rock Creek Precinct Whooping Cough Hickory Grove Cem.
1232 SUTTON, Emeline S. F 78y4m28d 25 Mar 1900 W NJ 62y Rock Creek Precinct Old Age & cancer Hickory Grove Cem.
5064 SUTTON, Joseph A. M 63y6m Farmer 22 Feb 1908 M Sangamon Co., IL 63y Rock Creek Precinct Cancer of prostate gland Hickory Grove Cem.
666 SUTTON, Laura F 23y1m17d Tailoress 15 Jul 1885 S Menard Co. since birth Petersburg Chronic Pneumonia Oakland Cem.
1272 SUTTON, Milton R. M 37y Minister 31 Jan 1902 M Athens Pulmonary tuberculosis West Cem., Athens
1004 SUTTON, Samuel M 82y9m25d Farmer 17 Jul 1891 M PA Rock Creek Valvular disease Hickory Grove Cem.
606 SUTTON, Susan F 11m21d 9 Apr 1884 S Rock Creek Precinct Since birth Rock Creek Precinct Congestion of Brain Hickory Grove Cem.
461 SWARINGUIN, Arnold M 7m28d 26 Jul 1882 S Athens Life Athens Cholera Infantum Athens Cem.
5127 SWARINGUIN, Louis M 24y 5 Dec 1908 S Athens life Athens Ruptured heart valve Hall Cem.
1270 SWARINGUIN, Martha Frances F 64y7m16d 12 Feb 1902 Athens 64y Athens Lobar Pneumonia Hall Cem.
427 SWEARINGUIN, Mary F 42y4m Housekeeper 28 Dec 1881 M Menard Co. Life Athens Pulmonary appoplexy after labor Athens
1315 SWINGLE, Adeline F 87y8m Housewife 21 Jun 1902 KY life Athens Cancer of breast Lebanon Cem.
1161 SWINKANE, T. S. M 23y2m Brakeman on R.R. 15 Jul 1897 S Galva, IL 23y Tallula Run over by box car Galva, IL
1079 SYKES, Ira M 63y23d Laborer 3 Jun 1894 W OH 6m Sweetwater Unknown - no evidence of accident Sweetwater
697 SYKES, Sarah F 75y10m8d 12 Mar 1886 W NC 46y Menard Co. Softening of brain Sweetwater Cemetery

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