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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
14188 IMKEY, Child of Jennie F 1d 5 Jun 1903 Athens Athens Premature birth West Cem., Athens
588 IRVING, James M 37y11m21d Farm Laborer 10 Jul 1884 S 37y Res. of E. M. Goff Phthisis - Typhoid Fever Rock Creek Burying Ground
352 ISHMAEL, Frank M 1y7m14d 15 May 1881 S Oakford Precinct Oakford Cholera Infantum Oakford
14227 ISHMAEL, James Alexander M 75y24d Farmer 22 Jul 1903 W Nicholson Co., KY 63y Oakford Catarrah of the liver Mt. Olive, Cass Co., IL
14462 ISHMAEL, Martha M. F 59y3m8d Housewife 11 Dec 1904 M Lewis Co., KY 50y nr. Oakford Tuberculosis Mt. Olive, Cass Co., IL
4770 ISHMAEL, Rue M 3m None 16 May 1906 S Menard Co. Oakford Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
1028 ISLEY, Leland M 19m 6 Apr 1892 S County County Bronchitis Oakford
4871 JACKSON, Edward M 22y5m23d Telegraph Operator 4 Feb 1907 M IL 22y Oakford Pulmonary tuberculosis Oakford Cem.
214 JACKSON, John Robert M 4y6m27d 25 Oct 1879 S Salisbury, Sangamon Co., IL 4y Farmers Point Precinct Hopwood Cem.
35 JACKSON, Myrtle Florence F 1y4m2d 4 Apr 1878 S Mason City, IL Always Sandridge Precinct Acute Meningitis Oakford
1200 JACKSON, Norman M. M 1y23d 9 Apr 1898 S Greenview life Greenview Whooping Cough & Meningitis Sugar Grove Cem.
5145 JACKSON, Solomon M 68y4m 1 Jan 1909 M IL 50y Sandridge Epithelioma of lip Concord
4928 JACOBS, Anna B. F 72y2d Housewife 4 Jul 1907 W Germany 44y Menard Co. Bright's disease Rose Hill Cem.
1105 JACOBS, Christ J. M 71y Farmer 11 Jan 1895 M Germany Indian Point General debility Indian Point Cem.
1088 JACOBY, William M 77y6m22d Farmer 5 Apr 1894 M Germany 46y Rock Creek Precinct Brights disease Hickory Grove Cem.
14334 JANES, Charles M 79y1m3d Carpenter 9 Mar 1904 PA 40y Greenview Broncho Pneumonia Murray Cem.
14437 JANSSEN, Gesine Elise Regina F 7d 29 Sep 1904 IL Nr. Tice, IL Cholera Infantum Rose Hill Cem.
14458 JANSSEN, Jacob C. M 84y2m Farmer 27 Nov 1904 W Germany 32y Petersburg Precinct Obstruction of the bowels Rose Hill Cem.
4698 JANSSEN, Johann J. M 24y4m27d Farmer 11 Sep 1905 M IL 24y Nr. Petersburg Paralysis of heart due chloroform in surgery Rose Hill Cem.
4766 JANSSEN, Margaretha F 26y11m29d Housekeeper 14 Apr 1906 W Menard Co. 26y Puerperal Eclampsia Rose Hill Cem.
1241 JENNINGS, George M 21y 12 Oct 1900 M England 7y Athens Accidental injury in Wabash coal mine Athens
4877 JENNINGS, William M 57y Miner 11 Feb 1907 M England 24y Athens Pneumonia Athens
4731 JENNISON, Luther M 73y5d 1 Apr 1905 Sangamon Co., IL 73y Nr. Greenview Injury received from fall fm load of hay Lebanon Cem.
14325 JENSEN, Child of Arthur M 5d 23 Mar 1904 S IL Athens Ickton Manatorium Athens
4830 JENSEN, Lucille F 1y10m 10 Oct 1906 S IL Ahens Entro Colitis Athens
5009 JENSEN, Newt, Mrs. F 56y1m Housewife 27 Dec 1907 M Sweden 40y Athens Basilor Meningitis Athens
375 JENSON, Olof Peter M 35y Blacksmith 6 Jul 1881 S Sweeden 4m Greenview-Res of A. Pearson Sunstroke Blane Cem.
14316 JEPSON, Infant of Peter F 5d 19 Feb 1904 Petersburg Nr. Petersburg Hemophilia Oakland Cem.
598 JERGENSEN, Sens M 25y Farmer 19 Mar 1884 S Denmark about 2y Rock Creek Precinct Acute Rheumatism Rock Creek Cem.
538 JEWELL, Mary Ellen F 2y4m10d 14 Jul 1883 S IL Life Athens Cholera Infantum Athens Cem.
1289 JIMASON, Maria L. F 45y2m4d Housewife 14 Mar 1902 M Menard Co. 45y Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Oakland Cem.
1189 JOACUM, Emoryne F 59y4m Housewife 19 Jul 1898 M IN 35 or 40y Petersburg Natural causes Hickory Grove Cem.
706 JOHNS, Chris Cassens M 53y9m10d Laborer 24 May 1886 W Germany 4y Tallula Jubstraol Obstruction Rose Hill Cem.
702 JOHNS, Fred (Mrs) F 63y1m Housewife 3 May 1886 Sandridge Phthisis Sandridge Cem.
1096 JOHNSON, Almeda F 44y6m10d Housewife 20 Sep 1894 M Sweden Greenview Typhoid Fever Sweetwater Cem.
14200 JOHNSON, Anna F 76y4m16d Housekeeper 27 Dec 1902 W Norway 45y Nr. Greenview Uremia Irish Grove Cem.
1358 JOHNSON, Edith Emelia F 3m25d 17 Jul 1902 S Greenview life Greenview Cholera infantum Sugar Grove Cem.
1180 JOHNSON, Edward Julius M 1y8m 17 Apr 1898 S Greenview life Greenview Pertussis Sugar Grove Cem.
14364 JOHNSON, Emelia F 38y6m6d Housewife 9 Jun 1904 M Sweden 13y Greenview Septecaemia from Decubetus Sugar Grove Cem.
4667 JOHNSON, Foslir M 4y1m 25 Jun 1905 KY Tallula Gastritis - malnutrition Greenwood Cem.
5203 JOHNSON, Francis Oscar M 51y7m21d Operator Billiard parlor 22 May 1909 S Jonkaping, Sweden 40y Greenview Enlargement of liver & brights disease Elmwood
4800 JOHNSON, George M. M 83y11m3d Wagon Maker 30 Aug 1906 M VT 58y Petersburg Senility Inanition Rose Hill Cem.
5174 JOHNSON, Gerald Henry M 2y6m11d 4 Mar 1909 S Athens Athens Bronchial pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
823 JOHNSON, Gusmilla F 8y8m14d 8 Aug 1888 S Norway Menard Co. Dysentery Irish Grove Cem.
791 JOHNSON, Hannah May F 6y10m4d Child 11 Feb 1888 S Menard Co. 7y Indian Creek Precinct Dilitation of ??? Smoots Grave Yard
1181 JOHNSON, Harold M 8y11m Child 8 May 1898 S Greenview life Greenview Scarlet Fever Sugar Grove Cem.
14297 JOHNSON, Harold Moran M 6m 10 Feb 1904 Petersburg Nr. Curtis, IL Acute Enteritis Lebanon Cem.
934 JOHNSON, Henry M 10y 27 Mar 1889 S Athens Precinct 10y Athens Precinct Diphtheria Indian Point Cem.
14277 JOHNSON, Iris F 1y11m26d Baby 27 Dec 1903 Athens Athens Scarlatina Maligna West Cem., Athens
935 JOHNSON, Jacob M 5y 3 Apr 1889 S Menard Co. 5y Athens Precinct Diphtheria Indian Point Cem.
5021 JOHNSON, John M 65y5m3d Farmer 15 Feb 1908 M Europe Menard Co. Pneumonia Irish Grove Cem.
390 JOHNSON, John F. M 1y1m10d 13 Aug 1881 S Petersburg, IL Life Petersburg Congestion of the brain Rose Hill Cem.
1178 JOHNSON, Nellie P. F 6y3d Child 30 Jan 1898 S Sweden life Greenview LaGrippe Sweetwater
4934 JOHNSON, Ruth Theodora F 4y5m2d IL 10 Aug 1907 IL Nr. Sweetwater Toxemia - appendicitis & peritonitis Sugar Grove Cem.
1435 JOHNSON, William M 26y3m2d Miner 3 Feb 1903 M IL 26y Athens Fanmatic Ciystitis Athens
5273 JOLLY, John R. M 29y Electrician 11 Jan 1910 S Franklin, Morgan Co., IL life Greenview Tuberculosis Franklin, IL
4832 JONES, Arminda F 81y2m21d Housewife 17 Oct 1906 M America life Athens Carcinoma of intestines Athens
4899 JONES, Bertha Alice F 17y29d 2 May 1907 S Menard Co. 17y Menard Co. Tuberculosis Hickory Grove Cem.
5024 JONES, Bertha Alice F 17y29d 2 May 1907 S Menard Co. 17y Menard Co. Tuberculosis Hickory Grove Cem.
57 JONES, Charles Henry William M 2m9d 11 Aug 1878 Tallula Precinct Tallula Precinct Cholera Infantum
5171 JONES, Henry Burton M 30y Coal Miner 18 Feb 1909 S Martinsburg, MO 15y Petersburg Natural causes Rose Hill Cem.
977 JONES, John M 34y Miner 30 Nov 1890 M England Athens Typhoid Fever Athens Cem.
760 JONES, Kate Ann F 25y2m 13 Nov 1887 M Menard Co. Life 2 mi E. of Sweetwater Peritonitis Indian Point Cem.
1055 JONES, Mary M. F 53y Housewife 7 Jun 1893 M Menard Co. always Greenview Gangrene Oris Walnut Hill Cem.
4855 JONES, Matilda Ann F 81y7m24d Domestic 24 Dec 1906 W IL 81y Fancy Prairie Pneumonia Brittin Cem.
4882 JONES, McKinley M 79y6m1d Retired Farmer 20 Feb 1907 W PA Athens Myocarditis Athens
1362 JONES, Noah M 7 Sep 1902 S Indian Creek Precinct Gun shot wound in head Rose Hill Cem.
1265 JONES, Paul McKinley M 9y4m4d 25 Mar 1902 S Sweetwater life Indian Point Cerebral softening Indian Point Cem.
14211 JONES, Samuel M 11m8d Infant 27 Jun 1903 S Sweetwater Indian Creek Precinct Pneumonia catarrah Indian Creek Pct.
14413 JONES, Thomas M 69y10m21d Farmer 29 Aug 1904 M VA 50y Menard Co. Acute hemorrhage Nephritis Rose Hill Cem.
799 JONES, William M 7y11m 28 Feb 1888 S Sugar Grove Precinct 1y Greenview Dyphtheria Murrys Cem.
4719 JOSEPH, Downey F 1d Infant 30 Nov 1905 Menard Co. Menard Co. Congestion of the brain Petersburg
910 JUCK, Charles M 60y Miner 21 Sep 1889 M Germany Sweetwater Precinct Obstruction of bowels Rose Hill Cem.
14247 JUDY, Catharine Ann F 70y3m17d Housewife 12 Sep 1903 M KY 68 1/2 y Tallula Heart Failure Greenview
1444 JUHL, Walter M 23y11m24d Farmer 9 Feb 1903 M Menard Co. 23y Menard Co. Brights disease Oakland Cem.
4706 JURGENS, Amelia F 3m13d 5 Oct 1905 Petersburg North Athens Typhoid Fever Calvary Cem.
5053 JURGENS, Josephine F 1m4d 20 Apr 1908 Athens Athens Heart disease Calvary Cem.
5274 JURKANIS, Infant of Michael M 3d 11 Jan 1910 S IL Athens Icktenes of new born Petersburg

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