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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
4846 DAILY, Arthur Manford M 12y8m23d 5 Dec 1906 S Menard Co. 12y Oakford Accidentally hit by train Oakford Cem.
4922 DALLMAN, Christian F. M 78y6m15d Farmer 22 Jun 1907 W Germany 42y Nr. Petersburg Hemiplegia Rose Hill Cem.
5275 DALLMAN, Dorothy Sophia F 74y10m29d Housewife 11 Jan 1910 M Salombie, Rohrbach 48y Petersburg Carcinoma of uterus & intestines Rose Hill Cem.
4986 DALLMAN, Elsa F 23y3m24d 28 Oct 1907 W Petersburg 23y 1 mi east of Petersburg Carcinoma of uteras Rose Hill Cem.
1239 DALLMANN, William F. M 28y Barber 12 Jul 1900 M Petersburg life Sangamon River Drowning Rose Hill Cem.
776 DAMMAN, Harman ? M 59y Farmer 30 Dec 1887 M Germany Oakford Typhoid Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
1261 DAMNEY, Unknown M Infant 28 Jan 1902 Indian Creek Precinct life Indian Creek Precinct Premature birth Rose Hill Cem.
284 DANIELS, Alice F 21y 17 Jul 1880 M Lehigh Co., PA 6y Tallula Precinct Congestion of the brain Willson's Grave Yard
398 DANIELS, Sarah Jane F 29y7m30d Housewife 30 Aug 1881 M IA 10y Tallula Precinct Mitra peritonitis Wilson Cem.
1242 DANT, Georgeanna F 49y2m28d 12 Sep 1900 M Menard Co. life Athens Heart disease Athens
534 DARR, Lillie F 4m21d 20 Jun 1883 S Washington Co., MD 3m Greenview Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Blanes Burial Ground
800 DAVIDSON, Elizabeth C. F 78y10d 1 Mar 1888 W NJ 4y Petersburg Asthma Oakland Cem.
70 DAVIES, Benjamin M 76y1m Farmer 5 Sep 1878 M PA 16y Tallula Precinct Old Age Tallula
1466 DAVIS, Alma J. F 18y2m 15 Apr 1903 S Menard Co. 18y Athens Pulmonary Tuberculosis Athens
308 DAVIS, America A. F 5y 10 Oct 1880 Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Billious Typhoydes Oakford Cem.
14290 DAVIS, Fannie Uneeta F 7m Baby 30 Jan 1904 Oakford Oakford Broncho Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
14237 DAVIS, Fred S. M 32y5m10d Farm Laborer 14 Aug 1903 S Middletown, Logan Co., IL 32y Greenview Valvular Disease of heart Sweetwater
4867 DAVIS, John M 3m 21 Jan 1907 Greenview Greenview Broncho Pneumonia Elmwood
389 DAVIS, Paul W. M 1y 13 Aug 1881 S IL about 1y Nr. Farmer's Point Congestion of the brain Farmer's Point Cem.
4767 DAVIS, Sarah F 1y3m9d 21 Apr 1906 S Chesnut, IL 1y Oakford Bronchial pneumonia Oakford Cem.
5251 DAVIS, Thomas M 68y Coal Miner 14 Sep 1909 W PA 2y Tice, IL Run over by train Rose Hill Cem.
582 DAVIS, William M 22y9m9d Farmer 12 Jan 1884 S Jessamine Co., KY 3y9m Rock Creek Precinct Suicide, cut his throat with a razor Rock Creek Cem.
5116 DAWSON, Charlotta F 19y5m5d Housekeeper 24 Nov 1908 W Curtis, IL 19y Petersburg consumption White Cem.
1034 DAWSON, Henrietta F 39y8m22d Housewife 29 Apr 1892 M Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Pulmosalis Rose Hill Cem.
5005 DAWSON, Infant M 11m 2 Jan 1908 S Menard Co. Oakford Pneumonia Oakford Cem.
434 DAWSON, James M 76y4m30d Farmer 31 Jan 1882 W KY Sandridge Precinct Old Age Lebanon Cem.
6 DAWSON, Jerome M 25y3m8d Farm Hand 27 Dec 1877 S Benton Co., MO 10mo Poor House, Menard Co. Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
426 DAWSON, John C. M 25y Farmer 30 Dec 1881 S 25y Salt Creek Phthisis (Consumption) Lebanon Church Cem.
14387 DAWSON, Sylvia H. F 35y1m1d Housewife 26 Jul 1904 M IL Near Curtis, IL Pulmonary Tuberculosis White Cem.
475 DEAL, Mary Elizabeth F 38y that of wife 19 Sep 1882 M Middletown, Logan Co., IL 38y Sweetwater Acute Tuberculosis Sweetwater Cemetery
1133 DEATON, Mary F 70y10m17d Wife 3 Jun 1895 M KY 61y Greenview Epilheleoma of rectum & uterus Irish Grove Cem.
4963 DEERWESTER, Catharine F 72y10d Household duties 2 Oct 1907 W IL 72y Petersburg Cirrhosis of liver with dropsy Petersburg
14423 DEERWESTER, Ella K. F 32y20d Housekeeper 1 Sep 1904 M IN 25y St. Francis, MO City Hosp. Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
58 DEERWESTER, Emma J. M. F 8y3m1d 10 Aug 1878 S Petersburg 8y Petersburg Gangrene Oris Rose Hill Cem.
962 DEERWESTER, Mary F 78y1m19d Housekeeper 27 May 1890 W OH Petersburg Abdominal carcinoma Rose Hill Cem.
14453 DEGGE, Ethel Louisa F 12y18d School girl 2 Dec 1904 S Petersburg 12y Petersburg Heart failure fm shock of fire alarm sound Rose Hill Cem.
4795 DEGGE, Mary Frances F 74y16d 14 Aug 1906 M Lexington, KY 63y Petersburg Exhaustion from wat of nutrition & rest Rose Hill Cem.
5256 DEGGE, OpelaF F 24y13d Music Teacher 6 Feb 1909 S NE 18y Petersburg Heart failure Rose Hill Cem.
14355 DELASKAS, Frank M 28y Coal Miner 10 May 1904 M Russia Poland 6y Nr. Athens Accident - run over by train while drunk Calvary Cem.
423 DENNEY, M. J. M 27y Miner 22 Dec 1881 S Life Athens Cerebro Spinal menengiis Maligra Catholic Cem., Springfield, IL
14357 DENNY, Charles, Mrs. F 39y Housewife 22 May 1904 M IL 39y Athens Pulmonary Tuberculosis Petersburg
479 DENTON, Child of G.W. & C. M 2d 7 Oct 1882 Athens Athens General debility
363 DENTON, Eliza B. F 23y11m13d 15 Jun 1881 M Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Phthisis Pulmolanis following measles Rose Hill Cem.
1175 DENTON, Elizabeth S. F 66y2m15d 6 Jul 1897 W Sangamon Co., IL life Indian Creek Precinct Poshyminingitis Rose Hill Cem.
873 DENTON, Georgeann F 55y 16 Jan 1889 W Bath Co., KY 40y Indian Creek Precinct Phthisis Rose Hill Cem.
609 DENTON, Infant M 3d 30 Apr 1884 S Athens 3d Athens Premature Birth Athens Cem.
242 DENTON, James M 61y9m5d Farmer 25 Feb 1880 M KY 49y Indian Creek Precinct Typhoid Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
5165 DENTON, Katharine F 42y4m Housewife 22 Apr 1909 M IL Athens Chronic alcoholism Athens
4927 DENTON, Marie Addie F 42y6m28d Housekeeper 3 Jul 1907 S Menard Co. 42y Greenview Cancer of breast Rose Hill Cem.
395 DENTON, Mollie F 8m8d 27 Aug 1881 S Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Cholera Infantum Smoots Cem.
730 DENTON, Nancy jane F 58y9m7d Farmer's Wife 3 Mar 1887 M KY 57y Curtis, Menard Co., IL Blood poisoning from erysipulas Rose Hill Cem.
4730 DENTON, Robert Lee M 3m19d 23 Dec 1905 S Petersburg Petersburg Inherited Syphilis Baker's Prairie Cem.
683 DENTON, Sarah R. F 29y Clerk's Wife 8 Nov 1885 M MO 10y Greenview Child Birth followed by puerpural fever Indian Point Cem.
1097 DENTON, William G. M 60y6m8d Farmer 4 Jul 1894 M Menard Co. Menard Co. Atony of stomach & post nephritis abcess Rose Hill Cem.
254 DEPPE, Louisa C. F 20y6m29d Farmer's Wife 29 Mar 1880 M Beardstown, IL 20y Sandridge Precinct Puerperal Metritis Sandridge
4507 DERRY, James M. M 82y5m4d Retired Farmer 23 Feb 1905 M VA 55y Petersburg Progressive Paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
14171 DERRY, Morris M 3y 27 Apr 1903 S IL 3y Menard Co. Scarlet Fever Petersburg
1186 DEU, Robert M 4y Child 2 Jul 1898 S all life Greenview Scortinal Nephritis Winchester, IL
14461 DICK, Robert L. M 62y3m15d Grain Merchant 7 Dec 1904 M Chandlerville, IL Oakford Chronic nephritis Oakford Cem.
1321 DICKEN, Joan F 36y8m28d Farming 13 Jun 1902 M KY 17y Nr. Tallula Pernicious Anemia Greenwood Cem.
4784 DICKEN, Thomas E. M 60y2m22d Farmer 25 Feb 1906 M KY 28y Tallula Precinct Organic heart lesion Greenwood Cem.
1406 DICKMAN, James M 1hr 20 Nov 1902 Petersburg Petersburg Miscarriage of child too young to live Rose Hill Cem.
1040 DIEHL, Henry C. M 83y5m7d Retired Farmer 16 Jul 1892 W PA 42y Rock Creek Precinct Organic disease of heart Hornback Cem.
564 DIER, Henry M 2y8m29d 15 Oct 1883 S Mason Co., IL Life Petersburg Precinct Diptheria Petersburg, IL
880 DIERCKS, Anna F 1d 21 Feb 1889 S Near Athens Near Athens protracted & difficult delivery Indian Point Cem.
881 DIERCKS, Matilda F 27y11d 21 Feb 1889 M Germany 6y Near Athens Euclampsia resulting from difficult delivery Indian Point Cem.
4524 DIERKS, Deidrich Wilhelm M 6d 30 Mar 1905 Greenview Greenview Exhaustion - Umbilical Hemorrhage Sugar Grove Cem.
1076 DIERKS, William M 7y6m8d 15 Jun 1894 S Athens lifetime Athens Precinct Struck by lightning Indian Point Cem.
1117 DIGGS, William B. M 40y Farmer 31 May 1895 M VA in 1855 Athens Gastro Enteritis superinduced by exposure
893 DIGGS, William Earl M 3y7m22d 8 May 1889 S Menard Co. Near Athens Acute Gastro intestinal inflammation Indian Point Cem.
1171 DILVINI, William M 13y7m20d Farmer 10 Apr 1897 S West Indies 8y Sandridge Precinct Dragged to death by horse German ME Cem.
827 DINKEL, Elizabeth F 44y? 18 Aug 1888 M NY 33y Tallula Consumption Greenwood Cem.
1065 DINKLE, Algei F 1y5m 22 Aug 1893 Tallula Tallula Gastro Enteritis Tallula
172 DINKLE, Willie M 1y9m 29 Jul 1879 Tallula Tallula Scarlet Fever Tallula
14314 DIRKS, Gretje H. F 41y Housewife 2 Dec 1903 M Germany 12y 3 mi. south of Greenview Tuberculosis Petersburg
4666 DIXON, Catherine F 62y6m2d Housewife 23 Jun 1905 W MO Tallula Exhaustion Mason City, IL
4539 DIXON, James Edward M 11m21d 12 Apr 1905 Tallula Petersburg Syphilis Rose Hill Cem.
5039 DIXON, Matilda C. F 46y7m21d Housewife 27 Feb 1908 M Cass Co., IL 46y Menard Co. Cerebral hemorrhage Oakland Cem.
4790 DLAKAR, Della F 1y7m15d 5 Aug 1906 S Athens life Athens Gastro intestinal catarrah Calvary Cem.
5262 DOAKE, John M. M 65y2m10d Butcher & Stock Buyer 13 Dec 1909 M Sangamon Co., IL life Athens Exhaustion-fracture of both bons of leg Hall Cem.
1095 DOCKUM, Charles M 2y4d Farm Laborer 19 Oct 1894 S Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Accident - discharge of gun - amputate arm Lebanon Cem.
357 DOCKUM, John M 46y Farmer 9 Sep 1880 M OH Unknown County Poor House Cancer Rose Hill Cem.
5180 DODSON, Iva Bell F 11y1m4d School girl 14 Mar 1909 S Mason Co., IL Menard Co. Pneumonia - a relapse Smoot Cem.
5270 DODSON, Matthew E. M 68y Farming 1 Jan 1910 M Jefferson Co., IL life Menard Co. Lung fever Smoot Cem.
5189 DOGGETT, Louisa F 91y4m16d 29 Apr 1909 W KY 10y Sweetwater Infirmities of age Bethel Cem., Bath Co., KY
1197 DONALDSON, Rebecca F 57y7m8d Wife & Mother 11 Feb 1898 W OH 36y Greenview Precinct Mitral Disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
1017 DONALDSON, Walker R. M 67y5m24d Farmer 10 Jan 1892 M Bath Co., KY Greenview Precinct Thrombosis Cerebral Artery Rose Hill Cem.
14265 DONUIN, Nellie Dorothy F 2m25d 2 Dec 1903 S Petersburg Petersburg Marasmus Rose Hill Cem.
4768 DOOM, James M 42y3m10d Laborer 28 Apr 1906 M Athens 42y Athens Sarcoma of testicle with resulting sepsis West Cem., Athens
1207 DOOM, John M 70y Pauper 7 Feb 1899 S Augusta Co., VA 39y Irish Grove Feeble minded & exposure Walnut Ridge Cem.
1423 DOOM, Lewis M 67y2m15d Farmer 14 Jan 1903 W VA Athens Cancer of stomach
4852 DOOM, Margaret F 58y Housewife 20 Dec 1906 W IL 58y Athens Lobar pneumonia Athens
858 DORN, Anna F 75y3m28d 12 Nov 1888 M Germany 24y Little Grove Precinct Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
448 DORN, Annie M. F 5y5m9d Child 9 Apr 1882 S Petersburg Precinct Since birth Petersburg Precinct Probably Congestion of the brain Rose Hill Cem.
4745 DORN, John M 59y27d Farmer 11 Feb 1906 M Germany 40y Tallula Precinct Diabetic Gangrene Rose Hill Cem.
336 DORRELL, E. M Unknown Farmer 31 Mar 1881 S Sangamon Co., IL Life Menard Co. Phthisis Pulmonalis Salisbury
5301 DOTZERT, Ada Louise F 3d 18 Jan 1910 S Menard Co. Petersburg Inflamation of bowels Rose Hill Cem.
5033 DOWELL, Mary F 28y9m29d Housewife 25 Feb 1908 M Germany 19y Petersburg Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
4774 DOWELL, Nancy Ellen F 51y8m16d Housewife 30 May 1906 M Bath Co., KY 48y Nr. Atterberry Cancer of stomach Oakland Cem.
446 DOWNEY, John M 50y Laborer 11 Mar 1882 M Ireland 30y Petersburg Pneumonia Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
4756 DOWNEY, Nellie F 27y5m3d Housewife on farm 25 Feb 1906 M Menard Co. 27y Menard Co. LaGrippe Petersburg
14231 DOWNEY, Patrick M 72y6m11d Farmer 13 Aug 1903 M Ireland 40y Indian Creek Precinct Tuberculosis of Larnyx Calvary Cem.
628 DOWNS, Margaret Hemiesett F 70 or more years 19 Sep 1884 M Limerick Co., Ireland 14y Athens Precinct Congestion of stomach & bowels Oak Ridge Cem., Catholic
675 DOXSTADER, David M 80y8m Farmer 5 Sep 1885 M 19y Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
5182 DOYLE, John M 73y Retired Farmer 17 Mar 1909 S Wexford, Ireland Athens Cerebral apoplexy St. Joseph Cem.
1152 DOYLE, Mary F 63y Housewife 27 Aug 1896 M Greenview Malarial Dysentery - Old Age Bloomington, IL
5113 DOYLE, William M 48y Farming 30 Oct 1908 M Mason Co., IL Petersburg Run over by switch engine Delavan
1048 DUDHOPE, Cleveland M 11m29d 13 Feb 1893 S Menard Co. Petersburg Tubercular Meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
1047 DUDHOPE, Mary Ann F 54y5m12d Housewife 19 Jan 1893 M Greene Co., IL Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
5214 DUDLEY, Charles E. M 30y11m29d 11 Jun 1909 S Nr. Athens Run over by cars Alton
448 DUEY, Mary Jane F 27y9m10d 5 May 1882 M Petersburg Life Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Old Salem, Menard Co., IL
1319 DUFF, John M 88y3m8d Farmer 29 Jun 1902 W White Co., TN Twp. 19, N. R 7 Congestion of kidneys & bladder Oakland Cem.
370 DUGAN, Sarah L. F 65y3m15d 30 Jul 1880 M Miami Co., OH 48y Oak Ridge Carcinoma of liver Indian Point Cem.
65 DUMFORD, Mary Adline F 21y3m9d 9 Aug 1878 S Clearmont Co., OH Nr Greenview, Menard Co. Typhoid Fever Alkire Graveyard, Sweetwater
4786 DUNBER, Child M 4y3m11d 20 Jul 1906 S Fancy Prairie 4y Fancy Prairie Cerebro spinal meningitis Fancy Creek Cem.
14190 DUNCAN, Anderson M 89y6m Farmer 12 Jun 1903 W KY 81y Rock Creek Precinct Blood poisoning Hickory Grove Cem.
5172 DUNCAN, F. W. M 70y2m9d Retired Farmer 22 Feb 1909 M IL 70y Petersburg Declining health for one year Farmer's Point Cem.
980 DUNCAN, Hannah Rosella F 26y Farmer's wife 7 Jan 1884 M IL 26y Rock Creek Precinct Uterial Hemorrhage Rock Creek Precinct
262 DUNCAN, John M 40y10d Farmer 21 May 1880 M Sangamon Co., IL 40y Menard Co. Salisbury, Sangamon Co., IL
5231 DUNCAN, Mary Matilda F 44y3m6d Housekeeper 21 Aug 1909 D Menard Co. Petersburg Strangulation fmm excessive bronchial sec. Farmer's Point Cem.
1445 DUNCHEN, William M 12d 18 Feb 1903 Menard Co. Nr. Oakford Congestion of stomach & bowels Oakford
4900 DURRETT, Calvin Henry M 67y3m26d Poultry Dealer 12 May 1907 M KY 40y Petersburg Paralysis following cerebral hemorrhage Hash Cem.
1176 DUVALL, M., Mrs. F 19y11m8d Wife 23 Jan 1898 M Manito, IL Oakford Difficult Twin Labor Manito, IL
493 DYE, Rachel F 78y11m12d Housekeeper 1 Jan 1883 W NJ 46y Menard Co. Pneumonia Bethel Church
14482 DYER, Noah M 18y Laborer 15 Jan 1905 S IL 18y Athens Tuberculosis Pulmonary Athens

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