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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
963 CALAWAY, Harriet F 19y10m16d Chronic Invalid 6 May 1890 S Menard Co. Greenview Phthisic Pulmonalis Sugar Grove Cem.
1331 CALDWELL, Anderson M 48y Farmer 6 Apr 1902 M IL 48y Tice, IL Acute Lobar Pneumonia Concord
5056 CALDWELL, Charles Melvise M 17y8m13d Coal Miner 20 Apr 1908 S Kansas 14y Menard Co. Diptheria Marion, IL
4724 CALDWELL, Jennie Rebekah F 21y3m21d School girl 2 Dec 1905 S Menard Co. 21y Menard Co. Consumption Concord Cem.
601 CALDWELL, Martha A. F 67y10d Housekeeper 25 Mar 1884 M KY 47y Petersburg Organic disease of heart Tallula Cem.
712 CALLAGAN, Thomas M 53y? 23 Nov 1886 M Ireland 6y Petersburg Typhoid Fever Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
175 CALLOWAY, Claud Edwards M 2y2m22d 8 Aug 1879 S Tallula Since birth Tallula Whooping Cough Greenwood Cem.
14315 CALLOWAY, John Milham M 65y11m7d R.Route Mail Carrier 2 Dec 1903 M IL since a boy Greenview Anasurcu from chronic Brights disease Sweetwater
4924 CALLOWAY, Mary Simpson F 70y3m 29 Jun 1907 M IL 70y Tallula Tuberculosis Tallula
4914 CALVIN, Jeptha Hopson M 32y4m6d Laborer 1 Jun 1907 M KY 26y Rock Creek Precinct Convulsions possibly uraemia Farmer's Point Cem.
96 CAMPBELL, Anna F 4y11m10d 20 Nov 1878 S Menard Co. 4y Nr Athens, Menard Co. Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
5022 CAMPBELL, Cecil F 13y7m 26 Jun 1908 Athens Athens Pneumonia Hall Cem.
559 CAMPBELL, Olive F 1y7m10d 14 Sep 1883 S Athens Life Athens Paralysis of Brain Rose Hill Cem.
824 CANTERBURY, Carlisle E. M 8m3d 13 Aug 1888 S Menard Co. Near Athens Cholera Infantum Cantrall Cem.
5012 CANTRALL, Charles M 52y10m13d Farmer 27 Dec 1907 M Sangamon Co., IL life Menard Co. Pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
4722 CANTRALL, Henry M 55y8m Farmer 28 Oct 1905 M IL 55y Athens Angina Pretonis Athens
4964 CANTRALL, Infant of Thos. & Sylvia M 3d 24 Oct 1907 2mi west of Athens 2 mi west of Athens Acute pulmonary congestion Sweetwater
4721 CANTRALL, Sarah F 84y11m20d Housewife 27 Oct 1905 W Sangamon Co., IL 84y Athens Burns Athens
1344 CARDIFF, Bettie L. F 1y4m20d 20 Jul 1902 Oakford life Whooping Cough & Bronchial pneumonia Oakford Cem.
14427 CARDIFF, Cordelia F 5m13d 9 Oct 1904 Oakford Oakford Inanition or Exhaustion Oakford Cem.
4998 CARDIFF, Dorcas F 52y11m2d Housekeeper 23 Jul 1907 M Menard Co. 52y Atterberry Precinct Exhaustion - was at Central Hosp. @ Jax Dowell Grave Yard
469 CARLYLE, Francis Mathew M 40y Blacksmith 26 Aug 1882 M England 5y Athens Precinct Mitral & Trecuspid disease of heart Indian Point Cem.
729 CARMAN, Albert M 1d 24 Feb 1887 S Petersburg always Petersburg Imperfect development Rose Hill Cem.
113 CARMAN, Birdie F 6y2m23d 12 Sep 1878 Petersburg Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
809 CARMAN, Lafayette M 29y3m5d Laborer 2 May 1888 M IL 29y Petersburg Suicide - Poison Rose Hill Cem.
614 CARMAN, Willie M 14y28d 13 Jun 1884 S Petersburg Since birth Petersburg Accidental Drowning in Sangamon River Rose Hill Cem.
5063 CARMEAN, Helen F 2y10d Infant 5 Jan 1908 S Springfield, IL life Petersburg Diptheria Hash Cem.
4869 CARNEY, John Earl William M 11y8m12d School boy 26 Jan 1907 Petersburg Petersburg Lung fever Oakland Cem.
1392 CARROLL, Patrick Joseph M 31y5m23d Farmer 10 Sep 1902 S Champaign, IL 31y Petersburg Chronic pulmonary abcess Calvary Cem.
4948 CARTER,  William G. M 71y4m14d Farmer 8 Sep 1907 M Green Co., KY Tallula Cirrosis of liver Tallula
14296 CARTER, Edward M. M 36y Fireman Stationary Eng. 10 Feb 1904 M Morgan Co., IL Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Jacksonville, Illinois
342 CARTER, Kate F 22y5m4d Living with mother 12 Mar 1880 S Petersburg Precinct Life Petersburg Hepostatic congestion lungs Old Cem., Petersburg
268 CARTER, Robert Bennett M 1y9m14d 29 Jun 1880 S Petersburg 1y Petersburg Dysentery Rose Hill Cem.
4528 CASSENS, John M 72y3m28d Farmer 14 Feb 1905 M Germany Little Grove Precinct Prostration - enlarged prostate Rose Hill Cem.
510 CASTEEL, Barbara Ann F 7y10m7d 17 Feb 1883 Adams Co., IA 7y Petersburg Meningitis induced by measles Old Cem., Petersburg
925 CASTILE, James M 13y10m8d 13 Nov 1889 S Menard Co. Near Indian Point Typo Malarial Fever Indian Point Cem.
496 CENTER, Hannah E. F 20y2m18d 9 Jan 1882 S Cass Co., IL 20y Tallula Suicide by taking arsinic Tallula
5011 CERNESEY, Abel M 84y2m20d None - not able to work 25 Dec 1907 M Athens Supposed to be flu - dead when I arrived Hall Cem.
843 CHAMBERS, William Henry M 33y2m22d 22 Sep 1888 M 33y Athens Typhoid Fever Athens Cem.
321 CHAMPION, Henry W. M 68y Postmaster 11 Jan 1881 W Princeton, KY 22y Greenview Pneumonia in both lungs Rose Hill Cem.
319 CHAMPION, Sarah A. F 70y2m Housewife 3 Jan 1881 M Princeton, KY 22y Greenview Injuries from falling down stairs Rose Hill Cem.
4978 CHARLTON, Cora F 21y9m13d Housewife 27 Nov 1907 M Greenview 21y Greenview Extensive burns Elmwood
4890 CHARLTON, Vinita May F 12d 26 Mar 1907 S Tallula Tallula Inanition Greenwood Cem.
1278 CHEANEY, James William M 72y19d Lumber Dealer 23 Feb 1902 M KY 47y Petersburg Carcinoma of Rectum Rose Hill Cem.
4773 CHERVA, Thomas Charles M 1y7m8d 29 May 1906 S Dawson, IL Greenview Cerebral spinal meningitis Elmwood
1217 CHESLEY, George M 44y Retired 4 Mar 1899 S NY 40y Greenview Heart failure Sweetwater
5263 CHESLEY, Mary J. F 49y1m17d Maid at home 17 Dec 1909 S Menard Co. life Sugar Grove Precinct Uremia supervening on Diabetic miletit Sugar Grove Cem.
1111 CHOSE, parker M 21y11m1d Laborer 2 Oct 1894 S Cass Co., IL Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
386 CHRISTLINE, Anna F 2y6m 10 Aug 1881 S Menard Co. Since birth Dysentery Petersburg
516 CHRISTLINE, Lizzie Johanna F 1y4m 4 Mar 1883 8 IL Life Petersburg Precinct Measles Petersburg
5076 CHURCHILL, Charles E. M 43y3m Druggist 14 Jul 1908 M Spavia, IL life Athens Tuberculosis pulmonalis Canton, IL
577 CLAREY, Nancy Ellen F 21y8m24d Housewife 7 Jan 1884 M Sandridge Precinct Life Sandridge Precinct Consumption Shipley Cem.
14311 CLARK, Coleman D. M 77y6m26d Retired Farmer 2 Mar 1904 M KY 76y Petersburg Grippe Rose Hill Cem.
769 CLARK, Henry M 82y Farmer 14 Jan 1887 M KY 50y Bakers Prairie Paralysis Baker's Prairie Cem.
410 CLARK, Ionia F 1y10m12d Child 24 Oct 1881 S Petersburg Since birth Petersburg Enteritis & Effusion of Brain Oakland Cem.
125 CLARK, Maggie Hyatt F 37d 21 Feb 1879 S Petersburg Petersburg Infantile Pneumonia Oakland Cem.
487 CLARK, Marcus DeLafayette M 24y Bricklayer 5 Dec 1882 S Menard Co. from birth Athens Tile Factory Phthisis Athens Cem.
1003 CLARK, Nancy F 69y11m10d Housekeeper 30 Jul 1891 W Sangamon Co., IL Petersburg Gashderlentis Rose Hill Cem.
360 CLARK, William A. M 23y Brick Manufacturer 24 May 1881 M IL Life Athens Precinct Cerebro spinal meningitis maligna Athens Cem.
1039 CLARY, Albert Gloe F 1y9m2d Child 21 Aug 1892 S Sandridge Precinct Since birth Sandridge Precinct Enteritis & Malarial Fever Concord Cem.
14337 CLARY, Infant child of Alva M 5d 1 Apr 1904 Petersburg Petersburg Uterus Neonatom Rose Hill Cem.
4676 CLARY, John Abell M 58y4m10d Farmer 11 Jul 1905 M IL 58y Petersburg Paralysis Agitanis Farmer's Point Cem.
220 CLARY, John Armstrong M 64y2m19d 4 Jan 1880 W White Co., TN 61y Township 19 Pneumonia Concord Cem.
238 CLARY, Mary F 74y4m Farmer's Wife 18 Feb 1880 M KY 63y 2 mi N of Petersburg Dropsy Concord Cem.
77 CLARY, Robert M 59y7m7d Farmer 13 Oct 1878 W Bond Co., IL 59y Menard Co. Softening of the Brain Concord
5205 CLARY, Sevilla Anna F 33y2m21d Housewife 3 May 1909 M Pike Co., MO 17y Menard Co. Pneumonia, measles & asthma Farmer's Point Cem.
1431 CLARY, Velura G. F 3y6m24d 28 Jan 1903 Menard Co. 3y Concord Larnygeal Diptheria Concord
429 CLARY, Zacharia M 84y2m3d Farmer 6 Jan 1882 W TN 65y 2 mi N of Petersburg Paralysis Concord Cem.
381 CLAUS, Emma F 2m2d 12 Jul 1881 S Petersburg Petersburg Cholera Infantum Oakland Cem.
5025 CLAYPOOL, William Rollins M 76y7m17d 31 Oct 1907 M Menard Co. 76y Greenview Precinct Arterio Sclerosis, asthma Sugar Grove Cem.
1266 CLEAVELAND, Henry M 35y1m12d Farmer 21 Feb 1902 S Menard Co. 35y Menard Co. Accident - tree falling on him Irish Grove Cem.
14270 CLEAVELAND, Joseph Chandler M 71y6m16d 19 Dec 1903 M 64y Greenview LaGrippe Rose Hill Cem.
1222 CLEAVELAND, Thomas W. M 56y6m10d Farmer 10 Oct 1899 M Menard Co. life Greenview Cerebral Meningitis Sugar Grove Cem.
5075 CLEMENS, Florence Anna F 48y5m25d Housewife 11 Jun 1908 M Petersburg Petersburg Chronic tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
53 CLEMENS, Francis Mann M 5y5m12d 22 Jul 1878 Petersburg Precinct 5y Petersburg Precinct Peritonitis Baker Prairie
376 CLEMENS, Margaret E. F 45y8m 16 Jun 1881 M Menard Co. Life Petersburg Phthisis Rose Hill Cem.
5204 CLEMMENS, John M 58y7m20d Farmer 27 May 1909 W Menard Co. Greenview Precinct Pneumonia & LaGrippe Irish Grove Cem.
CLEVELAND, Experience F 78y0m23d 2 Dec 1884 W NH 44 1/2y S.D. Killions' Ind. Cr. Pct. Valvular disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
690 CLEVELAND, Experience F 78y23d 2 Dec 1885 W NH 44y S.D. Killions' Ind. Cr. Pct. Valve disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
643 CLEVELAND, William Alonzo M 23y3m Farmer 22 Nov 1884 S Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Typhoid Fever Godbey Burying Ground
14205 CLINE, Infant of John & Ida F 28 Mar 1903 Sweetwater Breech presentation & death before delivery
14238 CLINE, Wesley Earl M 8y12d 23 Aug 1903 S Cantrall, IL 8y Sweetwater Peritonitis Brittin Cem., near Cantrall
4531 CLOSE, Ira M 10m12d 24 Feb 1905 S Mason Co., IL Greenview Pneumonia Sugar Grove Cem.
14377 CLOWES, Baby M 4hr 9 Jul 1904 IL Petersburg Premature Rose Hill Cem.
365 CLOWES, Emma F 28y8m15d 24 May 1881 M New York City 25y Petersburg Valvular disease of heart Oak Ridge Cem.
14376 CLOWS, Child F 4hr 9 Jul 1904 IL Petersburg Premature birth Rose Hill Cem.
14373 COADY, Leo M 10m10d 1 Jul 1904 Fancy Prairie Fancy Prairie Tubercular Meningitis Oak Ridge Calvary Cem.
5148 COADY, Paul M 3m 7 Jan 1909 Fancy Prairie Fancy Prairie Broncho pneumonia with whooping cough Calvary Cem., Springfield, IL
5004 COADY, Peter M 76y Retired Farmer 25 Jan 1908 M Ireland 58y Athens Cystitis Springfield, IL
14207 COADY, Thomas M 75y Farmer 12 May 1903 S Ireland 40y 5 mi. E. of Greenview Congestion of lungs Calvary Cem.
296 COCKERILL, Edith F 2y9m 10 Oct 1880 S Tallula at Mrs. Jane Kenner's Scalded by bowl of hot water
4775 CODDINGTON, George Washington M 75y7m20d Retired Farmer 1 Jun 1906 M Menard Co. 75y Tallula Suicidal drowning Greenwood Cem.
5290 CODY, Infant of P. F 2m15d 10 Mar 1910 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Broncho pneumonia Calvary Cem.
1448 COFFEE, Ethyl F 4y2m3d 24 Feb 1903 IL Nr. Fancy Prairie Scarlet Fever
1443 COFFEE, Harry M 8y 16 Feb 1903 S IL 8y Menard Co. Scarlet Fever
282 COGDAL, Lucinda F 66y8m26d Housekeeper 4 Aug 1880 W VA 50y Rock Creek Dropsey Rock Creek
1291 COGDAL, Sarah F 78y Housewife 22 Mar 1902 W NC 60y Tallula Lobar Pneumonia Rock Creek Cem.
533 COGDALL, Harlan Stone M 3m 20 Jun 1883 S Petersburg 3m Petersburg Cholera Infantum Rose Hill Cem.
43 COGIL, Anna F 70y2m20d Farming 30 May 1878 W KY 40y Menard Co. Valvular Lesion Heart Rose Hill Cem.
4684 COLBY, Hugh Irving M 3y10m10d Farmer's boy 6 Aug 1905 S Menard Co. Twp. 16, Sec. 12, Range 7 Interssucdeption, intentinal obstruction Rock Creek Cem.
474 COLE, Lewis B. M 76y6m29d 15 Sep 1882 M Athens Chill poisoning & infirmaties of old age Athens Cem.
1293 COLE, Lucy Adaline F 47y3m20d 11 Mar 1902 M life Tallula Organic lung & heart trouble Greenwood Cem.
1119 COLE, Richie M 7y7d School Boy 1 Jun 1895 S Tallula Precinct Tallula Internal injury by falling from tree Greenwood Cem.
996 COLEMAN, Thomas M 1y10m18d Child 30 Mar 1891 S Greenview Greenview Pneumonia Petersburg
14287 COLLIER, Sarah S. F 73y5m23d Household duties 21 Jan 1904 W NJ 50y Petersburg Paralysis of heart Rose Hill Cem.
4961 COLLINS, Paul Maxwell M 4y29d 4 Oct 1907 Petersburg life Petersburg Membranous croup Hash Cem.
5079 COLSON, Maria F 73y2m17d Housewife 15 Jun 1908 M Menard Co. 73y Atterberry Heart failure due to chronic rheumatism Oakland Cem.
45 COLSON, William D. M 43y25d Farmer 4 Jun 1878 M Menard Co. 43y Oakford Typhoid fever Concord Church
853 COLSTON, Mack M 18y7m20d Farmer 19 Oct 1888 S Menard Co. 18y Menard Co. Typhoid Fever Petersburg
4552 COLVIN, Jane Bell F 30y9m20d Housewife 10 Feb 1905 M IL 30y Rock Creek Precinct LaGrippe Rock Creek Cem.
14386 COMBS, Amos M 53y5m26d Harness Maker 20 Jul 1904 M IL 53y Petersburg Malarial Fever Rose Hill Cem.
405 COMBS, Clarence L. M 1y1d 4 Oct 1881 S Menard Co. Life Rock Creek Convulsions - remittent fever Rock Creek Cem.
5107 COMBS, George T. M 27d 30 Sep 1908 IL Petersburg Whooping cough Kirby Cem.
724 COMBS, Sarah D. M 80y2m12d 7 Feb 1887 W NJ 55y Rock Creek Precinct Lobular Broncho Pneumonia Rock Creek Cem.
819 COMEYS, Thomas H M 43y7m13d Hardware Merchant 1 Jul 1888 M New Brunswick, Canada 22y Petersburg Impaction of Feces & strangulation of bowels Rose Hill Cem.
4850 CONBOY, Mary F 68y Housewife 14 Dec 1906 W Ireland 40y Athens Lobular pneumonia Athens
5142 CONLEE, Cornelius M 12d 8 Jan 1909 Menard Co. Menard Co. Acute indigestion Athens
104 CONLEE, Lottie Ann F 5y4m10d 11 Sep 1878 Menard Co. Petersburg Congestion of stomach & bowels Rose Hill Cem.
5020 CONLEY, Infant of Alonzo F 1d 11 Fb 1908 IL Athens Absorption of lotins from mother Athens
14248 CONLEY, William, Mrs. F 31y4m Housewife 6 Oct 1903 M IL 31y Athens Pulmonary Tuberculosis Athens
875 CONLIN, Henry M 5y 18 Jan 1889 S Petersburg Life Petersburg Membraneous Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
146 CONNERY, James M 47y8m14d Miner 31 Mar 1879 M Ireland 12y Petersburg Cancer Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
343 CONOVER, Eliza F 70y6m17d 14 Apr 1881 M Hunterdon Co., NJ 44y Petersburg Heart disease Oakland Cem.
1115 CONOVER, George W. M 51y6m2d Harness Maker 17 Mar 1895 M Mason Co., IL lifetime Petersburg Augrin Rectims Rose Hill Cem.
280 CONYERS, Nathan Bartlett M 8m15d 1 Aug 1880 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Malignant Remittant Fever Newmansville
5169 COOK, Elsie F 7y 16 Jan 1909 S Montana Nr. Fancy Prairie Scarlet Fever Montana
790 COOMBS, Elizabeth F 53y3m5d Housewife & Mother 3 Feb 1888 M England 7y Greenview Enlarged Gall bladder Sweetwater Cemetery
4988 COOPER, Emma Anna F 56y1m15d Housewife 30 Oct 1907 M Fulton Co., IL 56y Petersburg Cirrhosis of liver Rose Hill Cem.
14446 COOPER, Moses (Mrs) F 65y Housewife 12 Nov 1904 M England 35y Athens Acute bronchitis Athens
1341 COPPER, Anna May F 10m2d 23 Aug 1902 life Sweetwater Acute indigestion Indian Point Cem.
531 COPPER, H. E. M 28y10m7d Music Deler 11 May 1883 S Menard Co. Life 4 mi E of Sweetwater Tuberculosis Indian Point Cem.
550 COPPER, J. B. M 783y8m17d Farmer 1 Sep 1883 M OH 32y E of Sweetwater Consumption North Sangamon Cem.
1254 COPPER, John Charles M 1d 21 Oct 1901 S Sweetwater life Sweetwater Inanition Indian Point Cem.
14203 COPPER, John Ely M 14d 28 Feb 1902 Sweetwater Sweetwater Acute Inanition Indian Point Cem.
5216 CORDERY, John M 70y6m Farmer 8 Jul 1909 M NJ 43y Menard Co. General paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
1376 CORMAN, Alice Maie F 13y7m13d School girl 23 Jul 1902 S Petersburg 13y Petersburg Cerebral meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
1463 CORNDOFF, Edward M 35y Coal Miner 23 Mar 1903 S Athens Injuries from explosion in coal mine West Cem., Athens
4874 CORNELIUS, Baby M 3m6d 13 Feb 1907 North of Tallula 2 mi North of Tallula Catarrhal pneumonia
1300 CORNELIUS, Elizabeth F 31y5m8d Housekeeper 22 Mar 1902 W Menard Co. Indian Creek Precinct Phthisis Pulmonalis Hornback Cem.
1160 COUCHMAN, E. R. M 76y10m27d Farmer 21 Nov 1896 M KY 71y At his residence By hanging Greenwood Cem.
5029 COUNCIL, Jennie F 69y Dressmaker 13 Jan 1908 W IL 69y Fancy Prairie Chronic Bronchitis Wolf Creek
4839 COUNCIL, Robert C. M 28y9m29d Farmer 23 Aug 1907 S Menard Co. life Nr. Fancy Prairie Suffocation from pus in lungs Fancy Creek Cem.
5013 COURTRIGHT, Catherine F 69y6m17d Housewife 27 May 1907 W Germany 40y Athens Inanition superinduced by chronic gastritis Hall Cem.
353 COURTRIGHT, Child F 1y9m 7 May 1881 S Life Athens Precinct Hydrocephalus Athens Cem.
5167 COURTRIGHT, Infant of Elza F 1/2 hr 25 Apr 1909 IL Athens Not matured Athens
1195 COURTWRIGHT, Amy F School Girl 16 Nov 1897 Athens Gun shot wound Athens
14172 COURTWRIGHT, Infant of A. F 2 1/2d 27 May 1903 S Athens Athens Premature birth West Cem., Athens
4996 COVEY, Nancy F 65y1m Housewife 29 Dec 1907 M IL life Petersburg Chronic nephritis Oakland Cem.
438 COX, Sarah E. F 27y Farmer's wife 9 Feb 1882 IL Life Sandridge Phthisis Pulmonalis Concord Cem.
151 COX, Warren P. M 55y3m24d Physician 7 May 1879 M Morgan Co., IL Petersburg Pistol Shot Oakland Cem.
5134 CRAIG, Archie Deneen M 2y9m8d 21 Dec 1908 Menard Co. 4 1/2 miles east of Petersburg Accidental burning Calvary Cem.
14418 CRAIG, Ermine Reed F 43y Housewife 13 Sep 1904 M KY 25y Petersburg Accidental burning Oakland Cem.
207 CRAMMER, William Edward M 6y2m11d 3 Dec 1879 S IL 6y Loyd, Menard Co. Membranous Croup Rock Creek Cem.
4912 CRAWFORD, Elizabeth F 78y5m13d Housewife 19 May 1907 W Harpsburg, KY 53y Petersburg Fatty degeration of heart Rose Hill Cem.
4541 CRAWFORD, Jacob Coleman M 52y15d Farming 23 Apr 1905 S IL 4 1/2 miles west of Greenview Fatty degeneration of heart Smoot Cem.
1377 CRAWFORD, Thomas M 74y17d Farmer 24 Jul 1902 M Menard Co. 74y Petersburg Exhaustion, cancer of prostate Rose Hill Cem.
93 CRAWFORD, Violet Tice F 52y Farmer's Wife 23 Aug 1878 M Menard Co. 52y Petersburg Precinct Fatty degeneration of liver, peritonitis Rose Hill Cem.
1405 CRAWLEY, James M about 65y Blacksmith 15 Nov 1902 M Sangamon Co., IL 46y Petersburg Rheumatism of heart Cotton Hill, Sangamon Co., IL
14173 CROCKET, James, Mrs. F 28y Housekeeper 25 Feb 1903 M Petersburg Pulmonary Hemorrhage Oakland Cem.
5084 CROFT, Cora Belle F 22y10m22d Housework 5 Jul 1908 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Heart failure Murray Cem.
478 CRONISTER, Cornelius M 64y10m28d 2 Oct 1882 M Fulton Co., PA 9y Vicinity of Athens Tubercle of the lung Athens Cem.
337 CROSBY, Sarah Louisa F 23y5m20d 21 Jan 1881 M Menard Co. Life Petersburg Overdose of Morphine Rose Hill Cem.
14229 CROSS, Talbert R. M 8m 26 Jul 1903 S IL Athens Eutero colitis Athens
831 CROWDER, Michael G. M 47y Barber 25 Aug 1888 W Mt. Vernon, IL 47y Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Sweetwater Cemetery
1229 CROWLEY, Albert A. M 1y1m12d Infant 19 Dec 1899 S Menard Co. Greenview Diptheria
4952 CULBERSON, Fannie F 57y3m18d Housewife 11 Sep 1907 W Crawfordsville, IA Petersburg Uremia from chronic nephritis Crawfordsville, IA
495 CURNUTT, Grace F 9 Jan 1882 Athens Life Athens Catarahal Pneumonia Indian Point Cem.
14450 CURRIER, Dorothy Ann F 70y11m15d Housekeeper 21 Nov 1904 W Hartler, KY 50y Petersburg Strangulated Hernia
344 CURRY, Infant F 1d 17 Apr 1881 S Near Tice Station Near Tice Station prematurely born Rose Hill Cem.
651 CURRY, Mary Wilcox F 83y3d 1 Jul 1885 W Greene Co., KY 58y Petersburg Heart failure Rose Hill Cem.
4966 CURRY, Nancy B. F 88y6m18d 7 Oct 1907 M Bone Co., MO 63y Athens Senility - cancer of breast Rose Hill Cem.
14375 CURRY, William A. M 76y5m9d Laborer 7 Jul 1904 M Douglas Co., IL 76y Petersburg Inflamation of bowels Rose Hill Cem.
148 CURTIS, Phebe Anna F 41y5m17d 28 Apr 1879 M Scott Co., IN 9y Athens Township Puerperal Fever - cause -  retained placenta Claypole Graveyard
4851 CUSTER, Christoph M 71y9m8d Farmer 15 Dec 1906 M Germany 43y Tice, IL Asthma occuring every fall & winter Rose Hill Cem.
14407 CUSTER, Dorothy Morris F 1y3d 11 Aug 1904 S IL 1y Petersburg Ileo colitis Rose Hill Cem.
634 CUYLER, Edward S. M 25y4m23d 27 Oct 1884 S Chicago, Cook Co., IL always Petersburg Poisoning Chicago, IL

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