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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
4709 BAILEY, John M 34y11m24d Laborer 15 Oct 1905 M Menard Co. 34y Oakford Stepped off train while in motion, skull fract. Oakford Cem.
4525 BAILEY, Lou F 18y Housewife 31 Mar 1905 S KY 6mo 3 mi North of Tallula Pneumonia Union Cem.
1172 BAILEY, Powell Russell M 6m5d 24 Jul 1897 all life Oakford Don't know - dying when I was called Oakford
1070 BAILEY, Urea Alma F 3y4m17d Child 22 Oct 1893 S KY 2y Athens Precinct Rectentis Lebanon Cem.
704 BAIR, Sophy F 1y1m15d 15 May 1886 Menard Co. Life Athens Capilary Bronchitis Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
1149 BAKER, Henry G. M 77y Farmer 5 Jun 1896 W Germany 27y Nr. Oakford Heart Disease Oakford
14388 BAKER, Minnie Catherine F 3y7m25d 30 Jul 1904 Oakford 3y oakford Tuberculosis Oakford Cem.
5143 BAKER, Suzanna F 88y 6 Jan 1909 W IL 88y Tallula Shock after fracture of femur Menere
4898 BALE, Arthur M 66y Laborer 12 Apr 1907 M IL 66y Petersburg Cirrhosis of liver Oakland Cem.
14321 BALE, Charles M 32y Laborer 26 Mar 1904 M Petersburg 32y Petersburg Self administered poison - dose of arsenic Oakland Cem.
1282 BALE, Fielden V. M 69y1m26d Farmer 27 Feb 1902 M Greene Co., KY 63y 1 1/2 miles s. of Petersburg Gangreene of right foot Farmer's Point Cem.
134 BALE, John D. M 28y14d Drug Clerk 31 Jan 1879 S Petersburg 28y Petersburg Softening of the Brain Petersburg Cem.
261 BALES, Cynthia F 48y2m22d 27 Apr 1880 M Canada Tallula Gastroenteritis Greenwood Cem.
4886 BALL, Lilly F 18y Housewife 24 Jan 1907 M IL Athens Pulmonary tuberculosis Athens
864 BALL, Martha Ellen F 22y9m23d Houskeeping 22 Dec 1888 M Menard Co. 23y Petersburg Typhoid Fever Farmer's Point Cem.
139 BALSINGER, George M 1y18d 18 Mar 1879 S Honey Bend, Christian Co., IL Oakford Catarrhal Bronchitis Oakford
5090 BALTZEL, Benjamin Franklin M 76y3m18d Flagman 22 Jul 1908 M OH 32y Petersburg Heart disease Rose Hill Cem.
4699 BANEY, Nellie May F 3y5m5d Infant 19 Sep 1905 S Menard Co. 3y Menard Co. Meningitis Sugar Grove Cem.
5041 BANISTER, Christopher Columbus M 78y10m17d Farmer 7 Mar 1908 W St. Laurence Co., NY 65y Twp. 19, Menard Co. Lobar pneumonia Walnut Ridge
1426 BANKS, Virgie M 21d 26 Jan 1903 S Petersburg Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4762 BARBEE, Baby M 4hrs Infant 5 Apr 1906 S Petersburg life Petersburg Premature birth with not much development Rose Hill Cem.
5135 BARBEE, Nellie Moulton F 2d 20 Feb 1909 Menard Co. Spasm from time of birth Rose Hill Cem.
771 BARCLAY, Ann F 86y7m10d Farmer's Wife 5 Aug 1887 W Scotland 50y Petersburg Old age - congestion of stomach Barclay Grave Yard
1253 BARKER, Elizabeth F 71y5m Housekeeper 2 Oct 1901 W Germany 65y Oakford Heart Disease Sandridge
4960 BARKER, Martha Pauline F 6m23d 13 Sep 1907 S Petersburg Petersburg Gastro enteritis Oakland Cem.
4953 BARNETT, Infant M 4hrs 23 Sep 1907 Greenview Greenview Premature birth - 6 1/2 months Greenview
1263 BARNS, Florence Alma F 39y3m6d Housewife 6 Jan 1902 M Marion, IL 10y Tallula Tuberculosis of lungs Calvary Cem.
1276 BARRETT, W. T. M 86y1m Retired Farmer 21 Feb 1902 W KY 60y Petersburg Pleura Pneumonia Oakridge, Springfield, IL
14428 BAST, Mary Jennie F 35y8m20d 9 Oct 1904 M IL 35y Tallula Uraemia Greenwood Cem.
882 BAST, Sylvia F 24y10m24d 7 Apr 1889 Menard Co. Tallula Congestion of the brain Oakland Cem.
4794 BAST, Willianta F 1y4m21d 11 Aug 1906 S Tallula 1y Tallula Cholera Infantum Greenwood Cem.
985 BATERTON, Levi M 87y Farmer 3 Feb 1891 W Not Known Not Known Rock Creek Precinct Exposure to the cold - extreme old age Rock Creek
66 BATES, Abigabel B. F 79y Retired 11 Aug 1878 W NH 29y B.W. Bates', Athens Old Age Irish Grove
14483 BATES, Clarence M 7m6d 16 Jan 1905 IL Nr. Fancy Prairie Pneumonia Irish Grove Cem.
14405 BATES, Eliza J. F 50y9m4d Housewife 8 Aug 1904 W IL 50y Petersburg Bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
5257 BATES, Frank M 21y29d None 25 Sep 1909 S KS 17y Petersburg Tuberculosis Rose Hill Cem.
14346 BATES, Infant of Charles & Florence M 8d 8 Apr 1904 Athens Athens Convulsions West Cem., Athens
14347 BATES, Infant of Charles & Florence M 8d 9 Apr 1904 Athens Athens Convulsions West Cem., Athens
5034 BATES, Minnie J. F 45y5m13d Housekeeper 25 Feb 1908 S IL 45y Petersburg Acute peritonitis Rose Hill Cem.
5054 BATES, Seymour M 84y2m11d Farmer 8 Apr 1908 NY 63y Johnson Valley, Middletown Valvular insufficiency Blue Grass
1142 BATTERTON, Albert Wilson M 21y6m27d None 27 Mar 1896 S Salisbury, Sangamon Co., IL all his life Athens Gun shot wound Hall Cem.
121 BATTERTON, Bertha Louis F 2y7m 17 Nov 1878 S Menard Co. Sandridge Diphtheria Concord Burial Ground
536 BATTERTON, Victoria F born 31 Aug 1860 Housewife 9 Jul 1883 M Menard Co. Life Rock Creek Precinct Phthisis Farmer's Point Cem.
14491 BAUM, John William M 29y28d Farmer 28 Jan 1905 S Menard Co. 29y Menard Co. Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
14193 BEAMS, Hannah Jane F 55y7m19d Housewife 22 Jun 1903 M Mason Co., KY 38y Petersburg Paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
4954 BEAN, Frances Estella F 23y3m19d Housewife 27 Sep 1907 M MO 7y Petersburg Typhoid Fever Avilla, MO
288 BEAN, Luther Sorell M 53y11m5d Painter 7 Aug 1880 M NH 25y Petersburg valvular disease of heart & paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
472 BEARD, Dennis Orton M 5m7d 5 Sep 1882 Menard Co. Life 6 Mi E of Petersburg Typhoid Fever Not Known
4536 BEARD, Irvin M 44y10m22d Farmer 9 Apr 1905 M NH 42y Petersburg Pleuro pneumonia Oakland Cem.
14305 BEARD, Lucy Pearl F 6m3d 17 Feb 1904 SW Tallula Tallula Broncho Pneumonia Oakridge Cem.
4906 BEARD, Myrah Hurd F 73y10m19d Housewife 27 Apr 1907 M Lunapee, NH 43y Petersburg Precinct Acute gastritis Oakland Cem.
75 BEATY, William S. M 59y8m19d Farmer 5 Oct 1878 M Scott Co., KY 13y Menard Co. Gastratis Pleasant Plains, IL
4789 BEAUCHAMP, Edward M 75y7m3d Farmer 4 Aug 1906 M MD 71y Petersburg Accidentally struck by cars Greenview
14345 BECK, Elizabeth Ann F 55y7m5d Housewife 6 May 1904 M IL 55 1/2y Tallula Heart failure Greenwood Cem.
14434 BECK, Oscar Douglas M 8m 18 Sep 1904 St. Louis, MO Oakford Chronic diarrhea Oakford Cem.
820 BEEKMAN, John T. M 45y Farmer 11 Jul 1888 M Menard Co. 45y Menard Co. Valvular disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
14479 BEEKMAN, Mary F 79y7m17d 11 Jan 1905 W Menard Co. 79y Petersburg Gradual decline - age Rose Hill Cem.
4860 BEELER, Susan F 81y15d Housewife 4 Jan 1907 W Barren Co., KY 72y Menard Co. Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
465 BEHERNS, Infant M 15d 11 Aug 1882 S Athens Life Athens Premature Birth - 7 months Athens Cem.
1056 BEHRENS, Margaret F 1y1m Infant 25 Aug 1893 S Menard Co. always Greenview Precinct petussis Sugar Grove Cem.
5156 BELA, John Paul M 94y4m11d 12 Apr 1909 M Germany 52y Petersburg Senile debility Rose Hill Cem.
5166 BELA, Margaret F 74y3m17d Housewife 23 Apr 1909 W Germany 29y Petersburg Influenza & broncho pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
502 BELL, Arthur E. M 18y3m 28 Jan 1883 S Tallula Life Tallula Typhoid Fever Tallula
1029 BELL, Ethel May F 1y6m 10 Mar 1892 S Sandridge Bronchitis Concord Cem.
1298 BELL, George A. M 43y7m2d Farmer 7 Mar 1902 M VA Athens Embolism Coronary Arteries West Cem., Athens
1066 BELL, Isaac M 77y9m19d Farmer 15 Aug 1893 W Green Co., KY Tallula Old age Tallula
1425 BELL, Jacob M 51y8m8d County Charge 24 Jan 1903 S Menard Co. 51y Petersburg Killed by RR train No. 128 Concord Cem.
1246 BELL, Jefferson J. M 15 Nov 1898 M Not Known Not Known Nr Petersburg Heart disease or natural causes Rose Hill Cem.
1202 BELL, John J. M 70y11m Farmer 15 Nov 1898 M KY Petersburg Heart Disease Rose Hill Cem.
5144 BELL, Lucretia F 77y Housewife 5 Jan 1909 M IL 77y Tallula Nephritis chronic Union Cem.
50 BELL, Martha Jane F 51y3m 4 Jul 1878 W Menard Co. 51y Sandridge Apoplexy Concord Church
1196 BELL, Martin Simpson M 62y11m3d Farmer 7 Dec 1897 M IA 53y Petersburg Natural causes Rose Hill Cem.
1203 BELL, Prent M 23y5m None 12 Dec 1897 S Petersburg since birth Petersburg From pistol shot fired by own hand Rose Hill Cem.
393 BELL, William Spears M 42y2m20d Merchant 20 Aug 1881 M Menard Co. Since birth Tallula Peritonitis - obstruction from twisted bowel White Cemetery
14401 BELTON, Burwell M 22y8m27d Farmer 2 Aug 1904 M KY 1/2y Tallula Exhaustion, fractured 11th & 12th vertebrae Greenwood Cem.
4772 BENNETT, Baby F 12hrs 27 May 1906 S Atterberry Atterberry Premature birth Concord Cem.
91 BENNETT, Frances Sciota F 51y5m29d 18 Aug 1878 M IL 51y Tallula Tuberculous Consumption - hereditary Vandeventer Cem., Morgan Co., IL
5198 BENNETT, Fred M 7y 25 May 1909 S IL 7y Athens Fracture of skull Athens
4765 BENNETT, George Roderick M 3m3d 3 Apr 1906 S Tallula Tallula Relapsing pneumonia Athens
415 BENNETT, Harry A. M 43y Druggist 18 Nov 1881 S Petersburg Life Petersburg Hypertheropy of heart Petersburg Cem.
685 BENNETT, John M 79y11m15d Retail Merchant 6 Dec 1885 M Halifax Co., VA 45y Petersburg Valvular Heart disease Rose Hill Cem.
1336 BENNETT, John J. M 38y 13 Jul 1902 M Jacksonville, IL Cerebral hemorage
991 BENNETT, Maria Carter F 83y2m6d 31 May 1891 W Petersburg Petersburg Progressive Paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
14436 BENNETT, Martin M 63y Miner 25 Sep 1904 W Queens Co., Ire. 30y Greenview Mitral insufficiency & chronic gastritis Calvary Cem.
4 BENNETT, Theodoric Carter M 1y10m16d 4 Dec 1877 S Petersburg Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
5160 BENNETT, Thomas M 2m10d 16 Apr 1909 S Athens Athens Acute pulmonary congestion West Cem., Athens
509 BENNETT, V. W. M 22y1m14d Mercantile Clerk 14 Feb 1883 S VA 12y Athens Hemorrahage bowels Hall Cem.
5016 BENNETT, Vina F 80y11m13d Housewife 13 Jan 1908 W Bath Co., KY Athens Dropsy Cardiac valvular lesion of heart West Cem., Athens
1179 BENNETT, Walter M 55y23d 1 Mar 1898 M Petersburg Petersburg Unknown Rose Hill Cem.
4864 BENSON, Anna F 79y2m23d Housewife 16 Jan 1907 W Ireland 35y Petersburg Heart failure Oakland Cem.
155 BERG, John M 25y Coal Miner 17 May 1879 S Germany 6y Petersburg Coal Shaft Falling rock striking him on head Rose Hill Cem.
258 BERGEN, George S. M 70y9m6d Farmer 12 Apr 1880 W NJ 50y Petersburg Precinct Dropsey valvular disease of the heart Rose Hill Cem.
489 BERGEN, Harry N. M 22y1m5d Farmer 6 Dec 1882 S Sandridge Precinct always Sandridge Precinct Scrofulous Abcesses of back & testicle Rose Hill Cem.
711 BERGER, William M 55y Farmer 19 Nov 1886 M Germany Unknown Indian Creek Precinct Excessive use of intoxicating liquor Unknown
1286 BERRY, Mary F 43y Housewife 3 Mar 1902 M Menard Co. Petersburg Typhoid Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1167 BERRY, Unknown M 24d 31 Mar 1897 Greenview all its life Greenview Septic Jerms fm viseration of umbilical cord Winchester, IL
14197 BERRYMAN, Mary F 24y5m5d 15 Jun 1903 S Germany 20y Nr. Tallula Epilepsy Newmansville, IL
4703 BIGELOW, Lorinda F 90y10m Housewife 30 Sep 1905 W Herkins Co., NY 51y Greenview Entero Colitis Walnut Ridge Cem., Virginia
4512 BIGGS, Clarence W. M 20y5m17d Painter 9 Mar 1905 S IL 20y Petersburg Accidental gun shot Oakland Cem.
348 BINGER, George M 37y9m20d Farmer 20 Apr 1881 M Germany 14y Greenview Precinct Pneumonia Sugar Grove Cem.
14280 BIRCH, Saclatt Joseph M 38y11d Painter 29 Dec 1903 M Brooklyn, NY 37y Petersburg Consumption Calvary Cem.
14274 BIRD, Wilson M 78y Farmer 1 Dec 1903 M North Hamtonshire, England 55y Nr. Fancy Prairie Pernicious Anemia Gangrene foot & leg Indian Point Cem.
1365 BLAIR, William M 43y3m15d Farmer 19 Oct 1902 M Warden Point, Ireland Greenview Appoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
665 BLANE, Abner P. M 6y1m24d 12 Jul 1885 S Greenview Life Greenview Scarletina Blane Cem.
180 BLANE, James M 56y9m Farmer 13 Sep 1879 M 23y Greenview Precinct Dyspepsia with Cirrhosis of liver & stomach Rose Hill Cem.
1408 BLANE, John M 42y9m Fireman Engine 29 Nov 1902 M Menard Co. Greenview Appoplexy third attack Sugar Grove Cem.
458 BLANE, Luther M. M 1y7m18d 29 Jun 1882 S Menard Co. Life Menard Co. Whooping Cough Rose Hill Cem.
5291 BLANE, Mary Ann F 66y2m24d Housewife 24 Mar 1910 M Menard Co. 66y Greenview Catarrhal rheumatism, chronic bronchitis Rose Hill Cem.
14367 BLANE, Samuel H. M 64y5m Lawyer 17 Jun 1904 M Greenview 64y Petersburg Exhaustion from intestinal paralysis Rose Hill Cem.
450 BLESS, John A. M 7y7m17d 22 May 1882 S Petersburg always Petersburg Cerebral Congestion - Typho Malarial Fever Rose Hill Cem.
4853 BLOOM, Alvin M 1m23d 21 Dec 1906 S Tice, IL Tice, IL LaGrippe catarrhal fever Oakland Cem.
14268 BODISH, John M 23y Locomotive fireman 9 Dec 1903 S Austria 16y Atterberry Precinct Accidentally crushed btwn engine & coal car Peoria, IL
4957 BOEKER, Fannie Esther F 1y11m2d Infant 10 Sep 1907 S Oakford 1y Oakford Acute gastro enteritis German Cem.
4990 BOEKER, Fannie Esther F 1y11m2d 10 Sep 1907 S Sandridge Precinct life Sandridge Precinct Acute Ileo colitis Schoneweis Cem.
988 BOEKER, Hilda Catherine F 23y7m1d 16 Dec 1890 S Sandridge Precinct Pin Hook Pneumonia Sandridge
483 BOEKER, Louis M 16y Farmer 30 Oct 1882 S Sandridge Precinct always Sandridge Typhoid Fever Sandridge
4956 BOHE, Fred M 47y8m15d Bartender 8 Sep 1907 M Germany 24y Athens Natural causes West Cem., Athens
1456 BONE, Edward Lee M 23y6m22d Laundry & dye work 21 Mar 1903 S Menard Co. 23y Petersburg Pulmonary Tuberculosis Petersburg
781 BONE, Robert S. M 71y11m6d Retired Farmer 17 Jan 1888 M East TN 63y Petersburg Acute Pluritis Rock Creek Cem.
5170 BONG, August M 68y3m27d Coal Miner 18 Feb 1909 M Germany 27y Petersburg Pneumonia - powder burn Rose Hill Cem.
5235 BONG, William Chadsward M 13m25d 27 Aug 1909 S Petersburg Petersburg Whooping cough Rose Hill Cem.
752 BONNET, Frank August M 7d Infant 23 Aug 1887 S Athens Precinct Life General debility with clonic spasms Hall Cem.
247 BONNETT, Charles M 1y1m 4 Mar 1880 S Menard Co. 1y Menard Co. Pneumonia Oakford
4892 BONNETT, Infant of George & Alvia M 9d 23 Mar 1907 Oakford Oakford Catarral fever Oakford Cem.
896 BONNETT, Maggie F 18y2m20d Farmer's Daughter 5 Jun 1889 S IL Sandridge Typhoid Fever Concord
604 BONNETT, Nettie F 2y 31 Mar 1884 S Richmond Precinct Sandridge Precinct Broncho Pneumonia Dunschen Cem.
898 BONNISH, Rebecca F 42y6m Housewife 21 Jun 1889 M Grundy Co., IL Greenview Precinct Valvular disease of the heart Murrys Cem.
5178 BONTIES, Infant of John & Norma F 3min 10 Mar 1909 S Petersburg Petersburg Prolonged labor with Instrumental delivery Rose Hill Cem.
1156 BOOTH, Frank M 3m10d 26 Aug 1896 S life Greenview Indigestion Indian Point Cem.
1085 BORCHERT, Charles M Laborer 17 Nov 1893 M Petersburg Rheumatism & heart disease Petersburg
5149 BOROUGH, Ida Bell F 4y3m29d 29 Jan 1909 IL Athens Broncho pneumonia Athens
5279 BOROUGH, Infant of Louis M 36hrs 26 Jan 1910 IL Athens Intestinal hemorrhage of new born Athens
5154 BOROUGH, James M 39y7m23d Farmer 10 Apr 1909 S WV 30y 2 1/2 miles west of Athens Exhaustion from inantion - tuberculosis West Cem., Athens
1427 BOROUGH, Nellie Thomas F 25y4m Housewife 26 Jan 1903 M IN 10y Athens Typhoid Fever Athens
5117 BOROUGH, Susan F 6m 25 Nov 1908 IL Athens Chlocystitis Athens
627 BOST, Andrew M 54y? Laborer 14 Sep 1884 M Germany Tallula Myelitis Tallula Cem.
327 BOWEN, Ida F 1y2m 13 Jan 1881 S Petersburg Life Petersburg Meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
494 BOYD, Infant 1/2d 5 Jan 1882 Athens Life Athens Premature Birth Athens Cem.
4856 BOYD, Louwinnia Vanetta F 28y9m9d Housekeeper 25 Dec 1906 M IL 28y Athens Pulmonary Tuberculosis Athens
1429 BOYD, Opel M 3m Baby 22 Jan 1903 KS Athens Broncho Pneumonia
81 BOYER, Charles M 78y9m Farming 11 Oct 1878 M Somersetshire, Eng. 41y Menard Co. Congestion Liver & Bowels Sugar Grove Cem.
1400 BRABEY, James M 71y 24 Oct 1902 S Montgomery Co., IL 71y Menard County Poor House Cirrhosis of liver, paralysis for some years Hickory Grove Cem.
118 BRACKEN, Anna Louisa F 3y9m4d 23 Dec 1878 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Membranous Croup Alkire Burial Ground
289 BRACKEN, Annie Laura F 6m28d 15 Sep 1880 S Greenview Life Greenview Precinct Inanition & teething Rose Hill Cem.
13 BRACKEN, Eliza E. F 14y22d 10 Jan 1878 S Greenview Precinct 14y Sweetwater Enteric Fever - cholera & hemmorhage Lebanon
117 BRACKEN, Ella F 10m 4 Jan 1879 S Menard Co. Menard Co. Congestion bowels Alkire Burial Ground
85 BRACKEN, John L. M 10y5m3d 5 Nov 1878 S Menard Co. 10y Sugar Grove Precinct Diphtheria Lebanon Cem.
1032 BRACKEN, Sarah F 44y Housewife 17 Oct 1892 M KY 28y Greenview Insanity Inanition Indian Point Cem.
1104 BRACKEN, Sophia F 55y7d Housewife 25 Oct 1894 W Edgar Co., IL Athens Precinct Uterine cancer Hornback Cem.
123 BRACKEN, William A. M 22y6m26d Farmer 28 Jan 1879 S Menard Co. life Sugar Grove Precinct Intestinal Strangulation Lebanon
847 BRADFORD, Jennie K. F 23y7m9d Housekeeper 30 Sep 1888 M Cass Co., IL Petersburg Phthisis Pulmonalis Calvary Cemetery, Petersburg
5191 BRADLEY, A. J. M 76y2m7d Farmer 30 Mar 1909 M Owensville, KY 52y? Indian Creek Precinct Exhaustion fm refusal to take nourishment Hornback Cem.
599 BRADLEY, Amelia A. F 50y6m3d Wife & Mother 22 Mar 1884 M Bath Co., KY 31y Greenview Precinct Phlegmon followed by gangrene Hornback Burying Ground
5071 BRADLEY, Anna F 46y5d Housewife 7 Jun 1908 M IL 46y 4 miles east of Petersburg Chronic tuberculosis Lebanon Cem.
950 BRADLEY, Baby 2d 17 Feb 1890 Petersburg Petersburg Atelectasis
20 BRADLEY, Ella May F 1y6m18d 17 Jan 1878 At place of death Residence of A.J. Bradley Diphtheria Hornback Graveyard
1308 BRADLEY, Emma F 2hr None 23 Apr 1902 S Indian Creek Precinct life Indian Creek Precinct Premature Birth Hornback Cem.
971 BRADLEY, James M 53y Farmer 7 Sep 1890 M KY Menard Co. Leg ulcer - blood poisoning Lebanon Cem.
1045 BRADLEY, Martha F 90y11d 10 Dec 1892 W Burtin Co., KY 39y Indian Creek Precinct Enteritis Hornback Cem.
408 BRADLEY, Mary Elizabeth F 2y6m 8 Oct 1881 S Life 5 mi E of Petersburg Dysentery Hornback
227 BRADLEY, Matilda Ann F 11y9m13d 19 Jan 1880 Menard Co. 11y Indian Creek Precinct Pneumonia Hornback Cem.
748 BRADLEY, O. P. M 56y3m10d Farmer 18 Jun 1887 W Bath Co., KY 34y Greenview Precinct Malarial Fever & meningitis Hornback Cem.
4823 BRADSHAW, Martha B. F 1y8m 23 Sep 1906 S IL 1y Athens Eutero Colitis, malnutrition Athens
4825 BRADY, John M 63y Coal Miner 29 Sep 1906 M Ireland 34y Greenview Paralysis fm injury to spinal cord Winchester, IL
106 BRAKE, Charles M 60y29d Laborer 29 Jul 1878 M OH 12y Menard County House Phthisis Pulmonalis (consumption) Rose Hill Cem.
764 BRANSON, Maude F 3y10m11d 24 Nov 1887 S Petersburg always Petersburg Dyphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
463 BRASFIELD, Henry Howard M 1y11m15d 4 Aug 1882 S Life Sweetwater Precinct Cholera Infantum Indian Point Cem.
792 BREM, Harriet F 55y9d 13 Feb 1888 M Menard Co. 55y Greenview Precinct Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4870 BREOWLMAN, Infant M 14d 3 Feb 1907 Tallula Tallula Acute pneumonia Lexington, IL
946 BRESLER, Ernst M 28y10m Farm Hand 10 Feb 1890 S Germany 5y Greenview Double pneumonia Petersburg
1147 BREWER, Harry M 1y28d 9 Jun 1896 S Greenview Greenview Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1177 BREWER, Marcie E. F 42y6m27d Housewife 20 Feb 1898 M Athens life Greenview Phitis Pulmonalis Sweetwater
1121 BREWER, Nelly F 19y8m5d 26 Jul 1895 S Menard Co. Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Petersburg
14208 BREWER, Tott F 21y6m9d 11 May 1903 S Greenview 21y Greenview Valvular disease of heart Sugar Grove Cem.
4549 BRIERTON, Hannah F 73y Housekeeper 17 May 1905 W Menard Co. 50y Tallula Heart failure Union Cem.
358 BRINE, John M 73y Boot & Shoemaker 14 Mar 1881 W Ireland Unknown County Poor House Dropsy Rose Hill Cem.
14228 BRINK, William C. M 25y3m18d Machinist 23 Jul 1903 S Germany 20y Petersburg Brights disease Rose Hill Cem.
303 BRITTIN, Elizabeth F 8m28d 13 Nov 1880 S Clear Lake, Sangamon Co., IL Life 3 mi S of Athens Catarrhal Fever - cutting teeth Brittin's Grave Yard
1290 BROOKS, Alvie L. M 17y11m22d Farmer 8 Mar 1902 S IL life nr. Tice Station Double Pluro pneumonia
14284 BROOKS, Elizabeth Maigh F 58y3m9d None 14 Jan 1904 S Menard Co. 58y Petersburg Paralysis Agitanus Oakland Cem.
124 BROOKS, Genetta F 24y2m4d Farmer's Wife 17 Feb 1879 M Menard Co. 24y Petersburg Precinct Phlegmasia Dolens Alba Wilcox Grave Yard
1384 BROOKS, John T. M 72y5m27d 16 Aug 1902 M Petersburg Valvular Disease of heart Rose Hill Cem.
1439 BROWN, Eliza Ann F 78y5m26d Housewife 12 Feb 1903 W Green Co., KY 72y Oakford Nervous debility or prostration Oakford Cem.
1018 BROWN, Elizabeth P. F 68y11m 25 Jan 1892 W Bath Co., KY Greenview LaGrippe Hornback Cem.
14302 BROWN, Harold Wilfred M 3m Infant 14 Feb 1904 Oakford Oakford Catarrahl Fever Oakford Cem.
14404 BROWN, Jane F 57y Housewife 6 Aug 1904 KY 23y Rock Creek Precinct Peritonitis Salisbury Cem.
4548 BROWN, Joseph M. M 48y6m15d Farmer 15 May 1905 S KY 18y Nr. Petersburg Injury to spine also internal injury from fall Hash Cem.
5002 BROWN, Lucy Angeline F 43y4m15d Housewife 18 Jan 1908 M New Berlin, Sangamon Co., IL life Athens Exhaustion - intestinal tuberculosis Oak Ridge, Springfield, IL
1421 BROWN, Sally A. F 74y4m28d Housewife 13 Jan 1903 W KY 20y Sandridge Precinct Pneumonia Hash, Little Grove
5136 BROWN, Sarah Elizabeth F 73y6m24d 8 Feb 1909 W Mason Co., IL 73y Petersburg Cancer of stomach & bowels Rose Hill Cem.
16 BROWN, Sarah Maria F 24y11m 31 Dec 1877 S New Berlin, Sangamon Co., IL 24y11m Oakford Chronic tubercals Oakford
291 BRUNER, Annie K. F 6m10d 2 Sep 1880 S Menard Co. Life Salisbury, IL Cholera Infantum Salisbury, IL
5131 BRUNER, William M 15y9m6d School boy 24 Dec 1908 S Sangamon Co., IL life Menard Co. Accidental Gun shot wound Salisbury Cem.
872 BRUNNER, Harriet J. F 5m12d Infant 12 Jan 1889 S Mason City, IL Life Greenview Precinct Meningitis Rose Hill Cem.
5210 BRYANT, Artelecia F 79y10m15d Housewife 3 Jun 1909 W Clay Co., TN 76y Petersburg Bright's disease 7 fall sustained 7 yrs ago Rose Hill Cem.
583 BRYANT, Francis Eric M 11m18d 12 Jan 1884 S Petersburg Life Meningitis Old Cem., Petersburg
14372 BRYANT, Laska F 6d 23 Jun 1904 Tallula Tallula Convulsions Greenwood Cem.
922 BRYANT, Sarah Ann F 49y4m6d Wife 2 Nov 1889 M Petersburg Petersburg Chronic pneumonia Illegible
521 BRYNING, Carrie Grace F 8y4m10d 24 Mar 1883 Petersburg Life Petersburg Meningitis Oakland Cem.
198 BRYNING, Minnie Esther F 2y2m1d 6 Nov 1879 Petersburg Petersburg Congestion of the Brain Garner, Cass Co., IL
107 BUCHAN, Harvey Newton M 1y19d 17 Dec 1878 S Menard Co. 1y John Buchan's, Athens Prect. Pseudo Membranous Croup Athens
183 BUCHANAN, Drusilla F 8m 16 Sep 1879 S Menard Co. Athens Precinct Cholera Infantum Athens Cem.
945 BUCKLEY, Annie F 4m 18 Jan 1890 Atterberry, IL Atterberry, IL Pneumonia Concord
5083 BUCKLEY, Melissa Lurena F 22y1m3d Housewife 29 Jul 1908 M Mason Co., IL life Petersburg Consumption Rose Hill Cem.
1190 BUNE, Rina F 16y 20 Apr 1898 S Menard Co. life Petersburg Struck by an engine on C.P. & S.L. R.R. Rock Creek
4904 BUNN, Harvey M 21y8m20d Farmer 7 Apr 1907 M Menard Co. 21y Nr. Sweetwater Phthisis pulmonalis Walnut Ridge Cem.
4982 BURGET, Cecil M 9m16d 8 Oct 1907 Petersburg Petersburg Gastro enteritis Oakford Cem.
4989 BURGET, Mary E. F 63y5m24d Housewife 9 Sep 1907 M KY 60y Oakford Precinct Mitral regurgitation & aortic stenosis Concord
1243 BURGOYNE, John M 23y10m20d Motorman 11 Sep 1900 S Irish Canadian ca 17y Greenview Accidental powder explosion Sugar Grove Cem.
14244 BURGOYNE, Richard M Coal Miner 15 Sep 1903 M England 22y Greenview Tetanus - nail punctured foot Sugar Grove Cem.
978 BURK, Patrick M 50y Coal Miner 15 Nov 1890 W Ireland Greenview Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
4921 BURKE, Lillie May F 3y4m13d Child 18 Jun 1907 S Sherman, IL life Menard Co. Accidental drowning West Cem., Athens
5023 BURKE, Lillie May F 3y6m11d 18 Jun 1908 IL Menard Co. Accidental drowning West Cem., Athens
331 BURLEY, James M 7y 9 Mar 1881 S Petersburg Cerebro-spinal meningitis Ashland, Cass Co., IL
15 BURNS, Henry (Mrs) F 54y Farmer's Wife 1878 German Greenview Precinct Entiritis Sugar Grove
1053 BURNS, Robert M 41y1m13d Farmer 27 Oct 1892 M KY Petersburg Apoplexy Rose Hill Cem.
932 BUROUGHF, Samuel M 79y9m10d Retired Farmer 20 Mar 1889 M VA 13y Athens Chronic Intestinal Catarrh Athens Cem.
1465 BURRENS, Elizabeth F 72y8m20d Housewife 26 Mar 1903 W Fancy Prairie Natural causes
5268 BURRUS, Matthew M 81y11m24d Farmer 25 Dec 1909 W Lexington, TN Nr. Greenview Heart failure Greenview
4693 BUSCH, Herman M 4 1/2d 20 Aug 1905 Greenview Greenview Congenital Alalectasis Rose Hill Cem.
14472 BUSHMAN, John M 66y12d Carpenter 4 Jan 1905 S Germany 40y Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1061 BUSHONG, A. L. M 84y Laborer 9 Oct 1893 M Petersburg always Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
1296 BUSHONG, Jefferson M 68y5m4d Coal Miner 28 Mar 1902 W OH 35y Nr. Athens Pneumonia, pluritis, cistitis, pericarditis West Cem., Athens
1468 BUSHONG, Leroy M 1y6m20d Infant 27 Apr 1903 S Athens 1y Athens Anemia Congestion Brain West Cem., Athens
940 BUTNER, Mrs. F 80y10m29d None 19 Jan 1890 W Not Known Petersburg Old age Rose Hill Cem.

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