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Menard County Death Records
December 1877 - April 1910

These records were extracted from microfilmed copies of the original county records. You will need to scroll right to read all of the information for each record. As with all records, be creative when looking for your ancestor names. I've spelled the entries as they were on the register, even when I felt sure the spelling was not correct.

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Lic # Name Sex Age Occupation Death Date MS Where Born Lived in Co Died Where Cause of Death Buried Where
813 ABBOT, Mariam F 71y 7 Jun 1888 W IN Petersburg Carcinoma Oakland Cem.
5042 ACKERMAN, Tena Etta Katrina F 29y5m4d Housekeeper 20 Mar 1908 S IL life Nr. Greenview Tuberculosis of bowels & lungs Sugar Grove Cem.
1094 ACKERMANN, Catherine F 4m 8 Sep 1894 S Greenview Greenview Cholera Infantum Petersburg
1182 ACKERMANN, Edo M 43y8m Bartender 7 Jun 1898 M Germany 25y Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Rose Hill Cem.
1005 ACRE, Francis F 12d Infant 4 Mar 1891 S Rock Creek Precinct Rock Creek Precinct Convulsions Ashland, IL
1007 ACRE, Margarett F. F 28y1m17d Housekeeper 26 Feb 1891 M NC Rock Creek Precinct Childbed fever Ashland, IL
4984 ADAMS, Betty Elizabeth F 57y Housewife 14 Oct 1907 W Boydton, VA Petersburg Pulmonary edema Oakland Cem.
698 ADAMS, William M 64y25d Farmer 10 Apr 1886 W KY about 25y Sweetwater Rheumatism Sweetwater Cemetery
8 ADE, Lucinda F 17y 13 Dec 1877 S Mason Co., IL Sandridge Precinct Pneumonia Mason Co., IL
235 ADEN, Carry F 4y13d 15 Feb 1880 Petersburg 4y Petersburg Diphtheria Rose Hill Cem.
5296 ADEN, Gesche Margarette F 81y11m25d Housewife 17 Mar 1910 W Atzel, Hanover, Germany 42y Petersburg Bright's disease Rose Hill Cem.
1404 ADEN, Harmon, Father M 9 Nov 1902 Menard Co. Petersburg Puncture of skull Rose Hill Cem.
619 ADEN, John H. M 35y2d Restaurant Keeper 1 Jul 1884 M Germany 16y Petersburg Rose Hill Cem.
14179 ADEN, John S. M 74y16d Retired Farmer 21 Apr 1903 M Germany 35y Petersburg Catarrah of Stomach & bowels Rose Hill Cem.
197 ADKINS, Columbus M 11m22d 24 Oct 1879 S Ashland Precinct, Cass Co. Tallula Precinct Scarlet Fever Ashland, Cass Co., IL
312 AGAR, Daniel M 68y Laborer 23 Nov 1880 M State not known 30y Petersburg Cerebro-spinal inflamation Rose Hill Cem.
5297 AHLRICH, Maria F 70y11m16d Housewife 19 Mar 1910 W Germany 37y Petersburg Cancer & failure of respiration Rose Hill Cem.
1127 AHLRICHS, B. J. M 29y2m2d Farmer 21 Aug 1895 S Germany Petersburg Precinct Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
4798 ALBERS, Henry Behrens M 56y10m11d Shoe Dealer 25 Aug 1906 W Hanover, Germany 33y Petersburg Cirrhosis of liver Rose Hill Cem.
942 ALBERT, Roy M 3y2m25d Child 6 Jan 1890 Petersburg Petersburg Petersburg
425 ALBERTSON, Bettie F 47y Keeping House 27 Dec 1881 M Norway N. 2nd St. S&NW R.R. Run over by the construction train Rose Hill Cem.
1230 ALBRECHT, Minnie F 28y7m Housewife 10 Jan 1900 M Germany Puerpural Peritonitis Sugar Grove Cem.
14478 ALFORD, Claudia Helen F 24y4m25d 11 Dec 1905 S Petersburg 24y Petersburg Cerebral Congestion Oakland Cem.
185 ALFORD, Minnie May F 2y1m 27 Sep 1879 Menard Co. 2y Menard Co. Pneumonia Lebanan Church
986 ALKIRE, Eliza jane F 67y5m29d 28 Feb 1891 M Bath Co., KY 64y Petersburg Gastric fever followed by erycepelas Sugar Grove Cem.
ALKIRE, Ellender F 71y5m19d 8 Feb 1880 W Fleming Co., KY 33y Sweetwater Congestion of the brain Sweetwater Cemetery
688 ALKIRE, Ellender F 71y5m19d 8 Feb 1880 W Fleming Co., KY 33y Sweetwater Congestion of the brain Sweetwater Cemetery
743 ALKIRE, Homer M 6y 16 Jul 1887 S IL Life Sweetwater Precinct Scarlet Fever Sweetwater Cemetery
4672 ALKIRE, Melinda F 50y2m2d Housewife 28 May 1905 M Menard Co. 50y Township 18 Mitral insufficiency Sugar Grove Cem.
659 ALKIRE, William N. M 83y4m22d Farmer 3 Jun 1885 M KY about 5y Greenview Old age Sugar Grove Cem.
225 ALLEN, Charles M 10m 15 Jan 1880 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Erysipelas Oakford
5049 ALLEN, Eva M F 33y5m24d None 22 Mar 1908 S Sangamon Co., IL Petersburg Chronic intestinal nephritis Oakland Cem.
865 ALTIG, James M 68y Farmer 4 Dec 1888 M KY Sandridge Cancer of stomach Oakland Cem.
4836 AMERKAMP, Anna Marie F 56y20d Housewife 4 Nov 1906 M Germany 36y Greenview Precinct Cancer Rose Hill Cem.
960 AMERKAMP, Catrince F 53y3m 12 Apr 1890 W Germany Greenview Malarial Fever Rose Hill Cem.
720 AMERKAMP, John D. M 79y4m1d Farmer 4 Feb 1887 M Germany 27y Greenview Cerebral hemorrhage Rose Hill Cem.
4504 AMERKAMP, Paulina F 16y1m26d Youth 13 Feb 1905 S Greenview life Greenview Precinct Tumor of the brain known to be present 2yrs Rose Hill Cem.
1148 ANDERS, Pete M 7y 31 May 1896 S Do Not Know Petersburg Accidental Drowning Calvary  Cemetery, Petersburg
987 ANDERSON, Andrew P. M 5y3m3d 26 Dec 1890 Greenview Greenview Meningitis Sugar Grove Cem.
1359 ANDERSON, Frank M 7m 18 Jul 1902 S Greenview life Greenview Cholera Infantum Sugar Grove Cem.
374 ANDERSON, Paulina A. F 22y3m16d Servant Girl 23 Jul 1881 S Slesoig, Denmark 6wks Sandridge Precinct Typhoid Fever Concord Burying Ground
4897 ANDREE, Bertha Louise F 4m22d 9 Apr 1907 Sandridge Sandridge Precinct Pneumonia - whooping cough Calvary Cem.
4771 ANDREE, Peter M 61y11m18d Coal Miner 18 May 1906 M Germany 22y Tallula Anthacosis Calvary Cem.
587 ANGER, Emma F 16y11m 8 Jul 1884 Virginia, Cass Co., IL 16y11m H.W. Montgomery Res. Phthisis Rose Hill Cem.
530 ANTONS, Anna Catharina F 38y Domestic 22 May 1883 M Germany 20y Petersburg Precinct Puerperal Septicaemia Petersburg
98 ARBOGAST, William H. M 1y2m20d 6 Dec 1878 S Carryville, MO Greenview Precinct Membranous Croup Lebanon
209 ARMSTRONG, Anna F 38y Housewife 7 Dec 1879 M Menard Co. 38y Sandridge Precinct Internal Hemorrhage Concord
5094 ARMSTRONG, Elsie May F 31y7m14d 30 Jul 1908 IL life Sandridge Precinct Dysentery & malaria Concord
5069 ARMSTRONG, Fannie Jane F 28y1m4d Housekeeper 4 Jun 1908 M IL life Sandridge Precinct Tuberculosis German Cem.
4543 ARMSTRONG, Infant of Wm. H. M 45min Infant 1 May 1905 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Premature birth Concord Cem.
4544 ARMSTRONG, Infant of Wm. H. M 1h15min 1 May 1905 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Premature birth Concord Cem.
4545 ARMSTRONG, Infant of Wm. H. M 3h15min 2 May 1905 S Sandridge Precinct Sandridge Precinct Premature birth Concord Cem.
1052 ARMSTRONG, John M 22y8m26d Farmer 22 Sep 1892 S IL Sandridge Phthisis Pulmonalis Concord Cem.
4718 ARMSTRONG, Katherine F 7m1d Infant 21 Nov 1905 S Oakford Oakford Bronchial pneumonia Oakford Cem.
645 ARMSTRONG, Samuel M 20y11m20d Farmer 10 Dec 1884 S Sandridge Precinct Life Sandridge Precinct Emphysema Concord
4935 ARMSTRONG, Sarah F 75y3m17d Housewife 11 Aug 1907 W Waverly, IL 75y Oakford Acute bronchitis Oakford Cem.
14235 ARMSTRONG, Susan L. F 65y7m14d Housewife 19 Aug 1903 M Petersburg Exhaustion Rose Hill Cem.
5298 ARNOLD, Adeline Francis F 77y11m16d Housewife 24 Mar 1910 W Menard Co. Petersburg Bright's disease Farmer's Point Cem.
1420 ARNOLD, Clarence M 3y 11 Jan 1903 S Petersburg 3y Petersburg Heart Failure Oakland Cem.
4521 ARNOLD, Howard M 83y6m8d Inmate of Alms House 21 Mar 1905 M KY 65y Menard County Poor House Paralysis from Cerebral hemorrhage Rose Hill Cem.
1317 ARNOLD, John M 71y3m7d Farmer 19 May 1902 M Menard Co. life Tallula Precinct Rupture of blood vesel in heart Greenwood Cem.
14442 ARNOLD, Laura May F 41y5m29d Housewife 31 Oct 1904 M Petersburg 41y Petersburg General dropsy Rose Hill Cem.
4849 ARNOLD, Lula W. F 15y1m7d Child 7 Dec 1906 S Pierre, ND 14y Greenview Phthisis pulmonalis Elmwood
14300 ARNOLD, Raymond Lee M 11m25d Infant 13 Feb 1904 S Petersburg Petersburg Pneumonia Oakland Cem.
1251 ARNOLD, Smith M 66y Laborer 17 Jun 1901 W Menard Co. Petersburg Heart failure Oakland Cem.
4505 ARNOLD, William Hiawatha M 4m Infant 17 Feb 1905 S Petersburg life Petersburg Congestion of lungs Rose Hill Cem.
14403 ASSERSON, Christian F 77y26d Housewife 6 Aug 1904 M Sweden 24y Greenview Cancer of liver Rose Hill Cem.
450 ATKIN, Elizabeth F 41y1m22d Housekeeper 22 Apr 1882 M Mason Co., IL Greenview Phthisis Pulmonalis Sugar Grove Cem.
1168 ATTERBERRY, Clella M 19y4m29d Farmer 6 Jun 1897 S Menard Co. all life Atterberry Pneumonia & Typhoid Fever Atterberry Cem.
4970 ATTERBERRY, Cyrus W. M 61y8m Farmer 24 May 1903 M IL 61y Nr. Atterberry Acute alcholism Atterberry Cem.
201 ATTERBERRY, Daniel M 51y10m5d Farmer 6 Nov 1879 W IN 49y Atterberry, IL Delerium Tremens Atterberry
1082 ATTERBERRY, Greene B. Jr. M 27y1m2d Farmer 29 Jun 1894 S Atterberry Since birth Sangamon River - nr Oakford Drowned while fishing Atterberry
1012 ATTERBERRY, Grover Cleveland M 11m2d Nursling 2 Feb 1891 S Little Grove Precinct Life Little Grove Precinct Capillary Bronchitis at Family Cem.
14433 ATTERBERRY, Ionia Grace F 31y Housewife 27 Oct 1904 M KS 20y Petersburg Typhoid Fever Rose Hill Cem.
573 ATTERBERRY, J. W. M 20y7m14d Farm Hand 13 Dec 1883 S Atterberry Life Atterberry, IL Injured by train on W. St. L. & P. R.R. Atterberry Cem.
1467 ATTERBERRY, Jennie F 33y6m18d Housewife 17 Apr 1903 M Oakford 33 1/2y Oakford Pulmonary consumption or tuberculosis Mount Olive Cem.
878 ATTERBERRY, L. O. M 5m 4 Feb 1889 S Menard Co. Life Menard Co. Pneumonia New Hope
14338 ATTERBERRY, Louis Edward M 1y2m17d 5 Apr 1904 Petersburg life Petersburg Pneumonia Rose Hill Cem.
1089 ATTERBERRY, Tissie Effie F 12y2m29d Child 19 Apr 1894 S Since birth Atterberry Precinct Secondary pneumonia Atterberry Cem.
4669 ATTERBERRY, W. W. M 63y1m6d Life Insurance Agent 6 May 1905 M MO 43y Petersburg Epethelionia lower lip Rose Hill Cem.
1218 AXFORD, Thomas Jr. M 15y9m School boy 10 Jun 1899 S Petersburg since birth at a pond near Petersburg dorwning in pond on S. H. Blane farm Oakland Cem.
906 AYERS, Etta May F 18y2m4d School Teacher 23 Aug 1889 S Athens Life Athens Congestion of lungs Athens Cem.
14196 AYRES, Edward M. M 26y Purser S Dawson, Alaska Exhaustion from stomach trouble Tallula

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