Tice Cemetery


Menard County, Illinois

This cemetery no longer exists. It was checked in 1981 and Mr. Toal was unable to find any remaining stones.

Photos of the Tice Cemetery site taken in February 2002 by: Stan & Jeanie Lowe.

Henry Balster arrived in Menard County during the Civil War and moved into a log cabin that was very close to what is called Tice Cemetery. The cabin was back by the railroad tracks and was still standing in 1903. Two of his sons died in infancy, probably in the 1870's, and were buried there. Their names are unknown. It is believed that Henry allowed neighbors to bury their dead in the burial ground. Residents of Tice started using Rose Hill Cemetery not long after this, including the Balsters. The burial ground was most likely abandoned at this point. My grandmother, Ermal Balster Baum, recalled that when she was young her father Ben helped remove bodies to Rose Hill. She was born in 1905. The only bodies known to have been removed were those of the Balster infants. They were taken to Rose Hill and buried next to their mother.

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