Smedley Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois
18N 8W, Section 35



The cemetery was originally read by Mr. James Toale in 1981. The cemetery was re-read by Duane & Betty Albert in August 2002.

Directions: Take Rte. 123 West to Tallula. Once you enter Tallula, turn right at the first road past "Tabor Grain Elevator", which is Yates Street. Follow Yates for 0.3 miles to Green Street. Turn left (west) on Green Street and follow it out of town 0.9 miles to a "T" road. turn right on the "T" road and go 0.9 miles to a gravel road. (Note: While on this road you will pass the road that goes left to Greenwood Cemetery and you will cross a little bridge). At about 0,9 miles on this road, you will come to a gravel road on the left side. Turn left on to this gravel road. It runs between fields and looks just like a field road except for the gravel. Follow this gravel road around a couple of sharp curves. There is no place to turn off, so just keep going for one mile and you will end up in front of the cemetery. It is on the left side of the road and stands in the midst of a dense stand of trees. Many stones are still standing and can be seen from the road when there are no leaves on the trees.

Photos taken by: Duane & Betty Albert

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BLACK, Annetta M. 20 Mar 1862 1y10m10d Dau of R.V. & E.J. Black
BLACK, Edith V. 10 Mar 1862 4y4m3d Dau of R.V. & E.J. Black
BLACK, Infant 12 Jul 1853 Son of R.V. & E.J. Black
BROCKMAN, Sarah H. 13 Mar 1847 43y Consort of Samuel Brockman
GRAVES, Mary E. 2 Aug 1874 35y 4m 16d Dau of W.L. & L.A. Wright
GRIFFIN, Joseph H. 12 Jan 1865 1y 13d Son of A. & E. V. Griffin
HARDIN, John W. 12 Jan 1848 1y 2m Son of P. & E.W. Hardin
HARDING, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1869 43y 5m 27d Wife of P. Harding
HUNTER, Elvira A. 13 Jan 1856 9y8m1d Dau of J.N. & M.C. Hunter
HUNTER, John 5 Nov 1862 23y 3m 13d Son of J.N. & L. Hunter
MILSTEAD, Mary E. 30 Aug 1862 25y 5m 5d Wife of A.J. Milstead
SMEDLEY, Christopher 25 Dec 1738 28 Jun 1850 111y 6m 3d
SMEDLEY, Hannah 16 Apr 1855 84y 3m 16d Wife of Christopher Smedley
SMEDLEY, Martha 28 May 1844 32y Wife of Wm. Smedley
SMEDLEY, Mary 21 May 1864 44y 3m Wife of Wm. Smedley
SMEDLEY, Melvina 25 Apr 1841 1y 11m Dau of Wm. & Martha Smedley
SMEDLEY, Sarah 29 Feb 1860 18y2m Dau of Wm. & Martha Smedley
SMEDLEY, William 24 Feb 1885 76y 10m 22d
SMEDLEY, William Jr. 2 Jul 1865 18y 10m 22d Co. A 148th Reg. Ill. Vol. Inf.; Died at ? Tenn.
SPEER, James W. 17 Oct 1854 31y 2m 6d Son of S. & J. Speer
SPEER, Jane Wife of Solomon Speer
SPEER, Solomon 7 Feb 1868 79y10m5d
WRIGHT, Ann Eliza 3 Apr 1874 23y 4m 23d Dau of W.L. & L.A. Wright; Mother
WRIGHT, George 18 Aug 1849 1y7d Son of W.L. & L.A. Wright
WRIGHT, Lydia A. 10 Jan 1815 24 Aug 1880 Wife of William L. Wright
WRIGHT, Martha 23 Jan 1872 28y 4m 10d Dau of W.L. & L.A. Wright
WRIGHT, Mary Ann 26 Nov 1854 5y2m Dau of W.L. & L.A. Wright
WRIGHT, William L. 14 Oct 1814 21 Mar 1896 Father
WRIGHT, William P. 22 Sep 1855 2y4m Son of W.L. & L.A. Wright

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