Godbey Cemetery

Menard County, Illinois
19N 6W, Section 20

Directions: From the junction in Petersburg of Rte. 97 & Rte. 123, turn east on to Rte. 123 and drive for approximately 1.5 miles to the Curtis Blacktop. Turn left on to the Curtis Blacktop and go 3.7 miles to the Country Hills Golf Course Road. The Curtis Blacktop makes a sharp curve to the right but you should go straight on to the Country Hills Golf Course Road (which may not have a road sign but there should be a sign for the golf course). Follow the Country Hills Golf Course road around a couple of curves until you come to a T road and turn right. You will then be driving along the side of the golf course. Continue until you see a two story brick home on the left at the first cross road. Turn left at that first crossroad, beside the two story brick home. The cemetery is a fraction of a mile behind the two story brick home on the right side of the road.

This cemetery was read in 1981 or 1892 by Mr. James Toal.

Jeanie & Betty are in the process of re-reading this cemetery and obtaining pictures of the stones. Our thanks to them and to their husbands for all of their dedication and work to make Menard County Cemetery Information available to researchers.

If a name appears in "red" or a different color, click on the name to see a picture of the tombstone.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
ACKERMAN, Ordholt 8 Jul 1872 12 Sep 1872 1m Son of J. & H. Ackerman
BARTHOLOMEW, Cordelia 13 Mar 1862 1m Dau of J. & E.F. Bartholomew
BARTHOLOMEW, Elizabeth 1 Oct 1855 53y
BARTHOLOMEW, Ermin F. 28 Feb 1862 21y 1m 7d Wife of J. Bartholomew
BURNS, Mary A. 11 Sep 1862 1y1m11dm 18d Dau of J. & N.J. Burns
CLEVELAND, William Alonzo 11 Aug 1861 22 Nov 1884
CLEVELAND, Hannah M. Wife of W.H. Cleveland
CONER, Elizabeth 8 Feb 1874 61y Wife of Wm.? Coner
DENTON, Elizabeth S. (10 Sep 1825) 22 Dec 1863 38y3m12d Wife of James Denton
DENTON, Martha J. 1821 25 May 1853 32y 6m 16d Wife of James Denton
DENTON, Milton C. 13 Oct 1843 16 Dec 1861 18y 2m 2d Son of J. & M.J. Denton
DENTON, Robert W. 12 Jun 1858 1 Sep 1860 Son of James & Elizabeth Denton
DENTON, Sarah L. 14 Feb 1846 19 Mar 1866 20y Dau of James & Martha Denton
GODBEY, Nash 25 Aug 1870 81y?4m18d
HARMS, Gretje
HARMS, Webke 26 Sep 1863 (Van Okon & ___ulbe Harms)
KELLY, Frank Feb 1891 5y 1m 9d (Taken from Menard death records)
KEY, Everett 27 Jun 1880 11m 25d (Taken from Menard death records)
KNOLES, Maria 18 Oct 1840 1 Apr 1860 ? of Marion Knoles
KNOLES, Mary Denton - (Obit) 5 Jan 1842 5 Jul 1907 Wife of (1) JohnA. McGary (2) Jacob J. Knoles
KRUSE, Borchert H. 3 Jan 1868 39y9m11d?
LUCKEN, Elizabeth (Dau of T. & L. Lucken)?
MCCABE, Henry 3 Dec 1870 70y
MCFARLAND, James W. 24 Aug 1853 18y?11m10d Son of E.G. & L. McFarland
MCFARLAND, Loueza Wife of E.G. McFarland
MILLER, Albert 1867 8m Son of K. & G. Miller
MILLER, Gebke 20 May 1864 1y 17d Dau of K. & G. Miller
MILLER, Tjole 25 Sep 1866 1y3m25d Dau of K. & G. Miller
PATTERSON, Thomas 20 Jul 1904 69y7m2d (From Menard death records)
PHILLIPS, Henry A. 13 Mar 1854 3m 27d Son of B. & N.J. Phillips
RULE, Richard A. Son of J.A. & H.E. Rule
SNODGRASS, Ann Eliza Dau of J. & E. Snodgrass
SNODGRASS, Joseph 8 Sep 1880 80y2m8d (From death records)
SNODGRASS, Susarah 25 Dec 1852 83y
TRUMBO, Minerva P. 28 Mar 1848 7 May 1865 16y11m10d Dau of A. & E. Trumbo
TURNER, Louisa Jane Trumbo 19 Jun 1846 17 Mar 1872 25y Wife of Henry H. Turner
TURNER, Louina 11 Mar 1867 13 Mar 1868 1m2d Dau of H.H. & L.J. Turner
UNKNOWN, L. W. Footstone with initials "L. W."
UNKNOWN, S.E.W. Footstone with initials "S.E.W."
UNKNOWN, Infant 19 Nov 1879 20hr
UNKNOWN 21 Mar 1818 8 Dec 1872
WAGONER, Elizabeth 3 Feb 1874 61y Wife of John Wagoner
WAGONER, John 31 Mar 1870 59y 2m 11d
WILLIAMS, Margaret H. 26 ??? 1854 1y 2m 1d Dau of J. & M.J. Williams
WILLIAMS, Margaret J. Wife of S. Williams

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