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WWII U.S. Army Deaths

NARA Records



I received the following note from Mitzi Calbreath - I was at the National Archives to research WWII Deaths and extracted these lists which I thought you might like to share with other researchers. The list includes only members of the U.S. Army. When asked about the other service organizations, Mitzi indicated that the lists for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard contained the names of individuals from all over the state rather than being broken down by county as these were. To find additional Illinois WWII Casualties (Navy, Marine Corps, & Coast Guard, go to the following link:

The list includes the serviceman's name, serial number, his rank and a code. Translation of the codes is as follows: DNB - Died in Line of Duty, non-battle
DOI - Died of Injuries
DOW - Died of Wounds
FOD - Finding Of Death
KIA - Killed In Action during battle
M - Missing

Our thanks so much to Mitzi Calbreath for obtaining and sharing these lists with our researchers.
Name Serial Number Rank Code
ALLEN, Ray W. O-754455 2LT FOD
ASHTON, Edward R. O-806032 1LT KIA
BAFFIONE, Temo T. 36050380 TEC4 KIA
BAKER, Guy 16017846 PVT DNB
BECKER, Edward K. 01304001 2LT KIA
BELOVICH, Peter P. 36077225 TSG KIA
BERRYMAN, Raymond A. 36053059 PVT KIA
BEYER, Kenneth S. 36440491 PVT KIA
BOLINO, Mike A. 35738147 PVT KIA
BOLTON, John 36979181 PVT KIA
BREITHWISER, Ralph D. 36053043 PFC DOW
BRINES, Clem E. 36482961 PVT KIA
BROERS, Frederick M. O-740046 2LT KIA
BRUNNWORTH, Oscar J. 36070579 TEC5 DNB
CADELL, Chester M. 36312624 CPL KIA
CHAMBERS, James O. 36070991 SGT KIA
CHASE, Elvis E. 16016537 PFC KIA
CLEETON, Samuel J. 36435449 PFC KIA
COSTELLO, James L. 36072292 SGT KIA
CROMWELL, Lmont R. 36783367 PFC KIA
DABBS, Everett P. 36052641 PFC KIA
DAINS, John L. O-424923 2LT KIA
DEWITT, Clarence W. 36446798 TSG KIA
DOBRINICK, John M. 36069014 PFC DNB
DUFFEY, Miles J. 36484439 SSG DNB
DURKEN, John T. 16127543 SGT DNB
DUSTMAN, Norman H. 36072262 SGT KIA
ELLER, Ralph D. 36694154 PVT KIA
ENOS, Billy H. 17122247 SGT KIA
FERKETICH, Joseph H. 36041401 PVT KIA
FLETCHER, William W. 16018201 SSG DNB
FLOWERS, John H. 36049051 TEC4 DNB
GEHRIG, Lionel L. 36050388 PVT KIA
GOESMAN, Brunk A. 36072263 SGT KIA
GRAHAM, Russell G. 36429060 PVT DNB
GUENTHER, Carl B. 17072028 PVT KIA
HAMPTON, Elvis F. 36784910 PVT DOW
HARRINGTON, James H. 36955118 PFC KIA
HARTMAN, Robert J. O-918952 CAPT DNB
HARVEY, John D. O-885169 1LT KIA
HASQUIN, Felicien Jr. 36485250 CPL KIA
HESSELDENZ, Edward F. 01542999 2LT DNB
HICKS, John L. 16016544 SSG KIA
HILYARD, Glen D. 36972162 PVT KIA
HINMAN, Irvin 36050803 TEC4 DNB
INTIHAR, John 36051491 TSG KIA
ISAACS, Walter B. 01317915 2LT DOW
JOHNSON, James E. 16162373 CPL FOD
JOHNSON, Louis R. 36438535 PFC KIA
JONES, William W. O-868016 2LT DNB
LAY, Ansel E. 36761814 SGT KIA
LINK, Stanley T. 36034698 CPL DNB
LIVENGOOD, L. L. Jr. O-668981 2LT KIA
LONG, Leonard E. 36476026 SSG KIA
LYNCH, John P. O-659474 2LT DNB
MARTINI, Reno A. 36763229 PFC KIA
MAYES, Frank B. 36447359 SGT KIA
MCDANIEL, Jess 36435428 PFC DOW
MCKINNEY, Boyd E. 36051476 PFC DOW
MEYER, Wilbert E. 36055914 SGT KIA
MIZE, Vernon W. 36072319 PFC KIA
MOON, Clifford M. 37638790 PFC KIA
NEWBERRY, Harold E. 36438442 TEC5 KIA
NIX, William L. 36485253 SSG KIA
OLDENETTEL, Arnold 36050848 PVT DNB
OSTERKAMP, Wilbur J. O-806030 2LT FOD
PARSH, Kenneth E. 02095048 2LT DNB
PENMAN, Robert 36698291 PVT KIA
PERETTI, Charles 36063816 PVT KIA
PICCO, Dominic 36773277 PFC FOD
PRENO, Edward J. 36674547 SGT KIA
RADCLIFFE, Virgil E. O-660197 CAPT DNB
RONK, Glenn W. 16175160 PFC FOD
RULL, Virgil J. 36955114 PFC KIA
SARTORIS, Stephen 17075850 PVT DNB
SCOGGINS, George R. 36987129 PVT KIA
SHINPAUGH, Marion L. 36440480 SGT KIA
SLOTA, Louis 36051523 TEC5 DNB
SMITH, William D. 16019460 SSG KIA
SPUDICH, Steve J. 36783353 PVT KIA
STANDEFER, Denzil D. 36684803 PVT KIA
STANKOVEN, Dominick 36918306 PVT DNB
STEINMEYER, Richard W. 36059653 PFC DOW
STEED, Andrew 36050385 PVT DNB
STEWART, Nelson G. 36773282 PVT KIA
STONE, Leonard H. 36684943 PFC DOW
STRATTON, John H. 17122167 SGT KIA
TOOMBS, Charles H. 16040539 SSG KIA
TURNER, Russell A. 36987278 PFC DOW
VILLA, Melvin C. 36482978 PFC DNB
VLAHON, Arthur O-671195 2LT KIA
WARGO, Frank R. O-671195 1LT KIA
WEAVER, James H. O-334173 2LT DNB
WEDDLE, Edgar L. O-665642 2LT FOD
WHEELER, Earl J. 36065732 PFC KIA
WHITMORE, John T. 36475153 PVT KIA
WILDER, Ralph E. 36051445 PFC KIA
WILKINS, Ervin W. 36070592 SGT DNB
WILLIAMS, Wilton 37129702 TEC5 KIA
YAEGER, John 36065706 SSG KIA
ZUBAL, Leroy J. 36482642 PVT KIA