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Dorchester Township

Anuncius, Daniel Bunker Hill Sec. 6 Farmer Germany 1858
Anuncius, Martha Johnson Bunker Hill Sec. 6 w/o D. Acuncius England 1862
Barnes, J. H. Bunker Hill Sec. 7 Farmer & Horse Breeder N. H. 1851
Barnes, Matilda Lancaster Bunker Hill Sec. 7 w/o J. H. Barnes Macoupin Co., IL 1851
Black, Chas. H. Dorchester Dorch. Physician & Druggist Bond Co., IL 1873
Burton, J. M. Dorchester Sec. 2 Farmer Va. 1837
Burton, R. I. Sinclair Dorchester Sec. 2 w/o J. M. Burton Tenn. 1837
Conrad, Eliza Hite Died  July 21, 1858 Former w/o P. Conrad Pa.
Conrad, Peter Dorchester Sec. 9 Farmer & Blacksmith Pa 1860
Conrad, Susan Adams Dorchester Sec. 9 Pres w/o P. Conrad Ohio 1833
Cox, Bethsheba Pess Bunker Hill Sec. 18 w/o C. F. Cox Ohio 1878
Cox, Chas. F. Bunker Hill Sec. 18 Farmer & Mfr. Fruit Brand. N.J. 1878
Culp, Henry D Sec. 9 Farmer Tenn. 1840
Culp, Martha J. Died  July 30, 1878 w/o H. Culp IL
Farris, Fannie A. Cormack Staunton Sec 24 w/o J. C. Farris Macoupin Co., IL 1827
Farris, James S. Staunton Sec. 24 Farmer & Brdr Blooded Horses IL 1840
Henrion, Emma Dorchester Dorch. w/o N. Henrion France 1877
Henrion, Margaret Died  Dec. 15, 1875 1st w/o N. Henrion France 1854
Henrion, Nicholas Dorchester Dorch. Prop. Dorchester Hotel France 1854
Isaacs, Abram Gillespie Sec. 2 Farmer Ky. 1839
Isaacs, Lucy J. Burton Dorchester Sec. 12 w/o R. Isaacs Macoupin Co., IL 1864
Isaacs, Mary Eaton Gillespie Sec. 2 w/o A. Isaacs Miss. 1839
Isaacs, Richard Dorchester Sec. 12 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1840
Luken, Maggie Dorchester Sec. 6 w/o T. J. Luken Scotland 1850
Luken, P. H. Dorchester Sec. 6 Farmer Pa. 1855
Luken, T. J. Dorchester Sec. 6 Farmer Pa. 1854
McKinney, Nancy Dorchester Sec. 11 Farmer N. C. 1831
McKinney, Wm. Died  Mar. 4, 1873 h/o N. McKinney N. C. 1831
Pope, Martha A. Pierson Dorchester Sec. 4 w/o N. M. Pope Macoupin Co., IL 1843
Pope, Nelson M. Dorchester Sec. 4 Farmer Ky. 1834
Powers, Abram A. Staunton Sec. 23 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Powers, Delany Pence Staunton Sec. 23 w/o A. A. Powers Greene Co., IL 1855
Ridgley, J. F. Bunker Hill Sec. 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser Il 1848
Robertson, Brice Dorchester Sec. 5 Farmer Ohio 1830
Robertson, Eliza Milligan Dorchester Sec. 5 w/o B. Robertson IL 1848
Robertson, Mary A. Holford Died  June 27, 1875 Former w/o B. Robertson N. Y. 1857
Sawyer, Clara C. Walker Staunton Sec. 2 w/o J. R. Sawyer Macoupin Co., IL 1847
Sawyer, Daniel B. Dorchester Sec. 10 Farmer N.C. 1831
Sawyer, John R. Staunton Sec. 2 Farmer & Supervisor Madison Co., IL 1837
Sawyer, Josiah Staunton Sec. 23 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1835
Sawyer, Mary Ellen Host Staunton Sec. 23 w/o J. Sawyer Montgomery Co., IL 1877
Sawyer, Minerva Scroggins Dorchester Sec. 10 w/o D. B. Sawyer Tenn. 1829
Sawyer, Susan M. Scroggins Died  Oct. 9, 1870 1st w/o J.  Sawyer Macoupin Co., IL 1839
Schneider, Christina Died  Mar. 1870 Late w/o D. Schneider IL 1854
Schneider, D. Dorchester Dorch. Prop Schneider House France 1854
Schreier, Caroline Weeks Bunker Hill Sec. 30 w/o W. Schreier Holstein, Germ. 1852
Schreier, Wm. Bunker Hill Sec. 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Holstein, Germ. 1852
Scroggins, Ebenezer H. Dorchester Sec. 1 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1844
Scroggins, Nancy M. Flannery Dorchester Sec. 1 w/o E. H. Scroggins Tenn. 1872
Smith, Abraham M. Bunker Hill Sec. 13 Farmer England 1857
Smith, Ann Skinner Bunker Hill Sec. 18 w/o A. M. Smith England 1857
Swain, Melvina Manly Bunker Hill Sec. 31 w/o T. Swain Greene Co., IL 1858
Swain, Thomas Bunker Hill Sec. 31 Farmer & J. P. Madison Co., IL 1843
Thener, C. J. Dorchester Dorch. Wagon & Carriage Mkr. Madison Co., IL 1871
Turk, Abram L. Bunker Hill Sec. 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Belmont Co., Ohio 1864
Turk, John W. Bunker Hill Sec. 16 Architect & Builder Belmont Co., Ohio 1864
Turk, Mary Ella Muzzey Bunker Hill Sec. 21 w/o A. L. Turk N. H. 1854
Ward, Eliza A. Vinson Dorchester Sec. 15 w/o J. A. Ward IL 1842
Ward, John A. Dorchester Sec. 15 Farmer Ind. 1852
Wayne, C. W. Dorchester Sec. 6 Farmer Bourbon Co., Ky. 1844
Wayne, Mary Beer Dorchester Sec. 6 w/o C. W. Wayne Ireland 1850
Wayne, Sarah Jane Keller Died  Oct. 11, 1870 dec. w/o C. W. Wayne Ky. 1844
Wilder, E. D. Staunton Sec. 23 Farmer IL 1853
Wilder, Mary Sawyer Staunton Sec. 23 w/o E. D. Wilder IL 1844
Williamson, John Bunker Hill Sec. 19 Farmer & Capitalist N.J. 1851
Williamson, Sinai Murphy Bunker Hill Sec. 19 w/o J. Williamson Ohio 1851

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